What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Thyme Tea

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You certainly have already used or at least
heard about thyme. Right? Thyme is an aromatic evergreen, very used
in culinary and natural alternative medicine. Its flowers and leaves can be used to season
vegetables, salads, and pasta. Besides that, its aromatic oil, thymol, can
be found in soaps and toothpastes. More than giving flavor and aroma to your
meals, did you know that thyme offers amazing benefits when used as an infusion? Learn about the benefits of a thyme infusion: 1. Prevents premature aging
Because of the high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids, this tea is amazing to keep
your cellular health strong and prevent premature aging of cells and organs. 2. Helps in digestion
With the help of thyme tea, we can avoid that feeling of heavy stomach right after a heavy
meal. Besides that, it also helps eliminate mucus
from the intestinal tract, reduces abdominal inflammation and flatulence. Are you enjoying this video so far? Then, give it a thumbs up to help our channel. 3. Mouthwash
If you suffer from canker sores or wounds in your mouth, you can drink some thyme tea,
cold or lukewarm, to disinfect and reduce the inflammation in the area. Thymol (the essential oil) is a very potent
antiseptic, which can help solve this problem, and also end bad breath. 4. Alleviates respiratory issues
Colds, coughing, bronchitis, asthma, or any other respiratory diseases can be treated
with a delicious and comforting thyme tea. 5. Reduces PMS
Drinking thyme tea in the days before your period can prevent and treat menstrual cramps. 6. Improves the mood
With therapeutic and soothing properties, this tea helps with stress, anxiety, depression,
and irritability. It gives a feeling of wellness, balancing
the neuronal activity. 7. Strengthens the immune system
Rich in vitamins A and C, it is great to keep your immune system healthy. 8. Reduces blood pressure
Drinking this thyme infusion at least once a day can balance your blood pressure and,
thus, improve your arteries and veins’ health. Now you surely must be asking yourself: How
do I make a thyme infusion? Thyme tea should not be too concentrated since
its essential oil is very active. To make 33 oz. of this infusion, put one bunch
of thyme (two bunches, at most), in 33 oz. of boiling water. If you use dry thyme, split this portion in
half. Cover and let it rest. Drink 1 cup a day, sweetened or not. Drinking more than that may cause side-effects. People who suffer from heart failure, gastritis,
ulcers or gastric mucosal irritation, Pregnant and nursing women must not drink this infusion. Now tell us, did you know the benefits of
this infusion? Have you ever used it? Share your experiences with us.

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