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What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that
is marked by patches of intensely itchy and flaky skin that doesn’t go away with regular
moisturizers the way most ordinary dry skin will. It can affect any part of the body, even the
scalp and nails, and can be mild, moderate or severe. Basic Symptoms Skin itchiness and general discomfort are
the two things people most commonly associate with the disease, and it often starts out
as no more than brief rashes over certain parts of the body that look like little more
than dry skin. As the condition worsens, though, those dry
patches tend to get increasingly red and to grow; ultimately, the surface of the skin
will dry out and form rough scales that often have a blistered look. Main Types There are usually five recognized types of
the disorder, each with its own intensity and symptom specifications. Plaque psoriasis causes red, silvery-white,
scaly skin lesions, and this is the most common variety. The condition can also come in pustular form,
which causes blisters to erupt on the skin that can leak pus or other fluids. This variation is most common on the hands
and feet. Triggers and Causes The condition is caused by genes, and is usually
recognized by those in the medical profession as an inherited genetic disorder. Not everyone who carries the genes for the
disorder will necessarily suffer from it, Climate and weather, cold and dry temperatures
in particular, can trigger the disease in many people. Physical trauma can also be to blame. Psoriatic lesions often develop at the site
of a skin injury, usually right where things are healing and the skin is trying to regenerate
itself. Most practitioners also think that stress
and emotional health play a role in symptom suppression and flare-ups. People who are under a great deal of stress
often see the condition appear for the first time, or worsen if it is already present. Treatment Options There isn’t usually any way to completely
cure the condition, insofar as it is not medically possible to re-code peoples’ genetic predispositions. Certain medications and treatment regimens
can help keep flare-ups suppressed, though, and can dramatically alter patients’ quality
of and enjoyment of life. Skincare experts usually start by looking
for ways to reduce triggers. Medicated creams and ointments are commonly
prescribed, and in some cases UV light therapy, also known as “phototherapy,” can be useful,
particularly for people who live in relatively dark and cold climates or who spend most of
their days indoors away from natural sunlight.

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  1. Raw nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables fuel the body's ability to cure your body of psoriasis, that with proper amount of sleep with it as well too.  Especially leaf vegetables, herbs, and some flax too, and general fruits and vegetables in the diet.

  2. clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate helps my sister and keeps itching low.might work for some people.

  3. I had some shit like this on me it stay for 2 week spreading every where accept hand,leg and face but finally 3 week I am getting new skin if u guys want cure this read my reply here. since I cant tell you whole thing in few words.

  4. everyone watching this who has plaque psoriasis the best recommendation is called Calcipotriene and Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.064% ointment. I have very bad plaque psoriasis all over. From my head, back, arms, stomach, and knees. This ointment is a lifesaver, if you use this everyday for less than a week your psoriasis will be almost completely unnoticeable. You can call your doctor for this and Walmart will have the prescription for you.

  5. I have it all over my legs and arms I thought it was just dry, I have the most common one it’s terrible. I got it from my mom.

  6. Stop eating wheat barley and oats cut-out all oils and processed meats. This is your body reacting to gluten in your diet try this for two weeks and you will notice a fantastic difference. Good luck!

  7. I DONT HAVE THAT EWW I THOUGHT I DID…. but it’s like oh yeah I have it but it’s on my stomach not in dots

  8. there are many ways on healing psoriasis in a week , I have done it !, it is in your guts !, first : if your body is alkaline, psoriasis is finished !, I have drunk beer everyday for 18 years to test psoriasis and beer drinking is not a cause , I tried 1/4 of baking soda without aluminum (spoon measure ) , 4x my vitamins , 4x my omega , 3x my vitamin c, 4x my bone minerals , and in three days I got the results I expected !, Psoriasis is not something that can not be cured !, I Am happy !, I have learned that all illness have a cure !, but the doctors have a limit in their understanding of this illness , it goes according to their learning in the official learning ,
    just remember , there is always space to learn something better in this brain device !

  9. The only medicine I need is weed. 😉 But in all seriousness, I really want to resolve the issue. It's not too bad, but I wish it wasn't present.

  10. I had it too been goin on 3 years with bunch of differnt doctors and trying cure my legs that needs to stop bloody too i cant wear shorts at all

  11. Psoriasis is worse than cancer!!!
    I have it for many years and I have not recovered. There are no alternatives!
    Some people says to be on diet, do not eat this or that, no red meat, steak, milk diary, do not eat some fruits, etc etc.
    They says to not be stressed, but how do you do today?
    They says to do not drink a beer, do not even smoke a cigarette.
    During the summer you can not even put a shirt with short sleeves or shorts.
    You can not play football, go swimming, or go to run!
    You can not go to a party, you can not go to a concert, because you are disgusting with a skin full of scales!
    You can not go to bed with any woman, because you are disgusting!
    So it's a shitty life!
    It's an unlived life!
    Since I suffer from this terrible illness, I smoke more, I drink more, and I am completely isolated from the rest of the world!
    Stress causes Psoriasis, but Psoriasis in turn causes infinite stress! It's a continued loop!
    I'm still young, but the idea of ​​living like this kills me!
    Scratch your body, your arms, your head (scalp) all the time like a dog is really ugly! My family sees me suffer, and they suffer too!
    Stop the world, I want to get off!

  12. If you have Psoriasis get you doctor to prescribe you Hydrocortisone cream for the body and ointment for the head patches, it made all my patches go away within 2 days, after that you just put a bit on like you would a moisturiser if you didnt have psoriasis, so maybe once every 2 days apply a thin layer to where you had patches of psoriasis before the treatment made it go away, afterall if you do not use the medication, it just keeps coming back and the newer the patch the more itchy.
    If you get the patches to go away then psoriasis can be actually very advantageous, as it increases you bodily regeneration ability to an almost super human level, for example i few years ago i had boiling goose fat fall over my entire left had and half way up the arm, suffering 2nd degree burns, the hospital said i may need skin grafts for it once the blistering goes down, however 4 days later when they removed the bandages my skin was fully healed and looked like a normal healthy persons, doctors where baffled at first, but one spotted my medical notes and saw that i have psoriasis, linking that to my "miraculous" heal.
    Best advise i can give people, is to stop trying these fad diet changes, the bullshit "medication" on half these videos which has no medical basis or even clinical trial testing, and go see a doctor for actual mediaction, as it so so so much better. Afterall the doctors are going to know better than the morons on the internet who do not even know about the human body, after all the body cells are all replaced every 7 years, meaning that the people who think a diet change "cured" them might have had a 7 year body change making the psoriasis no longer show patches, you know like it was before the patches started…. and those poeple ignorantly link the two things together.

  13. I'm battling psoriasis at the age of 16, you see I'm a very unhealthy girl.
    My doctor told me that it will stay forever in me. I can see how my mom see me and it aches my heart to see her looking at me like I'm the dirtiest girl in the world. At the same time, they all waste money because of me having this kind of disease I was so depressed and it got worst they grew many and its very itchy and very smelly, my family like god so gross. and almost everyday that day I take a bath like 3x a day it helps me to calm down. A years comes by me myself bought the medicine I need, coz I dont want mom money to buys my medicine I was like it's my fault why I have this so I should buy it my own. I also continued my studies coz It heal near my arms but my inside shirt is full of shit and its very itchy. I fought the itchyness when the room is silent and everyone concentrated to listen to our teacher. I tried to concentrate and I always excuse inside the room to take a pee but the truth is I need to apply cream more. 2 years battling psoriasis I decided to lose weight, I really am sorry for my body, I destroyed it by eating unhealthy food and now I'm 18 I can say goodbye to psoriasis after losing 30lbs and eating healthy. I was shocked coz everyone says it cannot be heal, in the health television and In dermatologist but I was. I remember the day I visit the free check ups for psoriasis patient I was like gosh all the patients who gather to have a free check up was like age 40+ and I was like damned I'm the youngest of them all. I thought how I abused my body I should take care of it like how my parents take good care of me when I was a baby. I was really depressed, even my neighbors started to feel something like I'm never go outside I always stays in the house. I realize I have to do something I can't stay hidden forever, and that's how I started to lose weight my coaches are nurses, it's theyre part time job being a health coach. I was so happy that they dont judge me, dont ask any question why? They accept me because they feel I need there help and its been a year that I feel normal again. Loved and treasure around me,
    I also spread to those people who dont know what psoariasis is, because they dont bring harm they also need someone to talk to.

  14. Ive had it for my whole life, all over my body…in summer it gets better and i also take long showers and take it off eith nails, it gets easy to take off with warm water, im 24 years old now. Can someone help me?

  15. I think someone has already knew the real one thing….
    It's just that we haven't tried to see it…

  16. My mom has psoriasis, and she is kicked out from some pools because they think it’s contagious. Seriously, do your research!

  17. yes it can be reversed without medication….Look at the root cause. Yes, it can be helped by diet, food sensitivities, gluten, gut health. etc. so much can be done without medication. Please educate people on this……so important.

  18. Help!!My husband has psoriasis I try to tell him go to the dr but he doesn’t want to.
    It has also effected his toes and nails and quite frankly it’s kinda disgusting. Im 22 and he is 26 I’m not his mother to baby him.
    But I have tried to help him clean his spots but he doesn’t want me to. He never appreciated me trying to help him I’m overwhelmed he doesn’t want to help himself.
    He just whines about what he has all day and just doesn’t take action anyone have tips??

  19. I patch of this on my neck, and I noticed it out of nowhere, I watched it for a week and decided to go to the doctor, before you know it, it spread all on my breast and stomach. It was really itchy. Only antibiotics healed it. That was my first time having it.

  20. I went to a dead sea and soaked for 6 hours a day for 4 days and it totally healed my psoriasis and it has not come back. I sometimes take a bath in 4 cups of dead sea salt. It detoxes and also gives back healthy minerals your body may be deficient in.

  21. Because if this shit I had plans to kill my self but I don’t give shit about this my life is more important just I say I don’t care what people think about and what ask ))

  22. When i went india it all cleared up. Went to see a few drs they all recommended same treatment. Plus the vitamin d plus natural furits n veg does help.

  23. Is it true that psoriasis can kill? please someone should help me, i have some body disease, some say I should not bath else it gonna be worse and some say if it's goes around my body and it meet I will die.
    Guys help me😭😭because some say is a spiritual disease.

  24. I have seen many patients in my clinic who are suffering from psoriasis. As per ayurveada, there are many herbs like manjistha, gandhak etc with works effectively. I recommended gandhak rasayan of planet Ayurveda along with pitta balance and manjistha capsules and seen good results

  25. My dr said I have it but I have a small dry spot on my hand that’s it she said she’s gonna put me on steroids if it doesn’t heal

  26. I'm a young child who just discovered that it can't be cured and im going to have it my whole life what sucks cuz I'm just crying right now why 😢 why me why im so unlucky

  27. Failed to mention it's an autoimmune disease. The immune system is overactive. I suffered with this for 40 years+ getting worse over time. I tried everything in the book. 3 weeks into doing the Wim Hoff method the scratching has stopped for the first time in my life, and healing is beginning. I have not changed my diet and my triggers have all lost their effect. Fix the immune system and the problem goes away, the rest is all superficial

  28. I don't suffer theese symptoms but it is painful and hasn't changed even though I am visting a few states north. The spots are red, don't itch, and swelled up a little. I have six or seven of theese and the're all in the same spot. It doesn't realy hurt on a scale from 1-10 I would say 2 or 1 depending if I was walking to much and rubbed it with my other leg I think it is Psoriasis but I am not sure to say that for certain. I don't want to cure symtoms for something I don't really have.

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    The dude at the end of the video seemed so nice id listen to him.
    Id subscribe to him.
    Just get an actual human being bro

  30. I've had this it goes away after a while! I work outside all day. I had it bad on my stomach! Basically I used Neosporin and skin lotion! It goes away! The Neosporin really helped! Skin lotion during the day, and after put a decent amount of Neosporin at night

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