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Thank you for being with me today, today we
are going to look at the very first doctrine of traditional Chinese medicine the Taoist medicine
Doctrine. Ironically is not the medical Classics Doctrine would be considered to be the first
Doctrine actually Taoist medicine Doctrine is the first. In some ways this relates to
a lot to do with survival. You know we study history so that we can appreciate and understand
the past. So that we can apply what we learn from the past to the present. And hopefully
would help us to Envision the future so we don’t make mistakes from the past. Taoist
medicine actually started on the premise the premise of learning about Disease about health
about how survival was very important at the very beginning. In the old days in any culture.
Almost all old ancient cultures in this world that we know on Earth starts as tribal culture.
This is no different in the ancient China. Around the Yellow River area where the tribal
culture is very steeply ingrained in people’s life in more than five six thousand years
ago. During that time was very important to observe nature very important to understand
and to hunt for game. And eventually learn to plant and domesticate live herds that can
be held for survival so it was all about survival. And that Survival really sharpens instinct.
That’s Survival help us to really become intuned with our environment to a great detail
we able to Figure things out even though I that time we don’t know why. so frequently
we chalk that up to the work of God. To the work of a universal Spirit, ghost or whatever
you might think and that is the origination of Medicine. So to understand Taoist medicine
we need to understand what is Taoism. Well it’s a very important branch in Chinese
philosophy along with Confucianism and it’s a religion as well. It’s also a spiritual
practices then is based on the foundation of Tao. It leads the way and it frequently
refers to the way of how the universe work. It refers to the way how the Earth is form
created and how lives are formed and creator its essence. It’s about trying to find a
unifying principle. In everything around us there must be an underlying principle that
explains everything that we touch that we see. And that we come in contact with we call
this in Taoism the universal truth. Taoist medicine is an important branch of TCM, that
underneath the underneath of it having that the way the concept of the way. It’s an
important field of study for Taoist Physicians in the old days Taoism is a blending of religion
and science. And religion obviously has a lot to do with that faith and beliefs the
main focus of Taoism is about universal truth. Benevolence balance and not least “how long
can I live”. And how well can I live and how much disease can I prevent. These are
some of the fundamental principles of survival. And as we learn how to survive better, later
on we learn how to thrive well. So from survival to thriving taoism is a big part integrated
study of TCM. So this includes the study of mysticism religion philosophy science and
medicine. And the main concept is to learn to live with heaven and earth. Learn to understand
and live together with the energetics of heaven and earth so that we can live as long as heaven
and earth. And that we understand how the world works so we don’t violate the principles
heaven an Earth because when we violate those principles we get sick. We get yin and yang
imbalance so that’s Taoist Medicine. Some people ask what is the difference from a regular
TCM doctor versus a Taoist TCM doctor. What we know TCM doctor very good in focusing on
diagnosis treatment and even prevention of diseases. He believes in long life but he
doesn’t necessarily believe in immortality. He does not believe in ghosts or spiritual
phenomena. He does not believe in astrological influences though he does believe in five
Elemental principles. And he does not always believe in the concept of Fung shui. while
the Taoist TCM doctor, just like a TCM doctor focuses on diagnosis treatment but serious
student of preventing illnesses from happening in to the Future. So he put a lot of focus
on how you can nourish life and how you can really have a strong prevention of future
illnesses His focus is on longevity and he believes immortality is possible. So it very
much pinpoint focus, a strong focus on how to live longer. So in a sense is that we would
say that Taoist Medicine is really a big part of that medicine that deal with geriatrics
that deal with how to live healthy for a long period of time. Taoist Medicine those who
believe in environmental influences he believes in ecology he believes the environment that
surrounds us whether we created always there at a first-place affects us. Environment where
and when we were born affects us. The planets the Stars the moon that lines up I’m in
a certain way the kind of of alignment it has. The astrological influences the energy
that is Shines on Earth During the period when we were born determines our personality.
Determines in some ways our qi. So Taoist Medicine believes in environmental influences.
And that might be a little esoteric but maybe less esoteric is the environment you live
in. If you live in a damp environment going to get sick very easily you live in a hot
environment you can get sick easily so in some ways there is a lot of Truth to looking
at feng shui we’re looking at how to prevent wind blowing directly at you. How to locate
there is clean water someplace and how the water runs through your house and your relationship
on on the direction of sunlight in and moonlight and all that is taken into consideration of
Feng shui. The Taoist TCM doctor also believe in the phenomenon of ghost and spirit believes
that when our physical body moves onward and forward that our spirit it’s frequently
still there. All that the spirit exists and that we need to not just appreciate our physical
being but we need to appreciate and be respectful to every individual spirit and that’s the
Taoist medicine concept. They also believe in astrological inferences like what I should
say earlier. Astrological influences can shape a certain distinct personality and shape a
distinct life Trend throughout the entire life. So there’s quite a bit of difference
between Taoist Medicine. And sometimes you could say some of these basically a faith-based
belief system is true some is. Some is actually not Taoist medicine Taoist Physicians are
very scientific. They do actually question now they’re skeptical with certain thing
is not always a blind belief. So let’s move forward to look at some of the things that
we could explore together. Number one all medicines and doesn’t matter where in the
world begins as a religion. Because in the beginning we believe there’s a higher power.
And sometimes the reason we believe in the higher power is because we don’t always
understand what’s going on. Somebody gets sick with a fever – “this is the way of
the gods” Somebody is sick with some kind of infection – “that’s the way of the
god’s. ” that’s a punishment. Sometimes there’s a difficult labor “that’s the
way of the god’s. ” so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world all medicine in
the world begins as a religious Medicine. And at the same time all the students of Tao,
The people who were interested to know the universal truth to really try to understand
underlying principle we call this God. They always begin their study by studying Medicine
because at the very beginning that’s what you want to do – you want to survive you
want to get rid of sickness because in the old day when we don’t have much medicine,
a simple sickness like a cold or flu especially flu can kill you. So is was very important
to study and be able to combat and be able to conquer some of these illnesses. So all
students that study with Taoists and to understand the underlying principle always begin their
study by studying medicine. Now there is a fundamentally a very strong intertwine relationship
between traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist Medicine but in some ways also separate. One
deal withs religion and healing. And the other is the immortality believe in Taoist and that
doesn’t meet or translate much into TCM. Now this is mutually absorbing and promoting
because in the old days Taoist medicine is more than religious medicine this I say earlier
that’s how the world started. So there’s a lot of preaching there’s a lot of religious
spreading a missionary style kind of spreading. And the way a Taoist physician can spread
the concept of Taoist religion at that time was to actually help healing. If I can help
you to heal people will believe one in the Taoist in concept. And on the other side of
the coin the TCM where people don’t really want to be religious will try to be skeptical
and get away from that. The’re also borrowing the understanding of immortality and some
of the techniques of the Taoist medicine can provide into the TCM Paradigm. So let’s
take a look at sound two characteristics of Taoist Medicine. Again in the old days when
taoism was a religion you used this medicine as a missionary purpose. And it emphasizes
the importance on life and deeds. Two things. One treasure your life Taoists believe that
when you given a privilege of a life regardless whether or not it is a perfect life or handicapped
or imperfect life that is not important. What’s important is that you treasure what you have
been given. Because you’re blessed by you regardless of what that form might be that’s
number 1 number 2 is that it’s not about what you bring to the world. Heaven and Earth
gave you this existence of soul and body what are you going to do about it. That’s the
deeds that’s your behavior that’s what you do this maybe things that you do in the
world maybe the productivity you apply until the World by healing by helping. By behaving
helpfully to other human being that’s the Deeds so Taoists really believe strongly in
not just starting the universal truth. But at the same time act behave and implement
the universal truth through what we do as a human being. They believe in self healing
and cultivation and Social Services. It looks at science we also look at mysticism. They
believe in science and at the same time believe that they are plenty of things that we still
don’t understand. And when the things we don’t understand it’s important not to
taboo it it’s important not to push it away but it’s important to say this is something
we don’t understand instead of saying that this is the will of Gods. The Taoists say
this is the way of having an Earth this is a universal truth that we trying to discover
and trying to understand. So the characteristics of Taoist Medicine this really an amalgamation
of physical healing psychological healing sociological healing Public Health in faith
healing. So is a lot of entanglement of a lot of these characteristics. They are two
major focus is for the daoists. one is gong as I said earlier gong has a lot to do with
self-cultivation it’s about what you can do to treasure your life. Treasuring your
life is not about just not abuse or create harm to your body. But it also asks you to
see what you can do to cultivate your body to make your body to achieve its maximum potential.
That is gong. And the other one is shi shi means behaviors actions and deeds to benefit
the community around you to benefit your neighbors to benefit your family to benefit society
when you have enough. And even when you don’t have enough you trying to find ways to help.
Because you existence of being here is blessed so you must fundamentally give back to the
world that created you so these are the two major focus of Taoism. What do Taoist medicine
contribute to TCM. What has Taoist medicine contribute a lot tremendous one is formulations
there’s a lot of formulations whether is herbal whether is meditative. That is an exercise
that your qigong meditation that has been formed that has been created to slow down
the aging process that’s a huge contribution to geriatric medicine that’s a huge contribution
to the understanding of medicine itself. Second is the initiation of chemistry. I think the
very first chemist is our ancient people in the tribes that’s where they come across
different natural occurring chemicals and they use it for different purposes whether
it is creating pain. Creating dye. Whether it is actually Cinnabar this is the Chinese
herbal medicine that is basically Mercury sulfide which is used for calming the spirit
for anxietyfor example. nowaday we know is quite toxic so we don’t use it anymore but
never less it is an initiation of chemistry. Third is a very specific dietary understanding
that came about for example you got to cook your meals mean this is something we already
know. The existence of fire really helps to kill germs and cook our meals cook our Meats
on at you help us not to get sick from them. That’s important but that’s not the only
thing. We talking about specific diet or understanding about how the grains can nourish our spleen
and stomach how the meats can go to different Zang Fu and builds our blood builds up tendons
builds our bones for example these are sounded very beginning but also very sophisticated
dietary understanding in Taoist medicine. Number four. Spiritual healing the use of
invocations the use of Talisman and this all spiritual healing is also the beginning of
psychological healing. Okay it’s a big part of mental psychological healing and that’s
a contribution in Taoist medicine number five Sexual Healing. There’s a whole book that
is a whole area on how sex sexual activity can actually be a healing activity as well
as can be a harmful activity all really depends how you go about it. So that’s also the
contribution from the Taoist Medicine and then at least they understand you Sanitation
the understanding of preventive medicine is very strong that integrates throughout all
the Taoist healing Taoist Medicine the contributions. So if we look at in the Old Days the historical
transformation between death and diseases you know and the old days these doctors or
so-called doctor are what we call Medicine men. Or in the West we call a medicine man
sometimes we called them witches. in China we call them basically Medicine Men and we
call them witches as well like everybody else there’s in the ancient times. But on top
of it with the Taoist understanding there’s also what we call a immortality guides these
doctors that help you to achieve immortality. And also they are then the doctors that treat
a disease later on so the transformation versus witches medicine Men and then the immortality
guide than is the doctors for the treatment of diseases. And that’s a transformation
in China now witches Medicine Man really teach you and I to help you in praying. Perform
invocations perform objectifications predictions touch and even a little drama that help you
to heal we call that the medicine man. And then the contributions of the early time Medicine
Man Shennong might be a medicine man. Shennong’s the one that you know attains 360 herb and
he came out with some painting I don’t think he wrote that book really I mean. I mean in
China you just put Shennong on the everybody would read a book it become too so very very
good book but Shennong is known to have tasted 100 toxins a day because he was so into herbal
medicine and he tested himself with his own body to make sure that’s not toxic. So when
you found something toxic that he doesn’t use it on on his patients. Great contribution
from this medicine man the contribution of herbology. Contribution about how to use Herbal
substances and techniques for example to get rid of infections and fever song these can
be very rudimentary such as bleeding to to get rid of fever and it’s real I don’t
think anybody does anymore but at least it’s a starting point in on how to treat illnesses.
Some of the other contributions of spiritual healing and cycle psycho psychological counseling
for example. And the two chants are they doing invocations and those are kind of things.
So in the next slide I have actually shown you some of the sample the Taoist talismans.
These are the Talisman that you will see about the door. That’s in some rooms and this
Talisman has significance we put a lot of energy and prayers into this talisman. And
this type is Talisman to a certain type of function is to protect the spirit in the room.
Some is to protect the health of this family as etcetera so these different purpose of
Talisman but that’s one of the ways of a spiritual healing. Then as we transform from
the witch doctor to feng shui actually started around the time of Qin dynasty. And this is
Qin Shi Huang the guy who act unify China at a time he became the most powerful Emperor
on Earth. So when you become Paul for you have everything what do you wish for next
thing. Obviously the next best thing is not the nintendo games the best things thing is
can I live forever. can I Drink All The alcohol I want so I can bed with all the woman that
I want I mean that’s what emperor was in the old days so that’s what he’s thought
is I want to live forever. So at that time as you know when you have a demand when you
have a need then supply for where reason comes up from somewhere. So this created a whole
phenomenon of the immortality guides is like travel guide. You know when you go travel
to country of a travel guy well they have guides that teach you and they guide you to
immortality. So and they are really into heavy metals cook some heavy metals and you would
take them and obviously you’re euphoric. I mean you start to see things you seen colors
you seen you know you seen things that you never seen before so when you come about and
if you’re lucky to be alive come around you say oh my God this is cool I see another
world this is great I’m living forever okay so that’s the immortality medicine. obviously
this is ridiculous. There’s always the negative but there’s always the positive the contribution.
Of function of the immortality guides that they actually passed down some of exercises
use a very helpful so qigong we call it in the old people Daoyin Daoyin qigong chemistry.
Concept of detoxification fasting okay that’s very helpful and is certain and dietary understanding.
Now the dietary understanding in the old days are so interesting me we trying to revert
back every few years every couple years in the modern world the dietary understanding
understanding from ancient times has always been Back To Nature. Eat more vegetables less
quantity more fluid in fact sometimes you don’t need as much food. Sometimes you don’t
need as much grain. Sometimes you do a no grain fast is almost like the gluten, gluten
free diet for example reduce fat and protein. So in the old days already Taoists believe
in not going excessive having a balanced lifestyle and balanced diet so that dietary understanding
its thousands of years old and to this day is still works. The Taoist medicine talks
about the three demons or we call it three ones There’s the upper demon there’s the
middle demon and there’s the lower demon. And upper demon is the greed for materials
greed to conquer Greed for wanting everything to possess its a sense of power. Is a sense
of acquiring material. It’s normal for us to want to have possessions it’s normal
but when you become demonic is when you want too much of it when you becomes imbalance
you become obsessed by it. Number 2 is the middle demon that means the greed for food
okay normally. You hungry you want to eat that’s a normal phenomenal. But there are
many times where that after you eat you still want to eat because that tiramisu looks really
good. That is what we call. want. It is no longer needs anymore you wanting something
and that it becomes Greed eventually when you greedy in. Your stomach gets more bloated
you start gain weight And eventually your body can’t handle it it gives up okay so
that is the greed for food The third greed or demon is the greed for sex in some sense
is pleasure you humans are pleasure-seeking animal. Pleasure-seeking but if you’re always
seeking pleasure that all time 24/7 eventually what’s going to happen isYour body will
become sick you’ll become depleted all the energy will be consumed. Then you’re no
longer doing things that might be productive to helping other human being for example okay
so that is in some ways counter of purpose of what a Taoist would like to do. It’s
great to have sex but it’s got. So that’s the lower demon so those are the three demons
the upper demon the middle demon and lower demon upper demon for materials middle demon
for food and the lower demon for sex. The Taoists believe when we have less greed we
have better health. When we have better health we would have better life we have better life
we will have better world In some ways greed creates problems. Now let’s take a look
at some of the influential doctors there are many TCM Doctor who are Taoist Physicians
starting from Dong Feng all the way down to Zhao Yi Zhen there many of them Ge Hong for
example was a very important doctor. Bao Gu Tao Hong Yang Shang Shan some of these doctors
actually have translated or elaborate on Shang Han given tremendous amount of contribution
to TCM. Huang Di for example. And Sun Si Miao everybody knows the king of Chinese herbal
medicine Chinese medicine Sun Si Miao who had taught us a lot about ethics. Taught us
a lot about prevention illness sanitation’s taught us a lot about formularies especially
through his thousand gold formulas we’ll talk about in the moment. Wang Huai Yin, and
Ma Zhi which is a major initiator of a Doctrine in Yuan Dynasty. Quite a bit of people and
we’re not going to be able to go through the stories of each one of them but I’m
just going to take two people. To look at because they are amazing doctors. one is Ge
Hong and the other one is Sun Si Miao also. Let’s first look at some of the influential
publications overall you will see Ge Hong has written Bao Pu Zi Nei Pian which is also
formulary book and then while Sun Si has written Beiji Qian Jin Yao Fang which will talk a
little bit about it later and not the least Dao Zang it’s a huge collection of all the
Taoist texts in my in my office I actually have a book shelf that actually it’s a Taoist
Cannon and it goes on the top to the bottom. And if you are at Yo San University on the
second second floor you will see a copy of the Taoist canon in the cafeteria. It originally
published in 417 A. D.. And the are many iterations many additions and modifications later on
throughout the centuries and the last compilation is in 1997. In this collection that include
over 1500 volumes of different publication of Taoism. it’s an enormous compliation
and collection. It’s a wonderful resource for any Taoist physician to study its enough
enough books for one to study for a few lifetime over. So that is some of the influential publication.
So let’s go to the first Taoist doctor I want to spend some time with is Ge Hong. Ge
Hong was born in 283 A. D. and passed away is 364 A. D.. One thing that he is contributor
to greatly is he is what we call that a people’s doctor. He goes to countryside he goes to
farmers and the people who are very poor and he tried to help them. And the way he helped
them is to come up with very. cheap and convenient easily accessible herbs and formulas for the
people in the countryside for the working people. And he’s also known to be the initiator
of chemistry in the world and he’s, funny thing as a Taoist doctor he was actually totally
against which doctors. He does not believe in Witch Doctor he believed that the witch
doctors are basically hype, you know it’s not true it’s not scientific enough he doesn’t
use the worst scientific but you believe is the wrong it’s a wrong Taoist medicine so
he is very much spoken out against doctors especially the witch doctors. He’s the first
one in the world that identify tuberculosis smallpox jaundice and hepatitis he had a very
clear description of these four diseases in their symptomology in their signs. He has
written 60 + Publications ranging from medicine, cultivation, spiritual enlightenment, astrology
or astronomy, Art of War etcetera. Unfortunately most of them are lost so some of them that
he’s able to pass down is really only a few and most of them is in Medicine. Now Ge
Hong is very much of a paradoxical thinker. While he’s against witches while he’s
against medical quackery he believed in physical immortality. People leave that the body can
live forever. Now come to think about it might just be actually true if we figure out that
you’re genomic medicine. If we have the right DNA information we might be able to
grow a tissue that can last forever so he might not be far away from that and thinking
in that train of thought. He does believe the existence of spirit any ability for a
human to achieve immortal spiritual status. And he also believe that as we are in the
light in the physical being we are binded in this Physical Realm. And this is called
The Binding of the life and death. And as a Taoist we must cultivate beyond that we
must become light and get out of that physical space but go on to a spiritual realm. He also
believed that religion is like what Karl Marx was saying that religion is the Opiate of
people. At times religion creates Wars it creates falsified realities, int numbs it
motivates people to kill each other it creates conflicts so he hates religion. In his guts
He believe that in religion there is some good stuff there’s some spiritual things
that we should learn. But when its out of balance it becomes toxic that’s a toxin
so in one of his books Baopuzi Nei Pian, which is actually quite difficult for even for any
Taoist Medicine modern-day try to study. Because the language is written very much in the old
language. iit’s 20 chapters and it ranges from mysticism the Tao, enlightenment Medicine,
Nature’s love philosophy of Life difficulties how to handle difficulties Universal subtleties
diligent search identifying the truth facing uncertainty. t goes anywhere from philosophy
to Medicine. But it is it’s a very important historical document that describe Taoism before
200 A. D. Now his more medical book it’s called “behind elbow prepare acute formulary”
it basically means this is all the formula you really need just right behind your elbow.
So that you can pull it out and use it for the people so it’s basically when we call
common accessible formularies commonly known as Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang. 8 sections divided
into 73 chapters in this book there’s about 1060 formulas. 714 of them is for internal
conditions 346 of them is for external condition. Again these formulas are cheap, accessible,simple
to formulate and truly effective even some of them today for example. The white radish
seed the white radish is daikon Daikon radish the seed can be use for chronic cough for
asthma food to chronic cough for asthma with thick sputum and even pusy blood. And that
is still true today that we use them that seed for the condition. Other things such
as bamboo shaving can be used for children’s asthma cough and sinus congestion that that
is still used quite a bit today in fact some of the cough syrup. Have some of these concentrate
of these bamboo shaving for that kind of condition. So this is a wonderful medicine book. Now
let’s go back to Baopuzi Nei Pian. So in Baopuzi Nei Pian there are a few concepts
I want to share with you. The first concept is that qi is the source of all life. So this
is kind of around the Huang Di Nei Jing time and this further fortifies the concept that
qi is a very important concept in TCM. And he believes that for any life to exist there
must be a tangible and intangible. the tangible is the form the intangible is the spirit or
sometimes we call that visible and invisible. And there is the requirement for life to exist
you must have this coexistence of both okay and that both have to be balanced. If we overstrain
our body we can cause the scattering of our spirit. If we exhaust our spirit we will exhaust
our body and the final consumption of Qi is the ending of life. The other concept is the
changes of matter. Since he’s a chemist since he is a scientist he believes change
by men can actually replace nature we can make clouds. He believed we can make rain
we can make Frost we can make lightning we can even make snow well it’s really true.
We are making snow in ski resorts right we are in China they are making more rain by
dumping some silver nitrate I believe or some silver particles into the cloud layer so you
can enhance the rain so it’s interesting in that he is that understanding of the concept
that we can change nature. And because of that we need be careful what we do with. As
much as we want to change nature we also don’t want to violate the naturist principle okay.
We want to do this more of a temporary major not necessary a long term. And he believed
that organic matter can be formed from inorganic matter. And so Baopuzi Nei Pian also discuss
about chemistry. It lists the discovery and identification of about 22 or more minerals
and compounds ranging from lead, Sulfur, calcium, Mercury. silicone to metals and bronze. And
he talked about even gives you a formula how to make the basic Cinnabar Mercury sulfide.
And this and also making of ferric sulfide copper sulfide cupric sulfide, lead sulfide.
Carbon disulfide and this is the beginning of what we call the smelting process. And
that’s probably the most the oldest smelting process you’ll ever see and especially in
the Chinese culture. In the Baopuzi Nei Pian it also described tides the phenomenon of
tides. He also described the spiral Force of a helicopter being able to fly the gears
it described the gears because if you remember being Huang Di’s time the Chinese have actually
develop a compass. The compass always can you know turn and always can point to true
north. So he figured out all the gears and so in some ways science was really robust
during this time. And he’s also given us the understanding the sick people blame the
wind cold and Summer damp. Wind cold summer heat cannot injure the strong one only when
your body is weak and the qi is deficient than you get sick. This is probably the very
first statement that deals with the importance of your immune system okay so this is quite
old okay this is quite whole of a thought. The next doctor I’m going to share with
you is Sun Simiao. Sun Simiao is what we called the king of Medicine and he was born in 581
A. D. and he passed away 682 A. D. Lived to be about a hundred and one years old. Considered
to be a genius. He studied hard since he was 7 years old great memory passed the main exams
to become a scholar with great depth and breadth of knowledge in so many areas including philosophy,
medicine, and he actually even refused three Emperor’s invitation to become a high-level
court official. But he’d rather he went to become the barefoot doctor. To serve the
working public this is this thing Taoist medicine concept is to share your knowledge with the
most poorest people the poorest population he has helped thousands. And temples were
built even today and still exist today to commemorate his contribution to the community
to the medicine and so he is now known to be the king of Medicine. And in this slide
I actually have shown some picture of someone’s temples. Now he has two seminal works. One
is Beiji Qian Jin Yao Fang and the other one is the supplement to that book and this book
is translated as the essential formulas for emergencies that’s worth a thousand pieces
of gold. Basically these are wonderful formulary books. So if we say that the medical Classics
such as Bei Qian Jin Yao Fang and Sun Si Miao has given us a very nice fundamental few hundred
formulas while Sun Si Miao expanded them. He collected he’s the first one that collected
so many formulas. This main text listed about 4500 herbal formulas. The enormity is amazing
and the supplement another 2,000 Add these both together you’re talking about 6,500
formula collection this is the biggest collection of formulas since the classics. Is a milestone.
aAnd he summarized really what happened in the pre Tang Dynasty medicine in China. And
he talked about how there are other besides an opal block is not readable book it’s
really kind of like the therapeutic book. And he actually talked about the 13 measures
to keep good health which is he claims the action of touching hair, rolling eyes, walking,
shaking head. Doing some of these actually warm up exercise we do at Yo San University
that we shake and we you know touch your body and we massage your body and he really laid
a very strong foundation on qigong practices. So it’s a milestone not only in herbal medicine
but also in the understanding of prevention of illness and not the least. He really is
the one that actually gave us the Chinese Hippocratic Oath. From the first chapter of
the main text he says “a great physician should not pay attention to status wealth
or age neither should he question whether the particular person it’s attractive or
unattractive. Whether he’s the enemy or friend whether he’s uneducated or educated
he should meet everyone on equal ground he should always act as if he were thinking of
his close relatives. Hard to do but that’s what he requires his students that’s what
he believes. All the Taoist medicine physicians all the TCM physicians must adhere to this
very high standard. And that created the first Hippocratic Oath of TCM. Now he’s given
us five major contributions if you look through his works. One the emphasis on ethics as we
just talked about and cultivation of character not just the body but the character. And he
has and he actually elaborated on the new understanding new understanding of Shang Han
Lun. And he expended on the whole area miscellaneous disease well which we know in the old days
we’ve got really two types: either you have infectious disease or you have non infectious
disease. So the Infectious Disease was classified under Shang Han. Non-infectious disease classify
under Jin Yi so he spend a lot. To a huge way we’re because later on not every disease
is caused by infection. So we spent a lot of time collecting formulas and expend it
on the theories and understanding of miscellaneous disease. And his fourth contributions is it
is his collection of these herbal formulas I mean 6400 herbal formulas huge enormous
he provided such a treasure trove. To all the doctors later have been able to use the
formulas on the condition that they may know now know what to do with he was able to provide
that and not the least that he emphasized on prevention and the whole concept of Yang
Shen. Yang Shen literal translation means nourishing life. Okay treasuring life nourishing
life. History of potential prevent illnesses and strengthen your body so you can live long
the whole concept is something that he believed in. Even this is a time where there’s still
a lot of diseases but he believed besides disease we have to look at that. In ethics
and character cultivation he believed that the patient’s care is important that we
must follow the physicians oath. We must calm Spirit we must anchor subjectivity we must
be objective we must be compassionate give equal treatment to all patients. With our
colleagues we should never boast of self and never damage other people’s reputations
and not the least always learn from other people there’s always something you can
learn from others. And in your work behavior you must be cautious careful but decisive
you must be flexible but focused. You must have deep thoughts but the thoughts must be
also broad. sweet Sun Si Miao once said that when I study teaching for 3 years I realize
I have formulas for every disease when I’m a student. But when I really start seeing
patients for 3 years I realize I have no perfect formula for each disease. So he is wonderful
in the sense that he’s telling us. Disease can be complicated and we must always be cautious
and we must always spend time to study and really deepen ourselves so we can have a better
understanding of what we can do to help patients more. The second contribution is a contribution
to Shang Han. His contribution he revitalized of someone it’s a big deal. Because later
on you know some of this time in that time Shang Han Lun was lost and when you comes
back. It was very difficult we to difficulty some loss or chapters so he was able to put
them together pull together. And he actually translated and focused on three main category
of formulas. Gui Zhi Tang Ma Huang Tang, and Gui Shi Gao Cao which really helps are the
later physician to study. The other contributions is to miscellaneous diseases he begin to categorize
disease into classification into Five Zang Six Fu Organ differentiation. This is when
he is stoppage the foundation for the Zang Fu differentiation school for the doctrine
of I’s a Doctrine later so we’ll talk about that later. He also elaborated discussion
on cholera jaundice. Xiao Ke which is diabetes Lin syndrome which is urinary tract infections
and kidney problems edema emphysema, stroke and chronic fatigue conditions. Add these
contribution to collecting formulas with us again this book 4500 formulas 2000 in the
supplement book mostly his own clinical experience. Also he talked about the importance of combining
food and Herb together. For example lamb soup while we callDu Zhong soup for the treatment
of postpartum back pain. So you would take the lamb and you will cook with du zhong zhi
yuan wu wei zu xi xin ren sheng ho puo chuan xiong earth when you combine together. What
to use what deficiency after labor for cold Ambien. And lower back pain in wind attack
also lung pain with as mine cop so he talks about how you know this when you combine the
food and the herb together can give a very unique strategic. Necklace indigestion. He
also create a some new formula was very useful even to today such as to 14 Sandtown this
is 214 san tong as you know is commonly used for kidney deficiency back pain. This formula
has Duke wall Son season 2. Yoshi Sushi Ginger and food in Rockaway. And Cindy Brunson dancehall
tank Way by song. And this is a very frequently used B syndrome formulation. He also emphasized
on prevention in Yang Xin. in Yang Xin people leave in a cultivation of care. We need to
learn how to calm the emotions and learn to be positive they are 10 essential areas of
correlational talk about controlling your spirit. Controlling your Chi balance your
body Dao yin understand your conversations. Your food and drink look at balance in your
food and drinks sex customs medicine understand your contradictions. Contra understand your
contraindications and look at forbidden items for the now they make sense he also talked
about 12 less. Less thinking less scheming less Desiring less conflicting. Less excitation
less talking less worrying last happy. Less Joy less anger less good less bad then your
life is going to be. So soundly you talk about a balance of emotions and that’s actually
very important for mental health so he already started that time on teaching the later doctors
on how to have that. He believed very strongly of regular exercise self massage. And the
five animal dao yin exercise later on this part of a qi gong. He also believed in strongly
nutritional healing Less meat last fat more cook vegetables at you talk about avoiding
raw vegetables rice spoil Foods. Avoid binging he encourages less food and more meals eat
only when you’re hungry and drink only when you’re thirsty use food to treat first.
For herbs so don’t automatically herbs see if they’re showing thing food can take care
of. Use animal thyroid glands to treat goiter problems, he is a genius because animal thyroid
has some thyroxine and that can be used to treat thyroid thyroxine deficiency conditions
in human. Use animal liver for night blindness that’s a vitamin A treatment use soy azuki
beans and black beans for gout for example. So he’s got some very useful things in food
and both herbal medicine for diseases. And then he talked about quote of any mid life
so again mid life is 50 and above. And of course this is something that wonderful because
this is when you are able to cultivate and strengthen and do things in your midlife that’s.
You can live a longer. Often and you can prevent illnesses first thing is to make sure that
you don’t over consume your yang energy. Second you should prevent the consumption
of yang energy by making sure you don’t get sick often by the 6 pathogen and 7 emotions.
Do not force things by this point you understand there’s anything you can force but there
certain thing you just have to let it be. And careful with excessive tastes don’t
always go for strong taste go for more balanced taste not too salty not too sweet not too
sour for exmple. Maintain not cold Not warm and not full so what I means is always give
yourself a little room when you eat a meal make sure you have a little room. When you
have certain warmth make sure you add you have a little cold so that you are not always
too warm so it motivates you yang energy motive in your energy okay. Encourage the use of
cow milk he actually is not against dairy he believed dairy product can actually be
nourishing if you use properly don’t overdo it he encouraged food treatment first before
Medicine usage. And he believed in monitoring emotions for depression is probably the first
place besides the Huang di Nei Jing discuss about the importance. Watching emotions especially.
So in summary Taoist Medicine evolved from religious healing to Medicine focused on the
disease prevention nutrition and cultivation of character. Contribution to TCM is enormous
and especially in the area of food therapy healthy aging and chronic illnesses. So what
does the modern-day Taoist physician look like. well this is someone who practice TCM
with a strong focus on prevention and longevity. Who is an avid practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan
martial arts Qi Gong or other exercise and meditate. Have interest and understand in
the practice of aging feng shui and astrology and Taoist philosophy. He or she understands
the Ecology of a person’s life and so that he understand how each environment whether
its a physical environment or emotional environment. Or human relationship environment that’s
the Ecology of the environment. But in fact a person’s health and Life Soul you must
practice medicine according to that you ecology take that into consideration and not the least
aTaoist physician believes and practices self cultivation he asked a question what can I
contribute to the world. Thank you very much for listening.

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