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  1. If you want to watch the full videos of the clips used, it's all in the description! Enjoy! I'm thinking of making two GOTDAY videos idk what you guys think?

  2. he can't stand biscuits crumbs, dirty kitchen, unclean utensils before using, dirty dishes and hates skinship… wow truly my ideal significant other 👌🏽

  3. You're so good at making videos! It's well-organized, detailed, not exaggerated, sensitive on what conclusion you're giving, good at pointing little and fun points… etc. It's very enjoyable to watch 🙂 And you're a good fan, too.

    (I felt like tha lady gaga meme listing a bunch of compliments, haha)

  4. I'm a new stan, but I noticed from this video that Brian is like…. the middle ground between Sungjin and the maknaes? lol. He always ready to calm the kids and made them off Sungjin's back somehow (he seems on the lookout constantly lol).

  5. After this video was when I notice how Sungjin really behaves in general about skinship and stuff. This guy is a professional, I can tell. He really takes his job and roles seriously and with full dedication. Just looks at all the awkard and embarrassing things he done that got us with second hand embarrasament that we got the proof. But there's somethings that he can't really bring himself to do, and that's ok. I really think he has a aversing to touch and fisical contact, and everything that may sounds like too much intimacy for him gets him panic (like hugs, being feeded or feed and touch hands, which he really avoids).

    I''m can relate so much with him in this. Just the thought of other person getting too close of me, or being hugged even for my parents and brother are really disconforting. I'm used to not even go to places just for escape of having fisical contact, and when I go, the solution is runaway, isolate myself and try to survive without being noticed or thouched.

    It's really stressful and I feel bad for him when I think about all the situations that he can't escape. At least with the members he can say things like "you're too close" or "let's not hug". And the boys already knows how to deal with this, maybe Sungjin told them. But there's a lot of other things he has to do.

    He have other signs that leads to other things like OCD, for example. What makes me became even more convinced of what I said before.

    Sungjin is not a bad and displeaseant guy. He is really sweet, adorable and caring for his members. Just because he doesn't like to hug or holding hands means que doesn't love his members. It's okay, not everybody has to like of skinship. He came up with different ways of showing his affection. Actually, for me, Sungjin is the one who was the most good to talk about the boys. I love how he sees each one of them. And everybody around him seems confortable, they are confortable with each other even being 5 guys with differents personalities.

    I guess that was this dinamic that made me feel so hard in love with them.

  6. I really can’t get wrecked for the second time now, plz keep Sungjin away from me. I’m gonna cry any moment now. His eyes are so beautiful. His lashes so mesmerizing I-

  7. i was just thinking… what if Sungjin got a chance to be in a kdrama and he need to be affectionate to his partner or something, especially a girl, hmm~

  8. 8:58 this clip is making me concerned but also making me soft. bob is that one akward person, ya know?

  9. Hahaha this video changed nothing of my feelings about Sungjin, but increased my love for Young K, Wonpil & Dowoon LMAOOOO

  10. 7:45 omg Brian looks like a prince when he just SaVE our Wonpil from awkwardness :'>💘💘💘💘💘

  11. Wonpil isn’t my favorite in the band, but I feel like I can relate to him in a weird way. I’m the youngest in my family and sometimes I feel like my siblings don’t like it when I do certain things, because I’m naturally kinda weird. So I know the feeling of doing something that makes people close to you uncomfortable but you can’t resist because that’s just who you are.

  12. Im asking because i think the video has been removed from the face of the Earth – Where is the Sungjin hitting dowoon vid from?

  13. my heart almost sank with the way sungjin reacted on being fed the biscuit but i think it was mostly because he has a crumb allergy (from what i got

    also when he was about to feed wonpil only to get him disappointed by just handing it to him

    it all vanished later with how sungjin showed him his loving side, like im rlly weak to sungjin suddenly putting his arm over wonpil like that, idek how many times i have repeated that part, also wonpil's smile afterwards just shows how much he seemed to enjoy it

    (and i can understand. if he did that to me, i would totally have butterflies in my stomach esp. when how much he can get tsundere with skinship

  14. One thing about the skinship thing is that it's good that he can voice that. In K-pop groups, it can just be uncomfortable, but they have to do it anyway. It's good he can voice his opinion personally on it.

  15. i have a question:
    why sungjin and brain r in same age but brian calls sungjin hyung and sungjin calls brian kids in the beginning of the vid

    thanks you guys,DAY6 FOREVER!

  16. This is real sibling everyone!!! When your brother doing something (he think) cute,,but you can't hit him not cz you love him but you want kill him instead LOL

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