100 thoughts on “What Happened to CNN Anchor Erin Burnett’s Eye?

  1. So apparently Erin didn't get the Memo …. "Blowjobs can be Dangerous and Hazardous to your Health, without the proper Safety Equipment." Think Googles Erin!

  2. Looks like she couldn't follow orders and somebody persuaded her….LOL
    Hey, she still a beautiful girl with a black eye or without. In fact….she a VERY, very, very beautiful girl.

  3. That looks like when cum gets ejaculated get in your eye. Having a cold has nothing to do with your eyes being red. Then all babies would be walking around looking like her. Babies catch the most cold because every time you catch a cold your body builds up an immune to that cold you caught. You can't catch the same cold. So that's not a cold. 😷

  4. If that were anyone that ever had contact with Trump, we all know what the headlines would be across the liberal media landscape.

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