What is depression? – Helen M. Farrell

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Depression is the leading cause
of disability in the world. In the United States, close to 10% of adults
struggle with depression. But because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand
than, say, high cholesterol. One major source of confusion is
the difference between having depression and just feeling depressed. Almost everyone feels down
from time to time. Getting a bad grade, losing a job, having an argument, even a rainy day can bring on
feelings of sadness. Sometimes there’s no trigger at all. It just pops up out of the blue. Then circumstances change, and those sad feelings disappear. Clinical depression is different. It’s a medical disorder, and it won’t go away
just because you want it to. It lingers for at least
two consecutive weeks, and significantly interferes
with one’s ability to work, play, or love. Depression can have a lot
of different symptoms: a low mood, loss of interest in things
you’d normally enjoy, changes in appetite, feeling worthless or excessively guilty, sleeping either too much or too little, poor concentration, restlessness or slowness, loss of energy, or recurrent thoughts of suicide. If you have at least five
of those symptoms, according to psychiatric guidelines, you qualify for a diagnosis of depression. And it’s not just behavioral symptoms. Depression has physical manifestations
inside the brain. First of all, there are changes that could be seen
with the naked eye and X-ray vision. These include smaller frontal lobes
and hippocampal volumes. On a more microscale, depression is associated
with a few things: the abnormal transmission or depletion
of certain neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, norepinephrine,
and dopamine, blunted circadian rhythms, or specific changes in the REM
and slow-wave parts of your sleep cycle, and hormone abnormalities, such as high cortisol and deregulation
of thyroid hormones. But neuroscientists still don’t have
a complete picture of what causes depression. It seems to have to do with a complex
interaction between genes and environment, but we don’t have a diagnostic tool that can accurately predict where
or when it will show up. And because depression symptoms
are intangible, it’s hard to know who might look fine
but is actually struggling. According to the National Institute
of Mental Health, it takes the average person
suffering with a mental illness over ten years to ask for help. But there are very effective treatments. Medications and therapy complement
each other to boost brain chemicals. In extreme cases,
electroconvulsive therapy, which is like a controlled seizure
in the patient’s brain, is also very helpful. Other promising treatments, like transcranial magnetic stimulation, are being investigated, too. So, if you know someone
struggling with depression, encourage them, gently, to seek out
some of these options. You might even offer to help
with specific tasks, like looking up therapists in the area, or making a list of questions
to ask a doctor. To someone with depression, these first steps can seem insurmountable. If they feel guilty or ashamed, point out that depression
is a medical condition, just like asthma or diabetes. It’s not a weakness
or a personality trait, and they shouldn’t expect themselves
to just get over it anymore than they could will themselves
to get over a broken arm. If you haven’t experienced
depression yourself, avoid comparing it to times
you’ve felt down. Comparing what they’re experiencing
to normal, temporary feelings of sadness can make them feel guilty for struggling. Even just talking about
depression openly can help. For example, research shows that asking
someone about suicidal thoughts actually reduces their suicide risk. Open conversations about mental illness
help erode stigma and make it easier
for people to ask for help. And the more patients seek treatment, the more scientists will learn
about depression, and the better the treatments will get.

100 thoughts on “What is depression? – Helen M. Farrell

  1. The worst is feeling all these emotions and having no comfort to talk to anyone and scared of being hurt while overthinking u necessary things

  2. I had a depression about 9 years now. I had like.. thought abt suicide? To escape? Like it'll be a big relief for me?
    But then I discovered my passion. That's a BIG reason for me to keep holding on. I've been laughed at, mocked by others, isolated and assumed mental. But you know what? I don't care what others say.
    I only have 1 chance to live.
    And I'm going to live it, Live for my own sake.

  3. i have depression because i think in worthless because my two older brothers is much smater than me even tho they dont have chutors
    i have chutor but i sometimes have low grades and i have been suffering pain since i turned grade 4 and im still in grade 4 i hope my depressio go away in high school because my depression might get worth you what i mean

  4. My life has completely changed since I got chronic body odor. I've had this condition for a year now and it greatly affected how I lived my life. I've tried everything but nothing helped. I'm hopeless and even had suicidal thoughts but I pushed those thoughts away because all that I've worked for just to get here would just get wasted. Up until now I just endure embarassing situations. I used to cry every single day after I got home but now I just shrug it off. I guess I've developed a tougher skin. I believe that someday I would find a cure to my condition. I've never talked to anyone about this aside from my parents but they believe that it's all in my mind but the reaction of people around me says otherwise.

  5. I am dealing with depression today. I'm a small business owner. My dad left this lawn business for me. It's getting hotter, and staying ontop of things is difficult when I am starting to get tired of doing the same thing all day every day and pretending to look happy. I feel guilty because I feel like I'm not expressing to people how I really feel. I've always struggled with depression, but it's getting worse recently. I wish I had more answers. But this isn't something that can be fixed with binge watching Netflix or watching YouTube. It's an unfillable void I so desperately want filled but can't.

  6. Ok, everyone talking about depression, but no one is acknowledging the fact that at 0:18 theres a lady holding a balloon that says "lard". Hahaha imagine someone doing that irl, just walking around with a balloon that says "lard"

  7. I feel depressed and all of these are true but idk I just don’t know how to tell my mom bc I feel like she wouldn’t care sometimes I feel like nobody cares about me but I just have to say to myself happy thoughts but it could be sad idk but thank u for information

  8. i really wish that they can invent a devaice that can measure the feeling and the horror that rage inside one so poeple can understand what does it feel to be somthred with darkness to the point that you geuinly wish for death so it just stop
    and wont stop

  9. Damn I actually had all those symptoms (except that I didn’t have suicide thoughts)
    Most notably that I lost interest In nearly anything that I enjoyed doing before and that my I had massive case of sleep deprivation… when I kept trying to fix my sleep rhythm and when I finally could sleep on normal times like a normal human being I felt soo much better, even tho it took 2 months…

  10. I do have all the syntom I don't have any friends and few friends I have ditch despite the fact I do everything for them
    I am 15 and lonely I have no one to talk

  11. Me arguing with a 12-year old on YT
    Me: Triggered Kermit

  12. If you have depression go to the mental hospital

    No jk bad joke sorry but really just hang put with your family and relatives more
    Edit: out

  13. Random person: aesthetically posts about suicide , depression , and anxiety

    Other person: that's so sad omg

    Me alongside my huge doggo depression : silently laughing that ain't it chief , that ain't it

  14. I lost my job, my wife walked OUT on me….

    ….(((YEEEEEHA!!!))))🎼🎵🍸🍻🍺🍹🍷😂👍JACK DANIELS TIME!!!!

  15. I had multiple rejections in my life and got sent death threats, and was depressed over 7 months so that’s my story, I just want to be a happy kid like I used to be

  16. After seeing this video i dont think im that depressed but i feel those things i neither wanna go through a treatment nor ask for help because i feel like they might think i just want attention

  17. I once heard somewhere when you are depressed you don't cry and for a while I stopped thinking I was depressed because I was crying but now I know that's not true. I don't know where I heard that but I hope that they've learned that it's not true.

  18. Sorry but I'm a student and I'm running this page to help people who are suffering with mental illnesses or maybe just feeling down. Please if you know someone who is suffering, tell them to message me and if you can please share this page. I don't have budget to promote the page so I have to use this way. Thank you so much!
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/Motivational-Chat-100740801305049/?view_public_for=100740801305049

  19. Can't stand my own parents, my friends and all people around me.
    They all are selfish, full of ignorance.
    "well it's because you never experience it"
    Are the word that always came outta their mouth to me

    Im sad, im tired. Just because of i didn't show my sadness doesn't mean i happy? I never had a someone to share my sadness to, i cried.. alone in the dark.

    When i said im sad and kinda depressed, they reply me with silent and sometimes "nah you're joking"

    Sometimes im having a suicidal thoughts.

    I just want all of this end quickly.

  20. "Those normal feelings you have are bad for the economy, please be a good goy and take those pills and go back to work"

  21. My friends Mom was dying of cancer and my other friend was a battered wife . I had crippling depression and I used to tell myself to stop being depressed as I had no reason to be so down . I had no problems at unlike some people. But I couldn't snap out of it .
    Then I learned it was a chemical imbalance.

  22. I was always an introvert and always felt insecure about myself, my appearance, and feared everyone. Too insecure that i was shy to even enter a shopping mall. I thought if I'd make eye contact, it'll end up being in fight or something. Gradually i became a lonely guy with lot of guilt, and past haunting memories which weren't even related to anything. I had suicidal thought everyday. People would ask me why i didn't laugh and why I'm sad all the time. I couldn't even answer them confidently. I always had this fear of talking boldly in public but I'm also well versed with one on one conversation. I'm wierd inside my mind and just can't help myself. Now my head starts getting heated up all the time and the back lobe is increasing day by day. I see no other cure. I'll die probably that'll be the best day I'll ever experience.

  23. I think i feel numb… funny things doesn't make me feel happy anymore, sad things doesn't make me feel more sad or emphaty anymore… the things that I love becomes meaningless and lost interest… Even now I'm confused about what else to tell, I'm still fine but I think….I need some help now

  24. Its true that person who claims they have depression doesn't have depression and person who says he is OK might have depression

  25. 2:44 WTF?! You can’t be serious! That’s is the worst thing you can do with Depressed people.

    Do the WIM HOFF breathing!

  26. I want to understand how it feels because of my friend who is going through this. He said he literally can not feel anything. Rage, sadness, happiness, pain, love, regret or anything he just can't feel anything… is that a very typical symptom of depression ?
    And he even broke up with his gf cuz he can not even help himself…

  27. Depression is my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack…

    My friend, shadow, and pet that always follow me

    And O2

  28. Depression is no joke. I'm only 12 and I am dealing with it. I didn't tell any of my family members because I would think they would worry. Sometimes after school I would think of stabbing myself and leaving my body on the school bathroom floor to make people realize how much i go through every day. Knowing that I watched this video and saw how I have over 7 symptoms of depression, I knew that I was not alone! If your reading this, I just want to thank you for taking your time to read this because I want people to know that they are not the only ones out there dealing with depression.

  29. How can i become happy?
    I earn too low
    I cant support my family or my self
    I hav low grade and not smart
    And i hav all symptoms of depression
    May be im the saddest man

  30. But what is the point? I don’t get it. Seek for help then what? My problems still there, they won’t magically disappear, right? We are going to die anyway.

  31. I miss who I used to be about 1 year ago. I have lost interest in my passion. I am not motivated to do many things. I do however do things because its at least doing something and it helps me cope with feeling like this. However, I am not sure if this is mood swings or depression because I don't know what it's like to feel depressed, but I know something is wrong because I have felt happiness and this ain't it chief.

  32. Even though I've been on medication for about a year, I still become uninterested in stuff I like, like taking walks in the woods, talking to my friends, and mostly drawing, I never have motivation to draw anymore… I also still feel guilty and ashamed, but I know that thats from the abusive household I live in, and I cant wait to move out in 2 or 3 years

  33. It's sad that many of the people just… searched it up… because they don't know what's going on… like I did. I just feel guilty and worthless, and sad, I lose interest in the things I love and sleep even up to 10 hours because I always feel down. I also have social anxiety, but I was just wondering if the anxiety has anything to do with influencing depression. Please reply if you think there is an answer

  34. There is so much stigma surrounding depression especially to older generations who dont think of it as a serious case. Some of us have to work extra just to afford a session with a therapist because our parents wont support us. If only there were better options that didn't require so much financial expense, I'd be better now because being stressed to try and afford professional help seems to make things worse

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