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Gross as it looks
phlegm and mucus protect your body from infection. A little bit of phlegm is
totally normal but if your phlegm changes in color thickness or amount it
could be a sign that you’re ill and your asthma may be affected if you find
you’ve been coughing up more phlegm than usual this could be a sign that your
airways are inflamed this can cause asthma symptoms like coughing wheezing
shortness of breath or a tight chest You should take your daily preventer inhaler
as prescribed and it should help stop these symptoms because it reduces the
inflammation in your airways over time if you’re doing this and still getting a
lot of mucus on your chest you should book an appointment with your doctor or
ask the nurse if you have yellow or green phlegm this might be a sign of an infection like a cold flu or a chest infection these can often make asthma
symptoms worse so it’s really important to keep taking your preventer inhaler
every day if your phlegm is streaked with blood this is usually down to the pressure put on the blood vessels if you’re coughing a lot the best thing you
can do in this case is to see your doctor to make sure it’s nothing to
worry about if you have brown or black tinged phlegm it usually occurs in
smokers or if you have COPD chronic obstructive lung disease as well as
asthma when you stop smoking even just after three days your Airways will get
less inflamed and you’ll have less asthma symptoms if you want any help or
advice you can call the Asthma UK helpline and speak to one of the nurses
between nine and five Monday to Friday

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  1. I expect to have phlegm and worse asthma symptoms (cough, in my case) when I catch a cold. What is so annoying is the 6 weeks of blowing out or coughing up the vile stuff long after the initial infection and its other symptoms have gone.

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