44 thoughts on “What are the Effects of the Hops Phytoestrogen in Beer?

  1. A good friend of mine is 55. Been an alcoholic since 30. His nipples are hard literally 24/7. We call him "Grand daddy long nips".

  2. The Dr. Greger buzzkill keeps rolling on. Increasingly from this guy anything one can derive sensory pleasure from is bad for you. I can't wait for his video on how deleterious to health basket weaving may turn out to be.

  3. Facts I've learned so far that society has totally backwards:

    1. A plant based diet actually makes you stronger and can increase testosterone for men.

    2. A plant based diet can help men with erectile dysfunction.

    3. Soy does not affect your hormone levels in any significant way.

    4. Beer will increase the amount of estrogen in your body.. Totally not manly at all.

    People need to stop being a slave to society, going along like herds of sheep, regurgitating mindless nonsense because they are too afraid to change and open their God damned eyes!

  4. Keep up the good work!!!! Would there be a possible link to prostate cancer?? and could there be coming a video on what risks Phytoestrogen and other endocrine disruptors play in mens health???

  5. well I Love soy and I hate beer,…. I hate all Alcohol aka the product  of decay…..I don't understand how anyone would ever even consider drinking this disgusting and toxic pee pee water….YUK!

  6. I think viewers are forgetting that these estrogenic effects are being seen in chronic beer consumers. I doubt drinking a couple of beers with some friends once in a while will actually do much :/

  7. Thank you for the information about what this means for women, but what does it mean for men? Obviously, estrogen for men is probably not a good thing – but are there any studies that show evidence of any particular effects on men from hops in beer?

  8. The Dairy industry tells the public that soy causes early sexual effects in children. Yet that age group ingests mostly cow milk which is loaded with animal estrogen – the real culprit.

  9. What about man-boobs? There's no apparent epidemic of gynecomastia among vegans, or people eating traditional Asian diets, but now that you mention beer…

  10. Good bye Beer! My one true love, you will be missed dearly, I will think of the many great times we had together!

  11. how about men then? there was barely any information about that, even though you said that would come in the next video. disappointed :/

  12. does that paper discuss the signal strength once phytoestrogen binds to estrogen receptor alpha? just because it binds to estrogen receptor alpha with greater affinity than estrogen receptor beta doesn't prove that "preference" for receptor alpha (how ever strong that affinity might be) actually sends a strong signal, right?

  13. The studies you show are focused on 8-PN's effect on cells, but the studies I found show that 6-PN is the most relevant compound found in hops and has beneficial effects. Though it still may produce beer tits! I am a heavy IPA (high hop beer), Ive been for about 6 years, though I don't carry them nice titties yet. Cheers!

  14. No. There are health benefits to beer. If a male or female wants to counteract such affects. There's gyms and work out stuff that has counteracting affect. I reap health benefits from beer when I'm on my own. Hops are actually healthy.

  15. So… I drink a 355ml beer on weekday evenings and about 710ml on weekend evenings. De-alcoholized.

    I read through the all the comments and watched both videos but I didn't see any info about how much beer is associated with increased risk of cancer. 🙁 He mentioned moderate consumption and in increase of 2.44 fold in breast cancer?
    Is there a ball park figure on the risk out there?

    Sorry if I missed something.

  16. The study should have controlled for the brand and specific kind of beer. I say this because beer varies a lot in hoppiness, so it might confound the results.

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