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• From how the alphabet was arranged to
how glow sticks glow, we answer some of your most burning questions about life.
• Hey there, my name is Melissa, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers
• I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow your mind with truth
10 – agentkracko – patreon Is it possible to be allergic to water?
• Not just allergic but its super deadly even! Very few are numb to its effects, only
animals built for the sea or those adapted to it, like Gooby, can survive it. You know
your friend? The one that went to the tap to drink some water because he was thirsty?
HE’LL BE DEAD IN 70 YEARS, ALRIGHT, WATER KILLS. • Yes, and it is a condition known as Aquagenic
Urticaria and it occurs when water comes into contact with the skin rather than when it
is drunk. It causes hives, which are red marks that are itchy and are accompanied by a burning
sensation. Due to the rareness of the disease there is no known cause of Aquagenic Urticaria
and no known cure. 9 – Alejandro Castellano Why are presidents
on money? • It’s more like a leaderboard for rich
people. The more money you have, the more your face will be worth – like Benjamin
Franklin. The hundred dollar bill? That dude was LOADED. There are some other faces on
money but you’ll never recognise them because they simply just don’t need to leave there
homes ever- when you’re that rich you don’t need to do nothing.
• In 1929 it was decided that Presidents should be on the currency since their faces
would be familiar to more Americans. The secretary of the treasury is in charge of the decision
and it was a committee chosen by them that decided to feature largely Presidents. In
fact not all the pictures are of Presidents, with Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton,
and Samuel Chase the exceptions. • Melissa, why aren’t you on a dollar
bill, huh? I-is it cause you’re not important? Melissa? H-h-hello?
• Hey, you’re not on money either! • Oh yeah? ** You haven’t seen who’s
on the 10 Australian didgeridoo dollar lately, have you? Hmm? Feeling, uh, wrong, or uh…?
• You do know making your own currency is illegal right?
8 – Akron Why doesn’t superglue stick to the inside of the tube it’s in?
• Inside the tube there’s thousands and thousands of little hamsters, similar to the
ones that power the earth, running around and around and around to ensure the mix inside
keeps spinning like a cement truck!! If more than one hamster ever took a break it would
cause the whole TUBE to malfunction and dry up!!
• Aren’t hamsters way bigger than a tube of superglue?
• No. Now… I’m starting to think you actually haven’t been to Australia lately.
Let me tell ya. Things have changed. • Superglue only becomes sticky once it
leaves the tube. It is a process called “chemical adhesion” whereby the glue is exposed to
water vapour in the air and immediately becomes sticky. So, there is nothing special about
the tube, other than it stops the air from getting in. That is why superglue can easily
dry out if it is not properly sealed. 7 – Mistress Adra Why don’t we know exactly
when we fall asleep? • You’re up waiting and waiting for the
sandman to finally show and give you the sweet relief of sleep. He can take FOREVER though
sometimes- like hours late!! That’s where insomnia comes from- you’re just rolling
around in bed forever sometimes waiting for him, he’s always got some sort of damn excuse.
**** OY VEY! I don’t know why people got to drive
so slow. Traffic was bananas, I’m telling you. It’s just one more thing I have to
deal with oy, first my back, then this. It’s just always piling up, more and more I swear.
• It is difficult to “remember” the moment one falls asleep because it happens
gradually through a number of stages. Therefore there is no single moment exactly. The first
two stages of sleep are why it is difficult to remember, for instance during the Alpha
stage thoughts become more internal and we are gradually less aware of the outside world.
The second stage known as the theta stage is where the brain waves gradually slow down
but there are moments of Alpha activity. After this we enter deep sleep.
6 – MitsumiJirachi Why is Uranus the only planet on it’s side?
• The theory is that Uranus was likely struck multiple times by other planets during the
early life of our galaxy. Once the sun and planets had formed they were colliding with
one another. It was these impacts that would have knocked Uranus into its 97.8-degree tilt
and a further impact was needed to create the moons, since they all rotate at the same
angle. ** **
Ahhhh!! DOLAN!! GROW UP! 5 – AshleyTurtle How was the alphabet sorted?*
• Oh, well it just so happened that the inventors of the alphabet were sitting around
deciding the order when a hit song by The Beetles came on. You know the one, it’s
the song that exactly describes and incorporates the letters in a particular order. It was
such a sweet tune that it was adopted as the official sorting.
• The reason for the order of the alphabet is unknown, however, the Latin Alphabet (English
alphabet) has its origins in the first alphabet, created by a Semitic-speaking people from
Egypt around 1850-1700 BC. The order of the alphabet didn’t changed much over its development.
The Ancient Greeks used it and added vowels, and then passed it on to The Latins (who added
x, y, and z to the end) and it was used in Ancient Rome. After the fall of the Roman
Empire it eventually became Old English, Middle English then Modern English.
• Hey Dolan care to sing the ABC’s with me to our audience?
• Aw sure thing! ****
a b c d e f g h I J K L M N O p-p…? a m c y t f 2 x 9 B R E B V W 8 J A SD G
4 – Tark Sile How far is a light year, and why is it called a light year?
• Ahh yes, well a leap year is something- • No, no Dolan, a light year
• Ohh oh, right- so a light beer is a type of alcohol with less-
• Dolan, I think don’t think you understand- a light year, is what they’re asking
• Ah, okay I understand- yeah, no it is the right year, I mean I don’t know how
you could go this long thinking it’s- • I think you really need to check up on
your hearing, there’s clearly something wrong.
• It is called a light year because it is the measure of distance for how far light
can travel in a year. Robert Burnham Jr. devised it as an easier way to describe distances
in the universe. For instance, the sun is 93 million miles from earth, but it is much
easier to say it is 8 light minutes away. 3 – LillyPons15 Why do we have a ‘funny
bone’? • Well people can have multiple funny bones
actually! Everyone’s got at least one. But others can have so many! I myself am made
up of 100% funny bones! Muscles, blood, and organs? Who needs ‘em? I’m all bone baby!
This is why I’m so funny, right guys? My humorous & creative anecdotes, yeah? Gave
you a chuckle, aight? Guys? • The funny bone is in fact a nerve that
sends messages from your fourth and fifth fingers to the brain. The “ulnar nerve”,
as it is known, runs all the way from the neck to the hand and is mostly protected by
muscle, except when it passes by the elbow, where it presses against the humerus. The
nerve is only covered by skin and fat and hence is vulnerable to knocks resulting in
a tingling sensation. • Hey, Mellissa want to hear a joke? Your
life!! Hahahaaaaaa *** 2 – Alpha f Bewilderbeast How do the glow
sticks glow? • Glow sticks glow when someone has a terminal
illness nearby – oh. Oh. • *
• Have I done everything I want to in life? My face made it onto money. I’ve made some
sweet jokes. I stayed away from water. But where did it all go wrong? I’ve noticed
that I’ve been terminally ill ever since I started working with Melissa, so—
• Dolan. No. Glow sticks use a chemical reaction, known as chemiluminesence, to create
light. This is when two compounds, usually Diphenyl oxalate and hydrogen peroxide, react
together. This causes electrons to release energy in the form of photons, which are particles
of light. These chemicals mix when the glow stick is bent because the peroxide is kept
in a separate glass tube. The colour of the glow stick depends on the dye that is contained
within. • Now stop being a troll, you know you’re
not dying! • Hey, I said I was terminally ill, not
dying. • What?
• Huh? 1 – LizzyTg Why did dinosaurs live before
humans? • They were a test run for humans- clearly
they STUNK though, so the designs were completely scraped and that’s how humans came to be.
Because Dinosaurs are utter and total failures! And fat. Really fat.
• Dinosaurs tend to be large creatures and the earliest mammals that evolved at the end
of the Triassic period were tiny by comparison. They were nocturnal and lived out of the reach
of the dinosaurs. These early mouse-like animals did not evolve into the larger mammals that
populate the earth now until the dinosaurs went extinct 65 millions years ago, when they
were able to take advantage of the resources left behind. Mammals could not compete with
dinosaurs for these resources; therefore humans could not have existed.
• Birds are related to dinosaur’s right? • Well-
• Man Mellissa you’re so OLD, all this time and your still not on a dollar c’mon
I mean- ***
OWWW! My funny bone!! ….lol

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