What Moves You – Fabio Wibmer & the V-Class

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I don’t really know why I do these things. I think it’s just the adrenaline you get when you do something which you’re scared of. I always love having a handlebar in my hands and having two wheels below me. When I’m driving through the city, I get inspired by so many things. That I always need to find new places. Yeah, it’s just a big playground everywhere for me. I love travelling around and seeing all these different places. But sometimes it’s not just about doing more scary stuff. Sometimes it’s more about being creative
and trying to think a little bit differently to others. This feeling of landing a trick which no one has ever done before… …this feeling is just the best ever for me. The bike is just a part of me and… …whenever I can’t be on the bike, I’m kind of missing something.

23 thoughts on “What Moves You – Fabio Wibmer & the V-Class

  1. Mercedes unterstützt steht’s die Menschen die auf Ihrem Gebiet sowohl durch außergewöhnliche Passion, als auch unvergleichliche Exzellenz in der Umsetzung herausstechen. Es ist einfach großartig zu sehen wie über Jahrzehnte das für Sponsoring bereitgestellte Budget, konstant jenen Menschen zur Verfügung gestellt wird, denen man es auch wirklich persönlich gönnt. Man spürt einfach einen tieferen Sinn hinter dem Handeln und das gibt es einfach nur einmal. #DasBesteOderNichts #MB

  2. Through "What Moves You," Mercedes has been able to recognise as well as channelize so many of the great talents on planet Earth. Thank you so very much Fabio Wibmer and Mercedes-Benz for this unconditional inspiration!

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