What Are Seasonal Allergies? How is our immune system related to allergies?

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Each one of us has an army in our body. This
army is called the immune system and it`s job is to protect the body from unwanted invaders
like viruses, parasites or other infections This army is made up of soldiers, which are
called antibodies and their job is to defend us from invaders or Antigens.
As in every army our soldiers are divided into different divisions trained to defend
us from different types of attacks When the headquarters of the immune system
detect an invasion they recruit as many soldiers as they think they needed and send them out
to the area of the body where the invasion is going to occur.
This usually works really well, unless our immune system`s head-quarters make a mistake The first mistake it makes is classifying
harmless foreign substances such as dust or cat dander as enemies to our body
The second mistake is sending the wrong army division, the wrong troops to encounter the
so called enemies. And guess what? It sends tons of the wrong troops So why does this make us sneeze or Itch
Or swell Well, every time we encounter a cat or dust
or any other allergen, our body makes the same mistake over and over again. Our body
sends a large quantity of the wrong troops to fight them
In each clash chemicals are released from the body, one of these is called histame.
Once the histamine is released, signals are sent to our brain telling us to sneeze or
Itch or swel This is our body trying to defend itself and get rid of those evil enemies
People without allergies immune system send the right troops, therefore no histamine is
released and no allergic reaction happens So really, allergies are just a mistake of
our immune system, sending the wrong troops to fight a battle with friendly foreign substances

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