What To Do When Someone Is Choking – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

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If you think an adult or child is choking,
ask them ‘Are you choking?’ Cough it out. If they are coughing, encourage
them to continue as they may be able to remove the obstruction. If they are unable to speak or cough they
need your help straight away. If coughing doesn’t work, slap it out. Support
their upper body with one hand and help them to bend forward. Use the heel of your other hand to give up
to five sharp back blows between their shoulder blades. Then check to see if there’s anything in
their mouth, if there is, tell them to pick it out. If back blows don’t work, try giving up
to five abdominal thrusts. Squeeze it out. To give abdominal thrusts,
stand behind them. Put your arms around them and link your hands
between their tummy button and bottom of their chest. Clench your lower hand in a fist. Grasp your fist with your other hand and pull
sharply inwards and upwards. Repeat up to 5 times. Check their mouth. If they are still choking call 999/112 for
emergency help, use a speaker phone if you can. Keep repeating the 5 back blows and 5 abdominal
thrusts until the blockage clears or help arrives. If they become unresponsive, open the airway
and check their breathing. If they are not breathing normally, start
CPR. So remember, if someone is choking:
Cough it out Slap it out,
Squeeze it out, If it has not cleared, call 999/112 for emergency
help. Keep repeating the cycle. Start CPR if they become unresponsive. And that’s how we treat choking. If this video has been helpful to you, help
support St John Ambulance by going to sja.org.uk/donate.

23 thoughts on “What To Do When Someone Is Choking – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

  1. If you start performing CPR on an unconscious choking casualty, wouldn't the rescue breathing not work if the airway is blocked?

  2. I was so scared because I was alone with my sister and she was choking and I didn’t know what to do but then she was able to get it out coughing . From now on I need to be prepared!!!!

  3. Everyone needs to learn this kind of stuff in school, Health and life skills should be a mandatory class just like science, maths and english where students learn about home keeping, health and safety, bills and general life skills. Great video

  4. I just choked on a piece of hard bread and I couldn't breathe properly for around 16 seconds. This might be over exaggerating, but I saw death before my eyes.

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