What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Caffeine

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Are you one of those people who need at least
one cup of coffee to start your day on the right foot? Many people have the habit of drinking caffeine
right after waking up, as a means of waking up the brain and getting that energy boost
to start their days. Besides that, many people also drink coffee
because it helps them regulate their bathroom breaks. It happens because coffee increases the levels
of acid in the stomach, which causes a reaction in the intestines that makes us feel the need
to go to the bathroom. On our channel, we have already talked about
the other benefits of drinking coffee. If you haven’t watched it yet, click on the
video being suggested to you in this corner. But not everything about coffee is good. Not all people who drink it enjoy the same
benefits. Some people end up getting more agitated than
they would like, feeling more irritated and anxious, which can cause stress in the body,
insomnia and muscle tension. Other people complain about stomach discomfort,
indigestion and heartburn after drinking it. Even though it doesn’t cause any dependence,
many people end up creating a psychological dependence on coffee, drinking it whenever
they feel tired. This excess of caffeine can cause sleep issues,
which causes the person to wake up feeling more tired, and feeling like they need even
more caffeine, entering a vicious cycle. So, if you are someone who is thinking about
stopping drinking coffee, know that many alternatives for it can give you a boost in the morning,
but without causing these side-effects. And for those are going to finally get rid
of coffee, see what can happen to your body: After a day
Coffee stays in your body for a period of 2.5 to 10 hours. So, the first day of abstinence is usually
the hardest one. Irritability and headaches are very common
in this phase. After a week
You will probably miss coffee a lot, especially in the first 72 hours. The intensity of the symptoms during this
period of coffee abstinence varies from person to person, depending on your physical build
and the amount of coffee consumed. After a month
Your body starts reversing to a normal state, as someone who doesn’t drink coffee. The brain develops adenosine receptors, which
help regulate blood flow in the arteries, that so far were blocked by caffeine molecules. Because of that, headaches are very common
in the first days of abstinence. However, your intestine may get unregulated
since coffee is known for keeping intestinal activity in check. The good side is that your smile will probably
change for the better! Your teeth will get whiter, stronger, and
with fewer spots! After six months
At this point, your body won’t be depending on caffeine anymore and won’t feel the signals
of abstinence. As a consequence, your brain will keep growing
more receptors, which makes the adrenal glands produce more adrenaline. Tell us, do you drink coffee every day? Have you ever thought about stopping drinking
it? If you have, tell us the results!

41 thoughts on “What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Caffeine

  1. Thats why I stopped drinking coffe because I was sleepless at night And automatic woke up at the midnight for no reason😢

  2. I'm usually a coffee person but litterly survived without coffee for the past month as a result I am really great now and my memory level is really good scenes I stopped coffee.

  3. I Love to serve myself coffee in the mornings then spill it right away in the sink, for my dead friends, by the time I go threw all my dead friends I have no coffee left

  4. This is ridiculous. Caffeine is a drug and a stimulant. Anytime you quit a stimulant you’re going to go through with drawls. Headaches, runny nose, cold chills or sweats.

  5. I've been drinking coffee for over 40 years and when I tried to stop, I ended up with headaches so strong, it felt like a migraine having a migraine. My body felt so sick while I suffered from these horrific headaches I just wanted to die. My wife brought me a cup of coffee and not five minutes late I was ok. I have been since reducing the amount I drink daily and am gearing up to make the attempt again. I find it odd that I was able to quit smoking cold turkey with no issues. Coffee kicked my butt the first two time I tried. My next demon after I give up coffee is sugar, or to reduce it as much as possible. I hope that will be easier that coffee.

  6. Im a coffee drinker every morning migraines wake me up and have to wake up for coffee…. my migraines are the reason I can’t stop coffee or coke ( soda ) to painful 😖

  7. My dad drank a lot of coffee ( black ),
    Then I started 2 give him
    Regular tea with some caffeine in it , &
    Then green teas.

  8. I stopped drinking coffee and a month and a half later back and legs pain left and whats more important a tumor in my chest area dissapeared!

  9. Long term coffee consumptions is harmful to kidney funtion. I drink lemon water in the morning.
    This is a great yt channel.

  10. Understand that coffee is addictive and if you drink a lot, going off coffee cold turkey is really bad. Headache and vomiting are awful.

    There’s no need to suffer if you reduce your intake to one cup a day gradually before stopping completely.

  11. i stopped drinking coffee because of stomach aches , also tea , i only do wheter they are decaffeined, and i´ve felt better. I didn´t know about all the benefits you get !, that´s great!

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