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What is the symptom of high cholesterol? When you are 20 years old, you should undergo
regular health checkups and have a normal cholesterol level.
It is important to make sure that there are no serious health risks. Cholesterol is a type of fat present in all
cells of the body and is necessary for the body to function normally. The liver produces
most of the cholesterol, but it is also taken from food. Bile acids necessary for digestion are made
from cholesterol, and they also play a role in producing sex hormones and thyroid hormones
. However, it is harmful to the body when cholesterol
does not work properly because many organs need it. One of the biggest problems with cholesterol
is that many people who ignore unless something happens because clear symptoms do not appear
easily even if the cholesterol level is high. If high cholesterol lasts for a long time,
it may contribute to serious diseases of the liver and circulatory organ. When cholesterol and other lipids accumulate
in the arterial wall, high blood cholesterol increases the risk of arteriosclerosis as
it inhibits proper blood circulation . Learn the symptoms you should be aware of
through this video to recognize the risk of cholesterol and the difficulty noticing that
you are at risk. Symptoms of high cholesterol. As I mentioned earlier, as an adult, it may
be said that everyone should receive a medical examination that includes blood tests to check
cholesterol levels. In many cases, it takes time for symptoms
due to high cholesterol to appear, and because it becomes difficult to control when symptoms
appear, it is important to notice early. At this stage, it is difficult to judge without
undergoing blood tests if exposed to the risk of high cholesterol, experts associate specific
symptoms with high cholesterol. I feel heavy and pain around my liver and
gall bladder . Dry mouse with bad breath.
Some of the stomach feels heavy, part of the digestive process is accompanied with difficulties
(especially when you eat high fat food). Yawning after meals, gas, indigestion.
The intestine does not work normally and tends to constipate.
After dinner, I get drowsy quickly. Urticaria or itching.
Headache or migraine. The sense of balance goes wrong or dizziness.
Inflammation and numbness of limbs . An abnormality in the visual field.
Palpitations when performing physical activity. Many of these symptoms tend to be overlooked
as common physical symptoms that appear accidentally. If you do not keep these in mind as being
unrelated to the cholesterol level, it may worsen to a more severe level and may damage
the body. However, it can be prevented by taking simple
blood tests or practicing some healthy lifestyle practices to naturally improve cholesterol
and liver function . To control cholesterol at home. In order to lower high cholesterol level,
it is often necessary to control with medicine, but it is important to refrain as much as
possible the following high fat – high calorie foods with or without medication . Salted meat.
Red meat. Commercial cooked meat.
Fast food. Cake or sweet bread.
processed food. Cream (dairy products are raw materials).
butter. mayonnaise.
Egg yolk. Instead of these foods, let’s take healthy,
nutritious foods such as the following for daily diet. Fresh fruits.
Vegetables. beans.
Whole grain cereals. Low-fat dairy products (such as yoghurt).
Olive oil. Low-fat meat (eg chicken breast).
Lean fish and salmon. Seeds foods such as chia seeds and linseeds.
It may be necessary to review the recipe. Avoid foods such as fried food, bake in an
oven , boil, etc. Main dishes without oil. Also, to keep the cholesterol level normal,
improvement of lifestyle becomes important. High cholesterol levels do not immediately
affect health, but in the long run the health risk increases and gradually changes the body,
which in turn will also contribute to serious diseases. Be careful!

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