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  1. Raw milk, raw cheese , raw dairy is healthy and can heal your body. The heat damages the protein and fats and fat – soluable vitamins, meaning that the vitamins travel with and in and through fats, and causes health problems. It is the heat and processing and use of synthetic vitamins that causes problems, not the dairy food itself.

  2. Thanks i was watching this and my neighbour came in and we watched this together now our whole village has watched this video and they all appreciate the dairy free lifestyle 🥰

  3. Americans do tend to add there bad pasteurised neutered cheese to everything. I think unpasteurised cheeses pass through the body better.

  4. Isa 55 : 1 [Niv] bible .Whole milk grass fed not ultra pasteurized is like the healthiest food you can consume from a goat , sheep or cow which hardly any Americans consume .

  5. Nonsense Cheese in itself is low carb and healthy.
    Pizza is not healthy because of carbs.Saturated fat is healthy .
    Why do animals gorge on fruit ? to fatten up before winter.
    Sugar that the liver cannot use is stored as fat. This is propaganda.
    Go on a Carnivore diet high in fat you lose weight and improve muscle mass.
    Fiber has never been shown to be helpful in humans,and can in fact damage the gut lining.
    Plants are not your friend ,Oxylates ,lectins,Phytic acid .I have cured my own diverticulitis ,by removing plants and grains.

  6. I just finished watching this whole speech and I am just so glad I did, I learned so much more and I already thought I knew a lot. So glad people in the world are here to help others find the truth, even if it is hard!

  7. I was diagnosed with high-grade, stage-three urothelial cancer in my kidney last year. The kidney had to be removed, and a series of chemo was prescribed for me afterwards. My oncologist said that if I didn't get the chemo, "You will die". I knew how damaging chemo can be, and I honestly didn't feel strong enough to go through it. I thought to myself, "there has to be another way". After doing a lot of research, I saw that many cancer patients had stopped or "cured" their cancer by eating a thoughtful vegan diet. 7 months later, I'm still cancer free and feel better than ever. Go vegan!

  8. The Australian Heart Association just re-endorsed full fat dairy products sighting new research. How do you get the real facts?

  9. Whats dangerous is…..millions of people actually believing this shit. Wake up….Our grandparents all ate meat and dairy, life expectancy is not higher, but lower now. Its a world wide agenda being pushed by the elite right now, this nonsense that meat is bad….Veganism is being pushed and its not good. THIS VIDEO IS PROPAGANDA.

  10. I thought some fats were good for the body like olive oil and ghee. I am confusion lol!!!!😐 My traditional keto diet is turned upside down.

  11. I went Keto. I eat a lot of cheese and butter. (Dutch people historically do.) I don't drink milk cause of the lactose=sugar. I lost a lot of weight and my bloodwork(BG, Cholestrol, etc) and bloodpressure are better than ever!

  12. I will be 1 billion percent honest i had rheumatoid arthritis when i was young mabey 9 or 10 and i grew playing baseball very healthy this was outa no where i was diagnosed they did everything i was a lab rat hated it and couldnt walk at times bu I went to Mexico so a guy who is like a doctor looks at your eyes sees the veins in your eyes he told me I was locking fibers in potassium give me some powders and mix them with water two weeks later I could walk fine honestly if I do have dairy products now and since then it's been in very small quantities and I haven't drank milk since I used to love chocolate milk strawberry milk then we don't drink that straight and then pick you up about what dairy products I eat

  13. nah it's not soda alone, it's the sugar and where they put it in everywhere in all foods. cut down sugar and it did wonder for me. just saying i live in a cheese loving nation and we're a rather healthy compared to other countries

  14. I love it I had a very personal sickness that kept me in the house for about a year. All the drs. and meaningful friends said eat fruits and vegetables. I finally met a dr who said eat plenty of whole grain bread and drink Metamucil and I am now finally on the road to recovery.thank you dr at corrector surgery.

  15. R U kidding? I just had the most delicious milk chocolate drink with REAL MILK and it's my one a week treat! Everything in Moderation is the best advice for fun and happy living! And that includes good free range farm raised meat too! YUM

    Why All Humans Need to Eat Meat for Health | Breaking Muscle

    Meat protein provides all of the essential amino acids human bodies need. People who don’t eat meat are especially vulnerable to neurotransmitter imbalances, which can result in problems like depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

    Author: Kadya Araki

  16. What an awesome video….I felt so much better after I gave up 🧀. So many people are supersized on cheese and dairy 😩

  17. Real cheese don't make you fat. Sugar does. If you're Vegan plants have very little sugar in it. Fruits have fiber and you get full alot faster eating whole fruits. There is nothing wrong with eating cheese. There is something wrong with eating "Cheese Pizza" First they aren't using real cheese. Second, it's the carbs from the pizza that's killing you. Carbs break down into sugar which turns to fat. You can eat way more carbs before feeling full than fats. So the info he presents is misconstrued if you don't know anything about nutrition and how the body works.

  18. My level of milk addiction depends on the number of Oreos in the house. My obsession with washing down the last Oreo in the bag (or row) with just the right amount of milk often leads to refilling the glass or starting a new row. I did this mindlessly when I was a kid (and Mom bought the milk). Now at least I know I have a problem. But is it the milk or is it the Oreos. I am so confused. I called The Borden Center for Dairy Dependent, by dialing (800) call-Besy, but I kept hanging up on the first moo.

  19. Let me simplify: Drink Do It Yourself “Milk:”
    fill a glass pitcher with a gallon of tap water. Stick it in the refrigerator. Wait several hours. When you want milk, use the zero fat, zero sodium, “milk” in the glass pitcher. In 4 days you will no longer miss the Oreos. In 4 months your blood pressure will normalize. In s year you will weigh significantly less.

  20. I'm a vegan SDA and 62, we've had this health message since 1901, nice to see someone is paying attention, cheese is poison and should never be eaten.https://amazingdiscoveries.tv/media/169/304-udderly-amazing/

  21. Stop eating refined sugars, dairy, and hybridized wheat and your health will change dramatically. Also, if you have to eat meat only eat organic/grass fed (no antibiotics added)

  22. Vegans are no more and no less healthier than omnivores. You can be healthy either way.
    The problem with veganism is their erroneous belief that they are doing stock animals a favor, when in fact they are their greatest threat to they survival.
    Stock animals have only one single purpose in life. To be food and fertilizer. They arent pets and would not last in the wild (in fact feral pigs are an environmental disaster). So in order to have a vegan world the mass slaughter of food stock animals would have to happen, unless you're all willing to adopt a cow and stick it in your backyard.
    Meanwhile studies show that the best chance to avert climate change is to reclaim deserts into pastureland for cattle. Pastures absorb 1.5 tons of CO2 per acre per year. Slaughter all those cows and we lose our best chance to survive
    Save the world, save the cows. EAT MORE MEAT

  23. dairy caused me breathing issues which affected my teeth [scientific fact] and thus ended up needing braces/wisdom tooth extractions……these massive industries would diminish significantly with proper diet. oh and im also a dentist being mocked by specialists whose income/ego depends on misinformation and abuse of people.

  24. So sad about the calves being separated from their mom and then being fed milk substitute, and the moms crying for their calves!:(:(:(. I don't drink milk thank goodness! I stopped completely, just in getting healthier, but I'm also half Asian and milk never set well in my stomach. My mom (Asian) also stopped. I much prefer almond milk, coconut milk or cashew milk!!

  25. Really want to know and need more explanations of vegan for the babies and toddler, teenager,what about their iron, our pediatrician nutrition consultant says that proteins from plant is not dissolved in the body rapidly as from animals.that's made me sad exactly,coz i want to let my kids and my family to be vegetarian

  26. I am a retired fitness trainer, and I want to add to this that you cannot force your body to burn fat by not eating carbs. If you are active and working out or doing hard physical labor for example, your body cannot burn fat fast enough to meet your energy requirements. They reason is that fat is burned through a long, drawn out process called beta oxidation. So, if the body can’t reach it’s energy requirements from enough carbs, it burns protein… in the form of lean muscle. With less muscle, your metabolism drops and you get fatter. With this being said, eat good carbs from whole food sources throughout the day, but toward evening, eat more protein and less carbs. You burn fat when you sit around doing nothing or when you’re sleeping, so that is the time to reduce carbs. As for cheese and other dairy… it’s from milk which is made by cows for cows… not us!

  27. The government perpetuates lies and promotes an unhealthy diet that makes us sick because they want us to die before we can get social security and Medicare. They also try to convince minorities and women that they should eat things that are not healthy for them. Go figure!

  28. https://www.nationalasthma.org.au/living-with-asthma/resources/patients-carers/factsheets/dairy-productsin support of his claim in the video: the advice on dairy for asthma sufferers is written by no other than… the Dairy Australia trade organisation. No wonder they will not look into diet issues more seriously. For further information on any of our resources, visit www.dairyaustralia.com.au/nutr... or call our consumer line on 1800 817 736. This brochure may be photocopied for non-profit or non-commercial applications. Dairy Australia ABN 60 105 227 987 Level 5, IBM Tower, 60 City Road, Southbank Victoria 3006 Australia ©Dairy Australia January 2015. DA0435

  29. This guy must be receiving a good pay to talk shit about certain types of food! Where I can get a gig like that? I guess i'm going to have an ice cold glass of cow milk. And i'm going to drop it with two cookies. Cookies made of real eggs right from a dirty ass hole of a chicken that lives inside an old shitty and smelly corral. And also contains some milk…, and fat too! Human race is just a gullible mass of hypocrite bullshit.

  30. eat sugar don't eat sugar eat meat dont eat meat eat cheese dont eat cheese. eat fat dont eat fat. take statins dont take statin eat carbs dont eat carbs. I could pull my hair out. did he mention lectins? NO.. thats a whole nother show. stay tooned if you live that long.

  31. Fermented dairy products (yogurt, kefir etc.) prevents heart disease.


  32. Please stop on the cheese. I'm raw no salt, but looking at your stringy gooey cheese is not something I want to do. That's what I get for watching a vegan video.

  33. Adventist are a religious cult putting out vegan propaganda and misinformation. Take this talk with a grain of salt as there is a lot of nonsense spewed.

  34. I, on this 19th day of September 2019, do solemnly vow to never touch any animal-based food again, and live as a vegan for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Neal Barnard.


  36. So you do realize that abortion is not vegan and Dr Bernard is pro life right? So all you leftists Progressive types can add the pro life view to your new vegan life style!

  37. I tunnel out a Velveeta brick then pack it with bacon and blood sausage. ladle it with pork gravy. Top it off with Cheez Whiz. Then use tallow and butter for dipping sauce.

  38. This doctor is so full of shit. Hes not counting all the added sugar in processed foods (it's literally in all of them) hes only counting soda consumption? What a joke. Fat doesnt make you fat. AND BREAD MOST CERTAINLY MAKES YOU FAT BECAUSE ITS TREATED AS SUGAR IN THE BODY.

    Dont listen to this guy. Hes obviously not up to date on the most current research surrounding dietary fat.

  39. even if i am already vegan i have to say 2 things: i was NEARLY a vegan for about 10 yrs but… yeah CHEESE…. second: thanks to humble and bright minds as Dr Barnard spreading the truth to the open world. THANK YOU!!!!!


    More confusion for the general public. This guy reeks of a counter intelligence propaganda agent!

    I'm willing to discuss this with anyone who is willing to do so in a civil manner.

  41. Since going lchf I am down 20 pounds (147-149, male 5'5"). I thrive on beef. I am trying a 30-day experiment to see what happens when I drop dairy. As a person who develops kidney stones like they are going out of style, I could never live off of vegetables alone. Too many oxalites. Drop the plants and 0 stones.

  42. This is the best dairy lecture I've seen, especially for showing to beginners, or people who eat dairy/animal products and who aren't educated on it. It's simple, clear, easy to follow, covers every issue (love how it includes the ethical side). Love it! ❤️

  43. I have several family members who can't have dairy anymore because drinking milk and eating cheese literally destroyed their digestion.

    I've been vegan for 2 months, and have never felt healthier.

  44. I’ve watched multiple doctors with totally different opinions on this. Carbs are bad, fat is bad. I’m sick of the confusion. I now eat dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, seed oil free and I’m also allergic to night shades. There’s no way I’m giving up meat. And I’ve switched to goats milk and cheese. I’m tired of all the fads. This has made me feel the best I’ve ever felt and believe me I’ve tried being vegan for two years and I got really sick. I was NOT a junk food vegan. And btw where was his stats on low carb and no carb eaters like paleo or keto eaters. NO WHERE.

  45. I’ve been eating the plant based way since Monday and I already feel more mental clarity. Can’t wait to see how much better I feel in a month!

  46. I gave up cheese for 2 weeks and never lost a pound. I gave up grilled cheese sandwiches for one month, never lost a pound. Whatever. Grilled cheese is my favorite breakfast and I see no reason to stop.

  47. Enlightening speech, if you manage to subtitle it for different languages would help us spreading this valuable information.

    Neal Barnard is one of the most professional doctors I've seen, actually doing research and promoting health through lifestyle instead of piling you up with medicine. WTG

    If you could subtitle these docs into different languages that would helpl spreading the information.

    Best regards

  48. Want to be really healthy?…..cut out all wheat products, all sugar and all types of pasta…..eat as much fatty meats, eggs, vegetables, rock salt and cheese as you like and you will see a complete change in your body. You will have an abundance of energy and your health will improve unbelievably. This is unfortunately very expensive and beyond the reach of most people.

  49. I do not believe a word he is saying people like him just confuse people with their stories, they also frrighten people with big words that many have never herd before as far as i'm concern they are no better than the people they're condeming they are all.corupt

  50. Vegan sucks who wants to eat veggies all the time
    I can't because of IBD
    I'm going with the moderation like I always do and fine

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