What Are The Chances You ACTUALLY Have ADHD? (ft. Mayim Bialik)

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Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. I’m Blocko and I’m Mayim Bialik. You might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from
Big Bang Theory! As we were hanging out with our friend Circlia
today, we started talking about why she used to have some trouble back in high school with
paying attention in classes and staying organized. Being the cool person that she is, she told
me all about her medical condition that some of my human friends might know about; ADHD. So just what is ADHD? ADHD, or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder,
is a brain disorder that’s identified by levels of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity
that are considered atypical. It’s seen as a childhood condition that
often continues on into adulthood. ADHD’s inattention refers to a person wandering
off task, not being very organized, or having a hard time staying focused. Hyperactivity is when a person doesn’t seem
to stop moving, or excessively fidgets or talks. Impulsivity is shown when a person makes quick
decisions without thinking them over, especially if the impact of the decision is significant. But just because you may relate to these traits
of ADHD, that doesn’t mean you have ADHD yourself. It can be common to have times of inattention,
sporadic motor activity, or even times of impulsivity, but for people with ADHD, these
times are far more severe and frequent. For people with ADHD, these symptoms likely
interfere with and reduce the quality of their social life or affect their performance at
school or the workplace, which is what happened to Circlia. It’s probably more likely you don’t actually
have ADHD, since the CDC found in a 2011 study that only around 11% of United States school-aged
children were given an ADHD diagnosis by a healthcare provider. Interestingly enough, they also found that
the rate of ADHD diagnosis was about /double/ for high school boys than it was for high
school girls. Keep in mind though, these are rates of people
being professionally /diagnosed/, which may or may not be the same as /occurrences/ of
ADHD. It’s possible for people to suffer from
ADHD, especially with milder cases, and not be properly diagnosed. While there is no cure, treatments like medication
and psychotherapy can help to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and improve a person’s life. Medication for ADHD is usually in the form
of a stimulant, which works by increasing chemicals in the brain like dopamine that
aid in thinking and staying focused. Psychotherapy is often in the form of behavior
therapy and can help in changing a person’s behavior. This is done in ways such as helping a person
finish their work, organize tasks, or cope with emotional situations. Both of these types of treatment combined
were how my friend Circlia was able to overcome her condition and manage it the best she can. A recent study also found that exercise might
be able to help with ADHD symptoms too. Looking at younger children, researchers found
that regular bouts of 30 minute exercise sessions led to improved attention and mood in the
participants. Exercise might not be a powerful enough treatment
to use on ADHD all by itself, but it seems like it can be helpful when used with other
methods. And since the CDC reports exercise can do
wonders such as help control your weight, improve your mood, reduce the risk of some
cancers, and increase your bone and muscle strength, it’s probably a good idea to get
moving anyway! So have you or anyone you know been diagnosed
with ADHD? What’s helped the most? Let us know down in the comments below and
maybe you just might help someone else in our community! This world’s at its best when we’re all
trying to help one another! Thanks everybody for watching! I’m a huge fan of Life Noggin. And if you’re interested in watching more
of my videos, I have a channel here on YouTube and I recently discussed how dope DNA is! Check it out! Make sure you subscribe to Mayim, and also
come back every Monday for a brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and I’m Mayim and
this has been Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking! Sources:
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100 thoughts on “What Are The Chances You ACTUALLY Have ADHD? (ft. Mayim Bialik)

  1. Thanks everyone for watching, and thank you to Mayim Bialik for co-hosting this episode! Not only can you catch her on The Big Bang Theory, but you can watch her YouTube channel too! Check it out 👉👉👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5TEhZOMkYc

  2. I have ADHD! I'm currently learning how it affects not only my school life,but also my friendships,emotions, and how fast I do things
    I hope to find a way to cope with it and even maybe apologize to people that I accidentally hurt in the past

  3. At 7 or 6 (I don’t remember too well) I was medically diagnosed with ADHD, and it’s severe. It caused my grades to significantly drop, and my social life my embarrassing and awkward. I was given Adderall for my ADHD and it’s helped me so much. Having ADHD really sucks, but over time it gets slowly better, I’m now 13 and have a lot of friends, pretty good grades, and an amazing girlfriend.

  4. I have adhd and you need to see me trying to talk to someone

    Mom: Do you like piña colada’s

    In my brain: oh I had a pina colada at my friends house when we were playing call of duty. Who made call of duty. How long ago. Speaking of long ago my cell project was due a while ago. Now that I thing about it everting is made of cells. What if the cells are controlling us. Speaking of controlling cells I just started watching jailbreak. The main characters are from dc’s legends of tomorrow. What’s happing tomorrow anyway. Oh right the pool party. Oh my god somebody needs to make a pool pool decorated like a pool table. Why does warm water leave a weird stain on tables. Well why does warm milk make that weird skin thing on it when it cools down. Humans are weird. We are the only animals who steal milk from other animals. How would a cow react to drinking human milk? Humans are also the only animals who drink milk after they grow up. Wait cats drink milk. But milk isn’t good for cats. TOM AND JERRY YOU BETRAYED ME!

    Mom: you said that last sentence out load sweetie

  5. I found out i had this after a while people say they have adhd just to get away with most things when i worked with it for a long time with out meds and never noticed till i started not being able to focus in class in grade 8 so you guys in the comments have no idea what your talking about

  6. I have ADHD, the hyperactivity, impulsivity, and the inattention all in one ball of mess.

    I resort to drawing to calm myself, or I watch life noggin!!!

  7. I was watching the video then i started scrolling through the comments and the video was still going so does that mean i have ADHD?

  8. I have really bad attention, will filp words, letter, or left/right, my speaking can be fast, I can be lazy at times when busy doing things or try to do mutil things at once and have no clue what I did, I can only foucs on two to three things at a time. I take a mind enhancement pills that lasts for 6hrs helps my focus, speaking, but at times I loss sleep. Was told since 4th grade I have ADHD my mom said I have it. But idk if it is or not

  9. Im on my moms account and im a 13 year old teen with a bad case of adhd XD, i hate it sometimes 😔

  10. My friend has AD.HD But he has it bad Because he threw a chair across the classroom and leaves the class for no reason

  11. My doctor said I have the worst ADHD a person can get.i have. ADHD separation anxiety depression.and mild panic attacks

  12. To all the people of the comments:
    ADD is no longer considered a thing. It’s called ADHD, no matter the symptoms.

  13. Before I watched this video I thought I actually had adhd considering inclasses I can't really focus to well… And sometimes I often start to just get hyperactive….. And I get distracted easily. But maybe I don't have it and it just happens…. Or maybe I do IDK for some reason I don't want to share it with a doctor even though I should at ask

  14. My doppelgänger (same name) has ADHD and has to wear headphones in class so he doesn’t pay attention to outside noise and join in conversations,

  15. I do have ADHD in my life I can’t pay attention in class and it’s hard to focus on the teacher it sucks.

    P.S love your vids

  16. My friend has ADHD. He takes pills for it. Sometimes, when he's round my place, he'll be really active, jumping on my bed, almost strangling me, etc. I'll ask him,
    "Did you have your pill?'
    '… No.'

  17. I already have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and because of that I take pills. 18 oz. I don't really know what they are called but when school starts I'm gonna have some trouble with focus so I'm going on a higher dose of these pills.

    Edit: I wrote this comment before watching the video. Don't talk to me about it. Also those pills ain't doing me much

  18. My school and parents think I have autism, which I think is linked to ADHD. I went to the doctors not too long ago, and now I have to wait over a year for a letter to go see CAMHS about it.

    But recently, we went into a restaurant. While we were getting ready to go, I was panicking that it’s gonna be crowded. I eventually decided to go, and when we got there it was crowded. My mum decided to tell one of the people ‘Have you got a quiet spot? I’ve got an autistic child.’ and so we got a quiet (ish) spot.

    Now this part bothered me so much.
    Across the other side of the room, this kid was playing Subway Surfer on his tablet. I would be totally fine with that, but he had his volume on full blast.

    Gosh that was really annoying. His parents were right next to him. I can understand that he probably wanted the volume up, but I’m just confused that his parents didn’t tell him to turn it down.

    Ok sorry I just needed to get that out.

  19. There have actually been studies noting that girls and boys have roughly the same rate of ADHD, but girls are less likely to be diagnosed and have ADD

  20. My whole household is diagnosed with ADHD, and even before my diagnosis I knew I had it. Girls with it are less likely to be diagnosed because they generally don't fidget, they talk everyone's ears off. As a kid, I would hyperfocus easily, so if I was interested I got alot done. I'm a very curious person with access to the internet, so I know as much about ADHD as a teenage girl can. The only way I could know more is if I went into neuroscience, which I might do as a backup career.

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