9 thoughts on “Weston Teen Dies Of Nut Allergy After Mistakenly Eating Chips Ahoy Cookie

  1. Amm.. Everyone blaming Chips Ahoy.. First of all, I'm sorry this had to happen but children with allergies needs to be more careful. The red pack has a "Reeses" picture.. U have to be living in a cave to not know Reeses contain peanuts. Come on. Their packaging is jus fine. Read ur labels.

  2. If a cookie could drop my kid she would never eat anything outside my home or without my supervision. In fact if this allergy was this serious she probably should not have been allowed out of the home alone until at least 18. This is more like the parent dropped the ball and wants to blame someone else……..or worse, collect a check.

  3. This is sad, but she was old enough to check out the packaging and know about her severe allergy. This was carelessness in my opinion and not the companies fault

  4. Even if the parents sue, they're not going to win. This is not a fault at all of Chips Ahoy. I eat Chips Ahoy too and it says right there on the back in bold print that the product may contain nuts !! It was the teenager's fault !

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