What causes allergic urticaria (hives) in young children?

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Hives are itchy red bumps,
also known as wheals or welts. This is not uncommon in infancy amongst toddlers. Acute hives often come on after a food allergen exposure if indeed the infant is food allergic. And there’s normally and obvious cause.
So, if the child is egg-allergic and they eat scrambled egg, hives will typically come on around the
head and neck and elsewhere on their body. Hives that come on over weeks such as two to
three weeks often arise due to an infection. Here, you’ll find that antihistamines
are not very effective at controlling these and that they wax and wane – some days will
be worse than other days. And this arises due to an infection, sometimes
a very mild infection such as just a runny nose. Hives that come on for longer than six weeks, this
condition is known as chronic spontaneous urticaria. This is a very troubling condition
where the hives lasts for two, three, and in some patients even many more years. High-dose
antihistamines are required and indeed there are other medications for these patients.
And they need to be seen in expert centres.

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  1. Hi greetings from India, my toddler having this symptoms and we consulted pediatrician here. They said it's urticaria and we cannot do anything with it. Can we have any remedies for this at this very young. So that I can be a permanently cured…

  2. I got hives because I ate pizza and I must've been allergic to an ingredient :p
    not gonna say what pizza brand for… reasons.

  3. i also have cold urticaria, the first i noticed is when i was in a pool(i was around 5 or 6yrs old), once i got out i was covered in hives and i was red and super itchy, me and my mom thought that its was the chlorine in the pool that made me break out but about maybe a month later around (February it gets even colder in Wisconsin) the same thing had happend so we went to the ER and even the doctors didn't believe nor know what was happening! even when i am at the pool on a hot day when the wind blows i get cold and the hives and itchiness starts happening, and when i do the dishes and my wrist get wet then i don't wipe them off they start to get itchy and i get hives on them. i don't have it as severe to the point where i cant eat ice cream or drink cold drinks but i still do get hives pretty bad. i remember when ever it was cold in a class room and they had like mettle chairs, the chair would be cold and i would get hives on my bottom and it would itch like crazy because i would sit there for 2 hours (eventually i started sitting on sweaters). i also remember when my summer camp went to the local pool it was a little chilly that day and i was swimming and then my arms and behind my knee was itching soooo bad i had to get out and go find my "teacher/head of my group" and one of the "teachers" had to take me home early i was so embarrassed when i got out of the pool because everyone was staring at my arms and legs because they were so red and bumpy. last thing even when i go trick or treating in October i get hives on my neck and my face, sometimes they get close to my eye and i see a bump at the bottom of my eye. anyway i just wanted to share my story, if you have any questions feel free to ask xoxo


  5. Get your doctor to prescribe you Hydroxysine 25mg here in UK they come in a box of 28 tablest. They certainly worked for me. This is in case of Hives / Urticaria.

  6. I think I have aquagenic urticaria Edit: This morning when I got out the bath I had hives all over my body and when I drank a cup of water at breakfast my throat started swelling and it became hard to breathe and I had these weird bumps on by tounge

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