What is the best steam inhaler to have? 2018 review of the top 5 steam inhalers

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before we start if you would like a
sneak peek at the list today check out the description below in today’s video
we will be looking at the five best steam inhalers the fifth position is
bagged by the Veridian steam inhaler and beauty mask the Veridian health care
steam inhaler and beauty mask is a safe and effective therapy to relieve allergy
bronchitis cold flu and more symptoms this steam inhaler includes a beauty
mask for aromatherapy and facial treatments Caribbean inhaler has
variable steam adjustment settings with most therapies lasting six to nine
minutes the Veridian inhaler is easy to clean this steam inhaler includes the
inhaler unit face mask Beauty mask measuring cup and a detailed guide book at number four we have the Vicks
personal steam inhaler the vie 1200 Vicks
electric personal steam inhaler comes with a compact plastic hood that fits
snugly around your face to deliver direct steam relief the adjustable
control lets you choose the amount of steam that rises up into the hood this
small inhaler is compact for easy storage or travel to work or abroad and
has dual voltage for use anywhere in the world the number three pick on the list is the
my pure mist handheld steam inhaler my pure mist reinvented Steam delivery by
creating an instant fine mist that penetrates deep into your sinuses nose
and throat for superb relief the steam delivery is direct and targeted so
maximum humidity is delivered directly to the nose sinuses and throat right
where you need it the most it’s soothing steam penetrates into the upper
respiratory system to provide fast symptom relief the Mabus personal steam
inhaler and vaporizer secures the second position today
this stylish steam inhaler helps you take control of your cold flu or allergy
symptoms while adding a sleep touch to any room start breathing easier in
minutes by inhaling the warm soothing mist protect your health without harmful
side effects by using this natural form of therapy at the first signs of
congestion easily control the amount of steam and the size of the particles by
adjusting them to your symptoms and the top product on our list at
number one is the van Kerr handheld steam inhaler it is lightweight and
compact and has all the basic features for receiving inhalation treatments it
is helpful for patients suffering from bronchitis asthma emphysema and other
lung problems it releases cool mist instead of hot steam making it ideal for
all ages it also has two airflow control systems moreover you can use ordinary or
distilled water with this nebulizer depending on the prescription of your
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