What happens in a Lung Function Test?

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This is a film about having your lungs tested in hospital. Right Susan, this is where we do our breathing tests. Thank you for letting me film today. That’s okay, do you want to have a seat and we can have a chat about what we are going to do today. So Susan, do you take any medications? No Have you been in hospital for any reason in the last six weeks? No So once we know if things are okay we can get started with explaining the test. Why would I need a breathing test? Well, breathing tests tell us about how well your lungs are working and sometimes when you’re not well it can affect what your lungs are doing. Right, Susan we’re ready to start now. Do you want to come across to my computer and we can have a look at the mouth piece that we use for the tests? So, this is the mouth piece we use to do all our tests, Susan What we do is we get people to put their lips and teeth round there, nice and tight, but we don’t like them to put their tongue too close to the opening, just in case the air comes out funny. And then, we get them to wear a set of nose pegs on their nose so that all the air goes into the machine and none of it escapes out into the room. Would you like to try the nose pegs now? Yes please. So if you squeeze the top bit, then you can put that bit on your nose. There we go and we’ll just get them pointing up the way so you don’t bang your nose when you go onto the mouth piece. So the first test we are going to do, what I’ll get you to do is nice normal breathing like your are doing just now, but you’ll do it into to my machine and then I’ll get you to do a really big breath and fill up your lungs all the way to the top. And then you’ll blow it out really really fast for as long as you can and then a nice big breath in again at the end. So I’m going to show you want I want you to do. So it’s like this. All the way in again. Should we give it a go? Yes If you want to put your lips and teeth around the mouth piece now. That’s it. And close your lips round. Perfect. And we’re going to start off with just nice, normal breathing So just in and out, nice and normally for me. That’s really good, well done. Now, take that big breath all the way in and bust it out. All the way, long as you can. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And a big breath all the way in again. And off you come and have a rest. Well done That was good. That’s us ready to do the next test now. So, I’ll get you to come across and have a seat in this box. Okay, have a seat up there for me. This box looks a bit like a Tardis. What is it for? Well, the box allows us measure how big your lungs are and how well different parts of your lungs are working. So if you want to turn around and face the other way and I’m going to put this mouth piece in for you. There we go and I’ll just explain how this test works. So, we get you to wear your nose pegs for this test as well. But the other thing we have to get you to do is pop your hands up under your cheeks and that’s just because there’s a shutter in here and when the shutter closes we don’t want your cheeks to move around too much. Okay? The first thing I’ll get you to do is, I’ll just get you to sit in the box and not do anything for about a minute. And that’s just because the box gets a wee bit warmer when you go in there and we want to allow it some time to settle. Then once we are ready, you can put the nose pegs on and pop your hands up onto your cheeks. Okay? And we’ll start off with just nice, normal breathing. In and out like you’re doing just now. And then, once your breathing is nice and steady, I’ll tell you that the shutter is going to close and I want you to carry on breathing just normally, in and out, against the shutter just that for about two breaths Okay? Then the shutter will lift and you’ve got to blow all the way out to empty your lungs and then do a really big breath all the way in and blow all the way out again to empty those lungs again at then end. And then we can come off and have a rest. So, sometimes it gets quite warm in the box but we’ll try not have you in for too long. There’s a microphone up there so you can hear me talking to you but you might need to shout quite loudly to talk back to me. Okay? So you don’t need to wear the nose pegs just now. We’ll just shut the door first of all. You okay? Yes Right Susan, that’s us ready to start so if you want to put your nose pegs on your nose. And put your lips and teeth round that mouth piece for me. And sit up nice and tall. And hands up onto your cheeks That’s it. And we’re just going breath nice and normally, in and out, to start off with. So just in and out. Well done. So, I’m going to close the shutter now, so if you breath in, out, in, out. And then blow all the way out to empty your lungs. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. All the way out and a really big breath all the way in. And all the way out. Long as you can. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And off you come and have a rest. Right Susan, lets get you out of this box. So, do you think that’s all you need to know Susan? Yes, thank you for showing me the breathing tests That’s not a problem, I look forward to seeing the film.

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