What is Allergic Rhinitis?

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Allergic Rhinitis
‘Rhin’ comes from greek word meaning ‘nose’ and ‘itis’ means inflammation. so it means ‘Inflammation of the Nose’. And ‘Allergic’ means it is caused by ‘Allergens’. Allergens are anything harmless (or neutral)
that can be inhaled in air by nose and trigger excessive immune reaction. common examples of Allergens include Pollen
and dust. once inside nose they will meet immune system
particularly Mast cells attached to igE antibodies. Allergen will bind to igE antibody which will
then activate and alert Mast cells. In a normal person the reaction is minimal. But in those suffering from Allergic rhinitis
This cell over-reacts big time. It signals to all cells in surrounding
by releasing ‘histamine’. Histamine will now cause inflammation and
swelling up of nasal mucosa which will then cause excessive mucus production. This results in Nasal Drip. This excessive mucus production will block
two very important structures opening in nose. 1: Nasolacrimal duct: the purpose of this
duct is to drain tears from eyes into nose. but once blocked by excessive mucus
production by allergic rhinitis, now you will start having ‘Watery Eyes’
2: Eustachian Tube: This drains drainage from middle ear, with it blocked too by excessive
mucus production by allergic rhinitis, now you will have stuffed ears sensation
too. Finally the nerves in nasal cavity will start
getting irritated and lead to sneezing. All of it will lead to difficulty in breathing
for person suffering from Allergic rhinitis. To summarize, Allergic rhinitis will lead
to 1: The swelling and congestion of Nasal Mucosa
2: Watery Eyes 3: Stuffed Ears
4: Nasal drip due to excessive mucus production 5: Sneezing
6: Difficulty breathing For Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis:
1) Patient History: usually the person complains of all symptoms mentioned above and if the
timing of these symptoms is specific and seasonal then we can easily reach
a diagnosis of Seasonal allergic rhinitis 2) Skin Prick Testing: in this test Allergen
is introduced using a skin prick and reaction of body is seen to confirm
Allergy to a particular allergen. 3) Blood Tests:
A) Total blood eosinophil count As with the total serum IgE, an elevated eosinophil
count supports the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis B) Total serum IgE
This is a measurement of the total level of IgE in the blood, an elevated serum igE level
supports allergic rhinitis diagnosis. This test can be performed using
Radio Allergo sorbent Method hence is also called as ‘RAST test’
4) Nasal Smear Test: A nasal smear can sometimes be helpful for
establishing the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis. A sample of secretions and cells is scraped
from the surface of the nasal mucosa using a special sampling probe. Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis is achieved
by targeting different steps in pathway to allergy:
1) Avoid Allergens. This can be done by taking precautionary measures
to avoid exposure, for example Wearing Face masks in
Pollen Season 2) Decrease inflammation: This can be achieved
by Steroids applied directly to nasal mucosa. 3) Anti-Histamines: These target the action
of histamines by blocking the Histamine receptors, thus stopping the action of
histamine. 4) Mast Cell stabilizers: Mast cell stabilizers
are common medications used to prevent or control certain allergic disorders. They block a calcium channel essential for
mast cell degranulation, stabilizing the cell and thereby preventing the release of histamine
5) Immunotherapy: When you get immunotherapy in the form of
allergy shots, your allergist or doctor injects small doses of substances that you are allergic
to (allergens) under your skin. This helps your body “get used to” the allergen,
which can result in fewer or less severe symptoms of allergic rhinitis. hope you enjoyed this lesson too, if you have
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77 thoughts on “What is Allergic Rhinitis?

  1. When on hot or cold temperature, my nose started itching and not long after that, I'll sneeze multiple times and my nose started to be filled with clear mucus. Is that also allergic rhinitis ?

  2. Good video.. if anyone got cured from this allergic rhinitis, pls lemme know.. bcoz I don't get a permanent remedy from this allergy.. pls tell me how to cure this allergic rhinitis permanently?

  3. Thank you for the info.
    I really hate smokes from cigarettes. It causes me soooooo itchy nose, sneeze and teary eye.. This burden my everydays doing 😔
    I got allergy every other day..

  4. I’d be lucky if I had this. I just have rhinitis and it’s there 24/7 🙁 if I’m really lucky, I can breathe properly. But when I’m sick my nose is completely blocked! Most of my life I have been breathing with my mouth 🙁 and when I was a kid I thought breathing through the mouth was normal! And I hate it when people tell me I breathe loudly 🙁

  5. All my doctors say I have allergy but when I took an allergy test it was negative…the only symptom I now have is nasal congestion for almost 2 years….allergist said that it's non allergic rhinitis…can you make a video like this explaining non allergic rhinitis please.

  6. this is really torturing me everytime my iProtect necklace expires (which is designed to kills viruses and germs in the air) because my eyes not only becomes teary but very very itchy like I can't stop scratching which makes it red. And also the frequent sneezing.

  7. When i do eat spicy food, my nose get quickly relief but afterward it gets back , like wise when i do heating up or doing exercise but this time it took an hour to get back this annoying allergy

  8. I am taking ITAZIN-AM tablet for instant cure. But I will come again after a week. I need a permanent fix… Help plzz.

  9. I just want to breathe normal again. I’ve been suffering of this nonstop for a good two years now. The nasal drip is so intense I have to clear my throat every few seconds. So now it has become normal for me to breathe like this. I hate the tightness in my chest and not being able to breathe. It sucks 🙁 I just want to be normal again. I’ve tried every allergy medicine and nothing helps. I’m currently taking montelukast and Flonase nasal spray but it doesn’t do much.

  10. Whenever I wake up in the morning I sneeze like 50 times and my nose drips and my eyes get watery it’s so annoying I deal with it everyday

  11. I have this from 2 months and when its identified medicines are working… you will go to depression due to this… symptoms may vary..

  12. man this explains why i sneeze like 70 times in a row after running 2-3miles in PE, my friends think im allergic to running

  13. Fuck this Allergic Rhinitis. Literally triggered when the weather's cold, being inside of a room with airconditioner, strong perfumes, when having the electric fan directly facing onto you, and when lying on the bed. Bullshit it is. Takes several hours to ease your irritated and teary-eyed eyes. Ugh such a nightmare when I had bad attacks. Literally can't go off anywhere without a towel to sneeze on😑

  14. I just want to know if i have Rhinitis. My nose stuffed like almost 5 years. My mom still can't figure out what's wrong with my nose.

  15. My nose is blocked can’t get breathe good ! Sucks 🙁 who’s eles ? Let me know if something worked for y’all.

  16. I've been suffering allergic rhinitis to dust and dust mites since i was a child and now i am 19 and its been insanely difficult. I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy to suffer this. I have been doing so much research on this I might as well write a paper on it. However there is barely any information on the internet that is any help. The only advice you hear is taking nasal sprays and steroids etc but I have tried them to no avail. I even had an operation to remove tonsils but nothing changed. But during my recent research, I began reading about how allergies could be caused by missing bacteria species in the gut. It makes sense when you realise that 80% of the immune system lies in the gut. Allergies only started rising sharply when people became cleaner and urbanisation took place around the world. People and their immune systems are much less exposed to environmental bacteria and organisms than before. It is no shock to hear that children raised in farms are significantly less likely to have allergies than children raised in cities. Since discovering this, I tried to embrace nature more and add natural bacteria into my environment. So far my symptoms have been gradually decreasing little by little but still severely impact me daily. Moving to farm living for a year or two may largely improve my symptoms. I just hope one day I can find an end to this crippling condition.

  17. I suffered allergic rhinitis for almost 9 years now. I'm so annoyed by this disease. It causes disturbance to my work, sleep and every day activities!

  18. No tablets or anti biotics can't stop mine😭😭😭😭… sometime Getting bleeds while just wiping the runny nose is worse😰

  19. My nose is like this from the last 14 15 years. I have been on antihistamine and nasal sprays, they give relief for few hours but doctor said there is no cure and I have to keep taking them. It sucks

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