What is Asthma-Asthma pathophysiology

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Feeling a bit wheezy, short of breath and
have a tight chest? well those are all symptoms of asthma but what is asthma? well firstly
Asthma can be defined as a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway that is associated
with airway hyper responsiveness, recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest
tightness, and cough, which is known to be worse at night or in the early morning. the
3 classic characteristics: are airway flow limitation, airway hyperresponsiveness and
bronchial inflammation. so what does that all mean?
Well normally in a healthy functioning lung when we breath in we take in oxygen and when
we breath out we release carbon dioxide the tubes are able to allow air to pass efficiently
but in asthma things are not so simple. now these tubes are called the trachea, which
splits into the two primary bronchi, these then further branch into secondary bronchi
and eventually they branch into bronchioles. the importance of asthma occurs within these
tubes. the walls of the tubes contain connective
tissue, smooth muscle and glands, the opening of the tube is known as the lumen. this smooth
muscle can change the shape of the tubes and this is what happens in asthma, when a person
is having an attack the smooth muscle contacts making the lumen smaller! but the glands also
secret extra mucus. ,as you can see the smooth muscle has contracted and the mucosal layer
is now also swollen. this means that the lumen is now a lot smaller than it should be. with
the glands also secreting mucus this is what give the wheezing sound as air bubble pop
in the mucus. this is the picture of asthma. but why would the body react like this, well
first I must go over certain triggers for asthmatic attacks these can be dust, animal
fur, cigarette smoke, pollen, exercising especially when it’s cold, some drugs such as aspirin
and emotional factors such as stress or laughing. there are some VIPs in the inflammatory response
of asthma some of these are IgE antibodies these are able to bind allergens, mast cells
these contain histamines, dendritic cells, T helper cells and Eosinophils.
once an IgE anti body binds to an allergen it can then go on to bind to mast cells. causing
the release of histamines, this causes the smooth muscles to contract causing narrowing
of the lumen. one of dendritic cells functions is to uptake and present allergens to T helper
cells, there are 2 types of t helper cells, type one and type two, type one normally promotes
inflammation by the activation of phagocytes, lymphocytes and the release of certain chemicals
this is known as cell mediated immunity. type two promotes inflammation though the production
of antibodies this is known as humoral immunity. type one is often found in the lungs however
in asthma both can be found in the lungs as type 2 is up regulated So what does this all look like when someone
is having an asthmatic attack, if an allergen is inhaled this can cause dendritic cells
to become activated and in turn attract t helper cells and allow them to differentiate
into type 2 t helper cells, type 2 t helper cells lead to the production of IGE anti bodies,
these then go on to bind to the allergens and interact with mast cells leading to release
of histamines which leads to the contraction of smooth muscles in the airway.
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  3. Great video, I got asthma myself, it almost took me out of here a few times. I was just checking in on you bro to see how your home workouts have been coming.

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