What to take for allergies – Take honey for allergies. Winter Park Honey.

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hi, my name is Scott with winter park honey.
We’re here today at the Sarasota farmers market to talk about our allergy honey.
And one of our customers today, her name is – Lee – Lee, how long have you been taking
our honey for? I’ve actually been using it for about 6 months
now. How long did it take for it to start working
for you? I noticed an improvement within about 2 or
3 days actually. 2 or 3 days, great. Well I don’t know if you know,
but this honey has thousands of different pollen’s in it, both local regional and statewide.
So it does work pretty fast, how much do you take a day?
I usually take about 1/2 a tablespoon or so, so it lasts a long time.
Great! thank you very very much. So you guys are thinking about buying today?
Where did you hear about that? My doctor recommended it, to try to look at
honey you know? Well this is a very special local honey, It
not only has local pollen’s, but it has some of those pollen’s from all over the united
states because pollen’s can fly up to a thousand miles, and they’re really, small, like dust
in the wind. Usually, you know the pollen season I get
really bad allergies, and I had never had them before.
Thank you guys very much! that’s great!

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