What is PRESBYOPIA? (and How to Deal with It)

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so have you been struggling reading or
seeing things up close or perhaps you’re having difficulties transitioning from
near to far and then back to near again or maybe you’re holding things way out
here and your arms just aren’t long enough well you may have a condition
called presbyopia and in this video we’re going over what is presbyopia and
how to deal with it let’s take a look. Welcome this is dr. Allen here from the
doctor eye health show helping you learn all about the eyes and vision and if
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little bit more now in case you haven’t noticed there’s a lot of people out
there who start using reading glasses wearing bifocals or some sort of optical
correction to see things up close as they get older and that’s from this
condition called presbyopia and this is a condition where a structure inside the
eye starts to change and makes things up close more difficult to see and this
affects just about everybody starting around their mid forties some people a
little bit earlier maybe their late 30s and just about everybody before the age
of 55 getting into their 60s and there’s this little bit of a misconception that
it has to do with changes of the eye muscles inside the eye however that is
not entirely true so inside the eye there’s a clear structure called the
crystalline lens and when we are very young children this lens is not only
clear but it is very thin and flexible and the problem is that every year of
life as we get older this lens gets thicker and thicker have you ever heard
that every seven years the cells of your body regenerate and you have pretty much
an entirely new body well not entirely true the lens of the eye has the exact
same cells that you were born with and the lens grows an extra layer thick
almost every year of life kind of like the rings on a tree or layers of an
onion and again when we’re young there’s less layers and so it’s very flexible
kind of like a young sapling tree blowing in the wind it can move very
easily however if you’re trying to push on a really big tree that’s got many
layers like a giant oak tree or a pine tree yeah it’s much more difficult to
move and that’s exactly why after about 40 years of life people start to
have difficulty flexing this lens inside the eye and they start to have trouble
seeing up close so starting to have trouble reading up close with age is a
very normal phenomenon now before I go to the different treatment strategies
for presbyopia go ahead and let me know if you’re enjoying this video by
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diagnosed with presbyopia before and if your doctor ever explained this to you
now there are many different strategies to see things better up close the oldest
one of course throughout history is a magnifying lens now there are many
different magnifiers that are out there of course people still use them for
small print and people who have low vision will use these a little bit more
often and it is best to find one that has a magnifying light built into it
because then you’ll see a little bit sharper when there’s good light then of
course there are reading glasses which are really just two handheld magnifiers
stuck together and fit over the eyes of course you can get ones with your
prescription dialed in those are going to be higher quality and offer you the
best vision and that’s something that can be tailored from your eye doctor
depending on what you’re reading tasks are you’re somebody who just uses their
phone a lot there’s somebody who sits on the computer screen that’s a little bit
further away or is there some other ha being task that maybe you need really
strong readers and you have to hold things really up close and of course
many people will just find themselves buying cheap or reading glasses that
they find at something like a convenience store because well they’re
made very cheap and low quality so they don’t feel bad losing them around the
house or some place order does make them a little inconvenient and so it’s hard
to keep track of them and they’re usually never quite with you when you
need them the most for that reason my favorite brand of
over-the-counter reading glasses is from thin optics because they come in either
a cool key chain like this or they just attach to the back of your phone and
then you can actually keep them with you all the time and they just hug onto your
face like this kind of giving you this cool kind of smart professor type of
look now if you’re somebody who requires to wear glasses a little bit more full
time to see things even clearly at distance then perhaps you need to think
about something like a bifocal such as the ones with that flat line that goes
across that was originally invented by Benjamin Franklin of all people but
thankfully since his time we’ve now invented new lenses that help you see
things up close without having to deal with that line and those type of lenses we
call progressive lenses or no line bifocals if you are in the market for
buying glasses with a bifocal or a progressive lenses I do encourage you to speak to your local optician because they’re
gonna get you the best lenses and get the proper fit if you try to buy these
type of lenses online historically nobody ends up being very happy with
them there’s just too many differences in lens technology and the measurements
need to be fairly exact otherwise yeah people just don’t see that well and they
get very frustrated with those lenses an alternative to these types of glasses or
something like contact lenses some people wear contact lenses just to
see well at distance and then they’ll continue to use over-the-counter readers
to see up close another two ways we can correct for both distance and near
vision with contact lenses are both multifocal contact lenses as well as
mono vision contact lenses multifocal lenses help people use both eyes to see
objects at distance up close and everything in between allowing depth
perception but there is another alternative again with mono vision
contact lenses that’s where a person has one eye corrected for far away distance
while the other eye is focused more for things up close and if you’re already a
user of contact lenses or you’re thinking about getting into them I do
have a whole video series about contact lenses and you can learn more about
these lenses here and hook them up here in the YouTube card above as well as in
the description below again if you want to check out that full series and cool
enough there are some eye surgery options for presbyopia as well like I
mentioned monovision correction with contact lenses with one eye corrective
for distance and one eye corrector for up close if that’s something that works
for you then something like getting LASIK done could be an alternative again
they would kind of have to do that same thing with one eye crack in for distance
and one eye up close but if you’ve never experienced that before it’s often best
to first try contact lenses like that for just a short time to see if you can
adapt to it before you make that commitment to having eye surgery and
right now there’s even another surgical procedure called a Kamra inlay where
they implant a tiny microscopic disc into the cornea of one eye and that’ll
improve your depth of field reducing your reliance on things like reading
glasses in most cases as always if you’re interested in these procedures
make sure you talk to your local eye care professional to figure out which
one is best for you thanks for watching if you’d like to learn more about
different common eye diseases and their treatments go ahead and click or tap the
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down over here again this is dr. Joe Allen here from dr eye health helping
about the eyes and vision keep an eye on it and we’ll talk to you soon

69 thoughts on “What is PRESBYOPIA? (and How to Deal with It)

  1. 🔴 Eye health QOTD: Do you have trouble reading up close? Do you use bifocals or mutlifocal contacts?

  2. My parents both wore glasses for distance and always got prescription bi focal lenses, but they'd always just take their glasses off completely and just read really close to their eyes.

  3. My eyesight is much better now than it was 45 years ago, thanks to a shift towards hyperopia caused by presbyopia.

  4. My one eye can see very badly from far away and doctors say that i have lazy eye is there any like treatment for lazy eye?

  5. I was diagnosed with hyperopia as a teen but now that I'm in my forties I've shifted into presbyopia. I still have 20/15 at a distance (it used to be 20/10). I've learned I can't stand either bifocals or progressive lenses finding the field of vision with either too small. I don't need glasses at all for distance vision, so I bought single vision computer glasses for medium close distance and stronger single vision reading glasses for reading and fine tuned close up.

  6. I started wearing glasses in my teens for being nearsighted. Never had issues reading up close with or without my glasses on. With time and when I was approaching 50 my distant got better. So my script was lowered. Yet, I lost my ability to read books with my glasses on. Drives me crazy! In stores looking at labels, reading up close the glasses have to come off. Doctors wanted me to try bifocal or reading glasses. After listening to you I'm thinking about trying daily wear contacts with reading glasses. Been about 15 years since I wore contacts.

  7. I have this with about three or four years now. I'm 46 years old now. But I've used my computer for up to 12 hours a day some days but six hours most days taking a break for an hour every two hours with the past four years. Buy five months ago I started a new job which means I don't use my computer near as much anymore. About five out of seven days of the week I don't use my computer at all.

    What I've noticed over the past few weeks is my distance vision has started getting a whole lot better but my vision for close up is getting a bit worse.

    But about three weeks ago I've noticed the presbyopia is really really bad for a few hours in the mornings.

    It's do bad that I have to use my spare glasses to read text on my phone for the first hour of getting out of bed. But I can see things a lot clearer in the distance.

  8. yep was diagnosed with it, but the dr just said "every one gets it as they age" & thats all he said about it .

  9. I’ve worn glasses since I was 9yrs old, and now I wear bifocals . I was so happy when they started making the lenses out of plastic instead of glass as my right eye was really nearsighted. You probably know how lopsided they use to sit on my face 🤪 I’m 60 now and just grateful to be able to read and drive although I need a bit more light at night to do so. I love being informed about stuff I should have already known. 🌸🌼🌸

  10. Thanks, that's what my optician gave me, monofocal one for distance, one to see/operate my HRM. Only good for outdoor activity like skiing etc so I can see my sports/HRM monitor during an activity. No good for reading text on a page though.

  11. doctor can you give me your whatsup plz ,i have many questions about amblyopia if you can to help me plz ????!!

  12. 3yrs ago started having issues.presybyopia was starting. However, got refitted with multifocal rgp lenses and I've never worn reading glasses since. It's pretty amazing what 2 little pieces of plastic can do. Crystal clear Near far and inbetween works for me.reading glasses makes one look much older. Therefore they don't work for me.

  13. Interesting, I had cataract surgery this past year and because I am short, my new lenses were placed like that. Right is close up and left for distance. Amazing what can be done today.

  14. I recently got multi focal lenses, and a set of readers. My presbyopia is slight (+.75), but I have high myopia (-6.75/-7.25) – to get good quality light lenses was very expensive! But they’ve really helped. 🙂

    I use the readers when I’m at home, on my phone, doing stuff up close – the multi focal lenses are essential in meetings, and at the supermarket
    when I’m looking both down and at a distance. I have a standard lenses (and sunglasses) for my other needs.

    I’m not far off getting a magnifier for sewing, though – while my prescription makes things clear, they’re very small/too far away. I’m newly diagnosed with RP, too, so expect more magnification in my future.

  15. Hey Doctor Eye Health, have you ever considered doing a live q&a? I have couple of questions would love to get your opinion on.

  16. If I only have presbyopia and want to use multi-focal CL, do I have to give up sharp distance focus in order to have improved reading distance?

  17. Please could you please advise me which glasses to take : I have one good eye cause the right one blind , I do have photophobia my eye hurts in any light
    Lenses colour
    Also glasses to hide my eye weak muscles ( eye lids always near closed)
    Many thanks

  18. Great video! Recently, I was diagnosed with presbyopia and started wearing multifocal contact lenses. My eye doctor had me try Multifocal Air Optix contact lenses for the last two weeks, but we are going to try a couple more brands.

  19. I am sorry, but you speak TOO FAST. I have discussed this with friends, and they all agree. Could you please slow down? Thank you!

  20. yup, got this and the T-shirt…really this is Mom Nature's voice saying you are old…try not hugging tigers in the future

  21. It would be interesting if you could cover more on the retina. I ask because my brother at the age of 16 had both retinas spontaneously detach. He is legally blind in one eye, but surgeons were able to save some of his vision. However now he suffers from cataracts from time to time.

  22. There's a product called AOR Ortho Eyes, which some say can remove some of that extra layer off the lens. I tried it, and it hurt a lot, so I was afraid to try it again. Have you heard of this? I would love to try to actually correct my presbyopia, but only if it's safe.

  23. Hey Doctor Eye Health, I heard about upcoming eye drops for presbyopia, one with a pinhole effect and another allegedly softening the lens (which got me excited). Do you know anything about them and do you think they will be effective?
    I also wonder about what you said that the lens thickens with aging, does that mean there will be a shift in prescription and in which direction?

  24. Can you elaborate on how multi-focal contact lenses work in another video? I can’t grasp how they are able to accommodate both vision deficiencies.

  25. Thanks for suggesting the Thin Optics readers. I ordered a pair. Like you said, I never have my readers when I need them 😂

  26. I was completely unaware of the lens thickening concept as a cause of presbyopia. You always manage to come up with interesting information about common problems that most people presume they know everything about. Great that you have achieved over 100,000 subscribers. Hopefully you will pass the seven figure mark before too long.

  27. I've been very nearsighted since I was 8. Now at 45 I'm becoming presbyopic as well. 😓It's not so bad yet with my ordinary glasses but with contacts, forget it, I need dollar store reading glasses. I just started wearing contacts a few years ago too. My doctor suggested I should wait for bifocals though untill I decide it's truly bothersome.

  28. Hi Dr. hope you are doing well, I recently started working in a paint shop. I work with paint thinner I always wear safety googles but my co workers don’t. How can I help them if they get thinner in their eyes? Does thinner damage the eyes?

  29. Can you do a video on Corneal Cross linking? I have Keratoconus and just got it done, really awesome procedure.

  30. My eye doctor once told me that a person can loose his near sighted vision or far sighted vision as he aged depending on which he did more often throughout his life. Is this true?

  31. Hi there doc! I did PRK to correct my myopia last year. I was made aware that as I advance in age, I'll get presbyopia. I would like to know how should I tackle this in 20-25 years down the road?

  32. Hello, Dr. J. Allen/Doctor Eye Health;
    Would you also make a video that covers the subject of orbital diseases like Orbital Cellulitis that can be blinding or fatal, please? How should we perceive and approach slight swellings that occur around the eyeball and within the orbit? What are the causes and the treatments?

    I've learned a great deal from your eye health videos and from the way you graphically explain some eye health issues and the guiding advice. Thank you for taking the time to educate us who are curious about their eye health and health in general.

  33. Hey Dr. I have issues going from a bright room into a darker one, like if I’m outside in the sun and I walk into a dark garage, it makes me see like a mirage effect in my vision, like wavy lines moving strangely, I call them mini migraines. what could be happening and can I fix it somehow. I wear sunglasses pretty much anytime the sun is out and that helps a lot.

  34. Hi! This is completely unrelated to the video but I have an internal Stye and I’ve been trying to do the warm compresses and cleaning with salt water, I’ve been told that the Teramycin topical treatment helps. Do you know it and will it work for an internal Stye?

  35. Hi doctor, does the Prescription of Presbyopia (farsightedness) start with +1.00 or normally like +0.25 like normal myopia or nearsightedness?

  36. I've often wondered why I DONT need reading glasses when I DONT have my contacts in. I see up close perfectly. But when I have my contacts in for being nearsighted I need my reading glasses.

  37. Hi doctor, my glasses prescription number went higher about a month ago, and my optometrist said that my number increased in a very short time. Now my eyes are teary and I have sudden blurry vision. When I went to an eye doctor I was told that the new prescription is higher than it should be. Should I go to another optometrist?

  38. 'liked'. Thank you for the video. No, my ophthalmologist had not explained what you explained about the crystalline lens becoming thicker and hence inflexible. It was good to know. Also I didn't know that sometimes people wear a long-distance contact lens in one eye and a short one in the other, and that in Lasik surgery also something similar is done. I am assuming that this kind of combo (long in one eye and short in the other) doesn't affect depth perception much (or at all). I wonder why the same technique is not used in eye glasses instead of bifocals or progressive lenses. Thank you.

    Answer to QOTD: yes, I have trouble reading up close. I can read the traffic/road signs and such at a distance, but I have some problem reading text at a certain distance. (For example, the TV displays showing arrival/departure at airports), or reading a computer monitor while wearing my reading glasses. But I am not using bifocals yet. I see blurred sometimes even with eye glasses and I understand it is when by blood sugar levels are high. I have tried one of those eye glasses which allow you to change the power by turning a screw (one for each side). But it wasn't very helpful perhaps because I have astigmatism in one eye.

  39. dear doctor, can you tell us more about rgp lenses? i have super high myopia and am wearing them.

  40. @Doctor Eye Health I just got diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and about a month ago. I can’t see in the dark at all but I can see perfectly fine during the day. I just turned 18 in December and I’ve been doing so much research about my condition I’m really scared to loose my independence, like driving. I drive perfectly fine for now even without glasses, but I only need my glasses at night when I’m driving. I really hope there’s at least a treatment that will restore some peripheral vision and being able to see better at night. I went through so many tests ,but I still need to take a genetic test to have a better understanding about my condition. I would really like if you made a video about my condition

  41. Love your in depth explanations! I having been wearing a Toric lense in one eye and a multifocal in the other with much success. I now have to wear readers in low light or small print. Cataract surgery looms in the coming years also. Sounds like that may be corrected with mono vision too. But what happens if your eyes change further?

  42. Do the translating or simultaneous RGP lenses yield 20/20 very often or is it more commonly 20/happy? I can see 20/15 now, at 39, with my single vision gas perms and would rather not give that up.

  43. Hey doc, recently about 2 weeks ago I’ve had something like conjunctivitis except my vision was blurry and there wasn’t inflammation coming out of the eye I also had sensitivity to light and it hurt when I touched the eye kid, so I went to an eye doctor and they just prescribed me tobradex and maxitrol, I went back in for a follow up and they said it looks good and for the most part it does buy I’m still on the medication and I’m noticing some new protruding blood vessels on the infected eye and now on the other eye and I’m also experiencing floaters, could this be a side effect of the steroid eye drops, and judging by the symptoms what would u personally say I have ? And also how long would it be safe to continue using the drops and the ointment for because I hear that it can have long term effects

  44. Dear Dr. Eye Health can you help me to know whether I should massage my eye while treating it for stye with antibiotics?

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