What If You Were Stung By The Most Painful Bee?

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Have you ever come upon a small bee or wasp
and it scared you out of your mind?! It might feel silly to be afraid of such a
small insect, however your instincts are right on track… Sometimes the smallest little bugs are some
of the most dangerous! And that can include the bees and wasps that
are in your backyard right now! When you hear buzzing coming from a nearby
tree, you might immediately take notice. We really love honey, but nobody likes a bee
sting. While a simple bee sting from a honeybee is
unlikely to cause much harm, some people are allergic to a specific chemical in the bee
venom. They can have severe reactions to bee venom
causing them to go into anaphylactic shock that causes swelling and difficulty breathing. Luckily a quick dose of epinephrine through
an EpiPen can quickly counteract the bee venom… But if the person can’t get that dose they
could possibly die. But there are bees and wasps that are dangerous
even to those without a bee venom allergy. First off there’s the hybrid honey bee called
the Africanized honey bee. These bees are an invasive species that take
over local honey bee hives. These bees are more aggressive than your average
honey bee. If they perceive a threat to their home, like
a human accidentally disturbing the hive, the bees go into hyper defensive mode. They can swarm a person in cloud up to 60
thousand bees strong, stinging the victim thousands of times. The stings from these thousands of bees can
cause tissues and body functions to breakdown almost immediately. People have been known to suffer cardiac arrest
and die almost instantly from these bee swarms! If you see a hive, stay clear, and notify
animal control to take care of it. But even those bees are no match for the Giant
Asian Hornet. These guys are up to 2 inches in length and
eat bees for breakfast, literally. They are carnivorous species of hornet and
contain a neurotoxin that shuts down their prey’s nervous system. They are also prone to hyper defensiveness. If a person gets stung by even one of these
Hornets, they can go into anaphylactic shock and die. The deadliest of all though, is the Vespa
luctuosa, a species of wasp found only in the Philippines. It has the most toxic venom of any bee or
wasp and only a couple insects in the whole world are known to be more toxic. A single bite from this little wasp is extremely
painful and can lead to convulsions, your skin turning blue, and even death. Luckily for us they rarely build their hives
around humans so unless you’re walking through the Filipino wilderness you’re not likely
to meet one. Whether you’re allergic to bees or not though,
be careful. Some of them might be more dangerous than
you think so it’s always best to keep your distance and not take any chances. Even if you get a honey craving and see a
hive – under no circumstances should you disturb them. Leave it to the pros and both you and the
bees will be much happier. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to
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  1. Nuts disurvs it think of all the horrible things she did to fuzzy and he barely even though big getting revenge even if it's something small like making her think she farted when it was just a whoopee cushion

  2. A few months back we had like 4 beehivers in our farm, we burned them all with a self made flamethrower, it was a lovely sight to see.

  3. Just because it's the most painful bee doesn't mean that it's the most deadliest bee out there, you could be skin to death and it would be most painful and slow to die, yet if you were executed by a guillotine then there would be no describable pain.

  4. im born in the philipines and didnt know about the wasp thanks of the information. i never got stung by one

  5. Did u actually mean painful bees
    What did that bee had a divorce for being painful huh if u feel this is funny the hit me a sub to me …😆😆😆

  6. I got stung 47 times if not a few more stings from Yellow jackets and it dropped my blood pressure and I almost passed out. I didn’t swell up surprisingly

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