What are the symptoms of asthma? – for Kids with Asthma

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>>ALL: Symptoms!>>IGGY: So how do you know when your asthma
is out of control?>>BRONCHO: When you have too mamy symptoms!>>COLTRON: But what are symptoms of asthma?>>IGGY: Like we said before, coughing and
wheezing!>>IGGY: Also you can feel short of breath.>>BRONCHO: That’s when you feel like you
just can’t catch your breath.>>COLTRON: And when your asthma is not under
control you can cough and wheeze more at certain times.>>BRONCHO: Like when you’re exercising
or playing!>>IGGY: That’s right! When your exercise,
you need to breath faster. But when you’re airways are tight and swollen, that’s harder
to do! And that’s why you can cough and wheeze when you exercise! Sometimes just the
cold air outside can make your asthma worse!>>BRONCHO: If kids take a Bronchodilator
like me 10 to 15 minutes before exercising, I can loosen up the airways to prevent you
from coughing and wheezing.>>COLTRON: But there are other signs of out
of control asthma besides problems with exercise!>>IGGY: That’s right! When kids are having
trouble with their asthma- they can also have trouble with coughing, wheezing and shortness
of breath at NIGHT.>>BRONCHO: This usually happens in the middle
of the night, often after midnight>>COLTRON: And when your asthma is really
out of control, you can feel these symptoms during the day, during the night, when outside
and when inside!

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