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Hello. My name is Artour Rakhimov. I created website
because I realized that breathing and body oxygenation are very important for our health. Let us look at some studies that I have on
my website. This table summarizes results of 8 medical
studies on heart disease. What they found is that heart patients at
rest breathe 2 – 2.5 times more air than the medical norm. Instead of breathing 6 liters of air per minute,
they breathe much more air: up to 12-15 liters per minute. If we look at studies that relate to asthma,
we can get the same result: Asthmatics breathe much heavier [than the
norm], but their body oxygenation is less. They breahe much more than the norm. People with diabetes: they have the same general
picture: instead of breathing 6 liters or air at rest, which is a very small amount,
so that breathing is invisible, inaudible, it is so light that people even do not feel
this breathing, we see that people with diabetes breathe much heavier. And that causes reduced oxygenation of the
human body, problems with pancreas, for example, in this case or problems with heart, brain,
all other vital organs, because all of them are going to get less blood supply due to
heavy breathing. And this is another table that have studies
related to breath-holding time. So, if people exhale, pinch their nose and see how long
they can hold their breath without any stress, we can see immediately that normal breath
holding time [CP or control pause], normal body oxygenation is 40 seconds. We have this
large blue bar here. But people with asthma, heart disease, and
there are many-many medical studies, which again you can find on my website, which testify
that people with various chronic disorders virtually always have impaired breath holding
abilities. But normal breathing naturally improves body
oxygenation so that can we can prevent and fight many chronic diseases. For these reasons I invite you to visit web-pages
of the website

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