What happens if you breathe toner powder.

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the toner powder is a plastic powder
that bound on the paper creating texts and images. It’s a very fine dust and it easily becomes airborne Even when you change the laser printer toner cartridge, when a toner cartridge loses powder you could breathe these fine particles. Could it be dangerous for you health? Is toner toxic or cancirogenic? Could the inhalation of toner dust have
similar effects to smoking? Could it cause a lung cancer? The toner powder is not listed as a known or probable carcinogen. For people working in a normal office environment the exposure to toner is not a notable cancer concern and the risk of long-term chronic illness like cancer is low in an experiment, rats have been exposed to low quantity of toner powder to determine the effects of inhaling toner powder. They experienced almost no adverse effects. Rats exposed to large amounts of
toner only had lung irritations and no other problem to the health. this suggests that there is minimal risk to the health when breathing in small quantity of toner. however keep in mind: one of the component of the toner
powder is the carbon black approximately 5 – 10% The carbon black has been classified by International Agency for research on cancer as a 2-B carcinogen or a dust that is possibly carcinogenic to humans. The inhalation of carbon black may cause headaches Eyes irritation and small growths on the tongue. is the toner powder harmful to your skin or eyes? yes The toner dust can cause irritation to skin or eyes. This is usually only temporary and often very mild. in case of eye contact with toner it’s better to use an eye wash solution Wash the skin with water. You can use hot water. The temperature at which the toner fuses, generally speaking, is approximately 110 degrees Celsius, 230 degrees Fahrenheit. When in doubt, consult the material safety data sheet for your toner cartridge. in that document you will find
all the potential risks and how to handle spills or accidental contacts So, is the toner powder toxic and bad for your health? The risk posed by toner is minimal. however it’s better to take some
precautions. Wear gloves and safety goggles when handle a toner cartridges to prevent toner from coming in contact with the skin when you handle the toner always wear a dust mask. If your job is to refill cartridges you must use a toner workstation

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