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Be Blessed by the Divine Radhakrishna, this is a video for you What is the difference between food and Kundalini
energy? There are five types of energy that come to
us Food is the primary source of energy Fruits, vegetables, millets, pulses, etc Due to old habits, evolutionary habits Humans also eat animal products. In the last 50-60 years, research has shown Animal foods are not good for human beings It is the No.1 reason for all health problems. Whole food, plant-based diet is the correct
way to eat food Live healthily, long and prosperous. The second form of energy is water It is about two-thirds of our body It is a vital source of energy. Drink as much water as you require throughout
the day When you are thirsty, drink water. The third is heat energy Two forms of heat energy come to us One is atomic fission energy from the center
of the earth The other is the radiation from Sun’s rays
that keep us warm on earth. Try and spend time in the garden Expose your skin to as much as possible for
the sun’s radiation for 45 minutes a day Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are two sources
of energy That is absolutely important for us to survive
on earth Any deficiency in these two can lead to madness
or death. Fourth source of energy is air Breathe slowly and deeply Do not stop breathing after inhalation or
exhalation Learn to breathe as slowly as possible Breathe as deeply as possible To expand the capacity of your lungs Soak your blood in oxygen Without oxygen, we cannot survive on this
planet. The Fifth and the most important source of
energy is Akash or Ether energy Which forms part of our Kundalini energy By meditating, we are able to create a feedback
loop and retain and store A higher amount of ether energy in our system. Due to earth’s rotation, our body, being
a heavier element Is drawn towards the center of the earth. Kundalini Shakthi, being a lighter element
is Thrown away from the center of the earth Constantly, we lose life-force particles. By doing Kundalini meditation, we create a
feedback loop And we retain vital Kundalini Shakthi back
in our system Which will increase our spiritual energy Which will also power our body Power our mind Help us to reach perfection in our life-time. Every source of five sources is necessary
for us to survive on the planet No single source is a substitute for the other
source Even if you are a great practitioner of Kundalini
meditation. However, due to the continuous practice of
Kundalini meditation You will be able to reduce The amount of food, water, heat, and air that
you need to consume In order to live healthy, strong, fresh, and
energetic Remember that you can only do your kundalini
practice If you have sufficient air, heat, water, nutritious
food in your body According to your body’s requirements from
time to time. Be Blessed by the Divine I hope the video helps you to understand the
different layers of food necessary How Kundalini Shakthi will help you to succeed
in your life Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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  1. So true, since my kundalini started rising I feel great and am not needing as much sleep, water, or food. Definetely helps though to maintain your other energies up and feel even better.

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