We’re Crazy Close To A Cure For Allergies

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Allergies turn your own body against you over
something stupid like strawberries. We’ve got to be able to stop that. Anthony here for Dnews and allergies suck.
There is no more annoying reminder of how fragile the human body really is than getting
laid up in bed because a pollen or peanut dust. And while there’s everything from over-the-counter
pills to epi pens to help mitigate the symptoms, we’ve never been able to knock out allergies
entirely. But thanks to some researchers over at Johns
Hopkins, we just got crazy close to eliminating these things once and for all. So allergies basically occur when your immune
system thinks that something normal is a threat. It makes these antibodies called Immunoglobulin
E to protect you from things that cause illness. An allergic person’s body makes way too much
in it. These antibodies that bind to mast cells and together they absorb chemicals from
your blood that are helpful in fighting invasion. When something like pollen gets into an allergic
person’s bloodstream, it sticks to the antibodies and the mast cells release all those chemicals,
like histamine. That’s the one that gives you all the itchy,
runny nose, can’t breathe, swelling up sorta reactions, which is why allergy medicines
are antihistamines. Allergies can also change over time. So maybe
you weren’t lactose intolerant when you were younger but now, whoops, no more ice cream
for you. Or maybe you could never have ice cream and
now you’re totally good, but why? As always, it’s genes. If one of your parents
is allergic to something, your chance of having some kind of allergy is about 50 percent. Two allergic parents, seventy to eighty percent. But other factors come into play: pollution
in the environment, your diet, even your emotional health, which makes it sound like someone
that epigenetic stuff we’ve been talking about lately right? Like maybe every allergy is connected to some
specific gene sequence and environmental trigger. Well the team at Johns Hopkins just found
out that no! One single genetic pathway is responsible for a huge number of common food
and environmental allergies. One stupid protein called TGF-beta, is causing
all of our problems. Now TGF-beta controls how cells in your vital
organs grow and how they communicate with each other. Faulty signaling from it has been known to
cause connective tissue disorders. But here’s what’s awesome. See right now,
a lot of people are using expensive prescription medicine or injections to treat allergies, but high TFG-beta signaling can be treated
with something called Losartan, which is a very old simple drug that’s been used for
years to control high blood pressure. Now more study has to be done, of course,
but how awesome is that? If your body wants to make something simple
like cat hair deadly, well then you can use something simple to get it back in line. And in the future just like anything genetic,
we might be able to nip this in the bud and use some sort of gene therapy or future medication
to change the way TGF-beta works in our bodies entirely and say goodbye to allergies forever! That’s pretty cool. You guys have any allergies? Let’s share stories of suffering down below
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100 thoughts on “We’re Crazy Close To A Cure For Allergies

  1. Intolerance and allergy is used interchangeably when talking about allergies. Usually you'd call it an intolerance if it's something most people can enjoy but you can't to the same extent due to it causing you discomfort. Meanwhile, you'd call it allergy if it's more severe, and may cause death or permanent bodily harm to you. You don't hear anyone saying they're peanut intolerant, but the term peanut allergy is commonplace.

  2. Asthma is about lungs failing and sort of coming in on themselves, so no i don't think this will come close to helping asthma but you never know, one discovery can lead to another very different one

  3. You can literally have a dairy allergy, in which your body has an immune response and starts making antibodies to fight off those not-so-dangerous milk invaders.

    Or, you could be lactose intolerant, in which your body is (or has become over the years) incapable of producing the lactase enzyme, which allows you to break down lactose.

  4. Lactose intolerance is not the same as a lactose allergy. Lactose is a sugar (like everything that ends in -tose) and therefore requires specific enzymes to break them down. People who are lactose intolerant don't produce the enzyme for digesting milk sugars as opposed to being allergic to them. This is why those people can take a pill that introduces a synthetic version of the enzyme.

  5. Yes but what if someone has asthma from allergies? My asthma gets a lot worse in the summer and its almost gone in the winter @xxhellspawndxx

  6. If we look at this from a purely economic / business prospective, Big Pharma Companies can bribe but do not have the power to control.

    Smaller Pharma Companies and Research Labs will be all over that shit to gain popularity and reputation in the business.

    In other words, if the Big Pharma Companies won't support it, others will and give them more competition in the future due to their new found reputation.

    Besides, we have found cures in the past and Pharma companies have supported it…

  7. Has anyone heard the radiolab that talked about hookworms curing allergies. Apparently it works and some guy will pull worms out of his poop for you and will sell them to you online.

  8. CBT can aid to curing most allergies but as mentioned (from clip), a natural and healthy diet, is key.
    One has to/must rid oneself of all ingested impurities and really try to understand how he/she's mechanism functions. Meaning, daily hydration, proper vitamins, minerals, herbs, forms of exercise, good sleep habits, etc.
    He/she must let there mechanisms adapt to these changes, w/ patience. Once a routine has been established, oneself will recognize themself as 'free from man-made impurities.'

  9. Wow. At least we are closer to a pill or something that can treat everyone. What I'd give to not be bothered by Ragweed and pollen. I can't even go into tall grass loaded with it without getting super itchy and sneezing.

  10. man-made impurities? did you forget or neglect to mention stay away from chemtrails, cellphones, radiowaves, powerplants and aspartame? gtfo

  11. Well, where should I start. I did not have allergies until about 5 years ago. I am allergic to long haired cats, not so much short haired. Nickel, Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide, Raspberries, Gold, Aspartame, Cochineal and I have a very strange sensitivity to Campylobacter SOOOO most poultry is out unless its cooked beyond recognition.

  12. An intolerance causes less of a reaction to the thing than a full blown allergy. With an intolerance, you can expose yourself to the thing and while you will react, you aren't at risk of dying.
    Most people that have a problem with lactose are lactose intolerant, which can lead to stomach issues, asthma, inflamed tonsils, sinus problems and other things. I am to intolerant lactose, gluten intolerant and the nightshade family, which includes tomatoes.

  13. @situzone,
    Everything you have mentioned; what 'being' initiated that, in congruent w/ technology?
    You have stated a few fine examples there…

  14. Yep, it's a disease I was born with, but I wasn't diagnosed with it until I was 11. As for your other question, it depends on how much I eat. A minuscule amount of gluten will probably make me feel sick for a few hours, maybe a day or two. If I just decided to eat a cookie or a slice of pizza that wasn't gluten free I'd probably feel sick for around a week. It varies from person to person though, my father has no symptoms whatsoever when he eats gluten though he has Celiac.

  15. I'm the lucky owner of multiple allergies. I can't be near cats, dogs or horses, I can't eat anything with soya beans (and that's used in more things then you'll believe), dust mites is a problem and I get a bad reaktion to some chemical I have yet to figure out what is… Yaaay…

  16. There are no words to express my sympathies. Allergies are fucked up. But you…? Damn. That's just intense.

  17. I have become allergic to Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Fish, Shellfish and Sulphites. Literally in the last three years. I really miss salmon and peaches.

  18. After one year of studying, I got back for two weeks to the house (in the countryside), just to survive the worst two weeks of my life, runny nose, breathing problems preventing anything. Well it happens.

  19. i'm allergic to sulfur based antibiotics and also to pain killers; so if i'm ever going into the ER i'm going to have a hell of a time fighting off the pain once i wake up from whatever they have done to my body.

  20. I had allergy shots for 3 years and they helped. I used to spend 2 months of summer terrified to go outside because I was so sick. Having my throat almost close from a cat walking too close while I'm sleeping, corn, chicken, garlic, lactose,. BLEH!!!!!! It would be amazing or it to all go away

  21. This video is suspicious…

    Allergies can be (and usually are) the result of (over)sensibilization, and the main source of sensibilization we have in modern society today are vaccines. So we should start there. The immune system is too complicated to put the finger of suspicion on one molecule. That's lazy thinking…

    Also, lactose intolerance is NOT an allergy. It's caused by a lack of a certain enzyme that breaks down lactose, lactase. And this is of genetic nature…

  22. Yes that is what i have said. Thinking a cure would come out, is about as naive as wishing for world peace. Though both are amazing ideas the reality is much darker. The minds of all mankind would have to change for either to work. As it was said before "a small biz could come up with it" which is true. but when they go to apply for the patent you apply to the gov patent office/ the gov owned by the bank/ the bank own the biz. no cure will ever see the light of day. Sorry but that my opinion

  23. I'm allergic to something in the screaming orgasm jamba juice and I don't know what but it's so delicious and I would drink it all the time if the cure was found

  24. I hope they can cure allergies soon! I would love to not be deathly allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts anymore!

  25. Ugh… Im allergic to Penicillin (any of the 'Cillen' Family like Augmentin) Lets say half of the medicines in the world i am allergic too… :/

  26. Yes but let's think of this in business terms why would someone want to sell a cure unless they weren't getting enough money, think about it they make more money selling placebos than the actual cure .

  27. OMG, I'm normally reserved about medical/scientific discoveries, but this has the potential to transform my life, and the lives of my family members.

  28. I don't have allergies myself, but turns out my GF is Lactose Intolerant, I found out after I cooked her Chicken Alfredo and then Banana Foster…..

  29. Me to 😀 because my mom have allergies against cats ,so i reaaally hope that they finds a cure ,because then i can get a cat or maybe 2 😛

  30. lactose intolerance is not an allergy. it's not an allergic reaction. its a lack of the enzyme required for lactose metabolism (lactase)

  31. I was eating a banana pepper and the next day my face swelled up and it was red and itchy and that's how I learned I'm allergic to banana peppers

  32. Im allergic to pollen….-_-… And dust and mold. I BASICALLY CANT GO ANYWHEREEE WITHOUT A RUNNY NOSE. and sometimes when its BAD. A stuffy nose with mucus in my throat ;~; pls.heal me.

  33. I was hoping that some one ask the question, but there is just to many comments for me to be looking true. Losartan, when taken to treat TFG-Beta signaling how much is needed and how often?

  34. The discovery is interesting and I hope it leads to treatments, but using blood pressure medications to treat it sounds like a no win situation. From what I remember, blood pressure meds have a huge non-compliance problem because the side effects kill your sex drive. You feel like a zombie because without a sex drive not only do you not desire sex but your behavior and emotions are affected as well. Many people will stop taking them because they can't stand the side effects.

  35. Misleading title! They haven't found a cure, they just found out that an older drug can also be used to treat the problems. Don't play with my emotions like that.

  36. Probiotics. Your immune system resides mostly in your gut…Sauerkraut? Maybe that's not high tech enough though. 

  37. Someone make third generation antihistamines already! Maybe a version that doesn't give dry mouth, fast heartbeat, and lasts for 48 hours?

  38. I am allergic to all kinds of mints (including menthol). my throat swells up and i can't breathe. and if it touches my skin i get these burn marks from it. they heal in 2-3 days if washed right away and complete with an antihistamine pill. It is the crappiest allergy ever. imagine a closed space like subways stuffed with people chewing mint gum using perfume with mint in it and so on and you being locked in that small space. if you breathe in too much it also starts up the allergic reaction. I am also allergic the whole line of penicillin-like antibiotics. Oh how i hate you colds.

  39. My worst reaction happened when I was 9, I went into anaphylactic shock and my heart stopped good thing I was in the hospital because I have been able to live another 9 years.

  40. I'm allergic to everything, i've been making studies for 1 year and still nothing… i seriouslty go to the doctor twice a month just for allergies studies

  41. I like having my food allergies sometimes. It gives me a good excuse not to have stuff that looks really disgusting.

  42. Greedy medical companies will do whatever they can to stop these so they can continue to sell "Just take one pill a day"'s

  43. I'm allergic to raw fructose _…. so i can't eat anything that contains raw fructose like example plain fruit and some veggies. I could of died when i was 5 when i developed this. so now thanks to this i don't even know what many of these fruits or foods taste like. in order for me to achieve proper nutrition i need daily vitamins or i suffer from cramps in muscles and other awful side affects. i really want to be able to eat anything i want without the fear of such things. SCIENTISTS MAKE A CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I suffer with hay fever and every time I go outside when the weather is above 25C my hay fever gets really bad to the extent I can't keep my eyes open, so I can't do the outdoor activities I like like football, basketball and hangout on the park. That's why I don't do sports day at school

  45. I remember when I was little my granny was giving me these sweats with peanuts in them and then when she went  to the kitchen and my dad was watching me and it randomly got hard to breath and I went all red and I had to go to the doctors

    I also hate my allergy of fur like on dogs cats and rabbits so I could not get a dog but now I have a poodle and a jack rustle because that allergy is slowly getting better.

  46. When the fuck will the medical/science community learn that u cant solve everything with a pill…stop treating the symptoms and address the cause. Its the diet thats causing the auto-immune problem. People who go vegan raw foodist cure themselves completely the longer they r on the diet

  47. I'm allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, and every single nut, beef, pork, anything that lives in the sea, and basically all fruits.

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