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Hey it’s Jeffrey Lin. I want to do a
quick tip on identifying your chronic illness and knowing what medications you
should take one of the biggest problem I see with patients and doctors is they
think a disease with the same medical name are all the same
for example people think eczema is all the same and so they often suggest to me
what I should do or they think somebody else have what I have but there are
thousands of variations just within you know the eczema category and that’s
usually what people get confused about even doctors I think doctors kind of
purvey that kind of make that worse because that’s usually when a patient
first hears about their disease or diagnosis and a lot of times a diagnosis
isn’t really a diagnosis it’s just like a more specific identification of the
symptom but to correctly deal with your illness and find the medications that
work or even holistic diets that work you have to correctly identify what the
root cause is not just what it’s showing up as which is the disease or eczema or
allergies a lot of times those are just a manifestation what the the actual
problem is showing up as that’s not the actual problem that you’re trying to
solve wait okay now from the beginning good
morning from Rotterdam heading out to Amsterdam in a bit but since a rain
cleared up I think I’m gonna go out for a quick bike ride looks like these are
the bike sharing bikes that I’m trying to scan and rent the wind is super
strong. Hey!, It’s Jeffrey Lin and welcome back to my channel where I’m talking
about living with multiple chronic illnesses for me it’s severe eczema
asthma and allergies it’s a triple immune combination that I don’t think
anybody else on earth Billy has as severe as me research doctors have told
me that my eczema is probably like the top three most severe and also allergies
is right up there super off the charts with all the allergy tests that they
can’t even really test for how severe I am so that’s kind of where I’m coming
from and on this channel I do a lot of like chronic illness hacks that I’ve
just had to develop for myself for the years just because doctors and medical
science really haven’t really caught up or there are very many doctors that know
how to deal with situations like this and I’m just trying to share my
experiences and kind of help you with that and see if you can use some of
experiences about it God instead of having to like lift through that and
figure that out all for yourself the problem most patients and doctors have
is incorrectly identifying what the root problem is that usually just stop at
what the symptoms are so if you have a very dry cracked scaly skin a really
rubbery skin they just call it eczema obviously there’s scientific things to
look for but really most diagnoses are just symptoms of what’s showing up and
it’s not the real cause for example just putting on a lot of steroid medication
to calm down your skin doesn’t actually solve the eczema problem it’s just
masking it temporarily and then the steroids will cause damage to skin so
eventually your skin actually gets worse your excellent gets worse that’s where
the topical steroid withdrawal comes from it’s improper use of steroids
trying to calm down the inflammation in the skin that’s a wrong approach
steroids in general are pretty good at calming down inflammation temporarily so
for normal person who doesn’t have severe eczema or any other severe
chronic illness steroids are a good choice for getting them over a critical
stage so it doesn’t turn into a full-blown emergency or a crisis but for
people with severe eczema where your skin’s already damaged a using steroids
whether if it’s prednisone that you’re taking through the mouth or all this
using on the skin steroid creams on the skin it’s just gonna damage your skin
even more and make it impossible almost impossible for the skin to recover from
and with this last a little bit of pillow and the strong winds blowing it’s
just out of breath so another example of this is the severity or intensity of
your disease somebody with very mild eczema or very mild allergies or very
mild asthma shouldn’t be treated the same as somebody with like a medium
level and definitely not the same as somebody with very severe allergies or
eczema or asthma just because the things that that
person reacts you is different and a lot of the medications that works on the
basic level won’t work when you’re at a very critical very severe level so for
severity often times God give it as a different disease you gotta
use medications that you wouldn’t use these for me because my allergies and
eczema are so severe none of the typical allergy medications or eczema
medications even did a thing even had a dent it’s like throwing a speck of sand
at a train it’s not even going to notice that that you took that medication just
because it is so weak compared to you in this example it will be the Train is is
the chronic illness and the speck of sand is the medication so the speck of
sand is just like a very basic medication that works for most people
but against a moving train it’s not going to do anything so for me like I
have to take the immunosuppressants which is a very strong hammer that
knocks down my whole new system to calm down my allergies and eczema and asthma
and usually these kind of medication are super toxic very few doctors are willing
to prescribe it some are even used for chemotherapy or for transplant patients
at a very severe level and even for them they only use it for a couple months
whereas I’ve used it for many years and they say you know using
immunosuppressive for like more than three three months or a year it’s pretty
deadly you probably be dead by then but I survived for eleven years so there’s
just a lot of nuance and little details when you really get into trying to
identify your illness and what kind of treatments that is the right
application and usually doctors as well as patients don’t have the patience and
the critical thinking to think about things in such detailed manner like a
case by case and even moment by moment cause it did the disease progressive
change over times and it gets better sometimes gets worse and you got a shift
so if your disease is really severe but if she started getting better me you
got to get off of those very severe medications and switch to the basic ones
that didn’t work before and a lot of people are afraid to make that jump
because they’re afraid that their disease will flare up and get worse
again which is possible but you can’t use a very strong medication for a
improving disease you know one more thing to think about is complexity if
your disease has a lot of the symptoms that is usually associated with it or
when you look it up like Web MD or other medical sites if you have a lot of those
symptoms or for example if your immune reactions allergies asthma
react to a lot more things than most people then your condition is probably a
lot more complex and probably different as somebody who only reacts to you one
or two things so for example food allergies is just like the basic you
know peanuts or even a wheat you know that’s one kind that’s quite basic you
know it’s a look like a step up from having a runny nose or sneezy a lot but
it’s still quite basic I mean it’s basic compared to you like
when I have a reaction it’s if there’s seafood cooking about a mile away and
I’m inside a car with windows rolled up also have a reaction that’s like a
difference of severity as well as a number of things that I react to you
everything I’ve been tested for I’m allergic to like literally there’s
nothing on the planet that’s not just allergic but also toxically allergic so
you just got to compare the complexity and the scale of your reactions and deal
with your condition accordingly one last thing to consider about
correctly identify and diagnose your two chronic illness and knowing what
medications to take is seeing if your condition is connected with any other
illness if you have multiple illnesses like me it’s not the same as if each of
those are separate conditions for example my multiple immune illnesses are
allergies asthma and eczema but for like the first 25 26 years of my life all the
doctors only try to treat my eczema because that’s what they saw because
physically obvious and we didn’t connected together that it was at its
core an immune overreaction to everything that shows up as eczema all
the skin and as asthma from breathing and as allergies both internally with a
gut and inflammation and also just like breaking out and you know typical
allergy stuff so when you have multiple illnesses and they interact together you
can’t treat it as if they were separate there the body is one fixed system that
overlaps and all of each disease kind of feeds into each other so even if it’s
not the same disease at its foundation like mine is the body’s chemicals and
signals and even just a nervous system that connects all the parts of the body
are interrelated so when you have one disease that gets out of control it’s
going to wear down your body and your body has a hard time fighting any other
illnesses that you have and that might be why one condition leads to several
other conditions but you can’t just treat it as there were individual
problems because that doesn’t work sometimes they’ll help to you if you’re
able to get one under control then the other ones would improve sort of like
when my eczema improved a lot from taking depicts and then my allergies and
other inflammations came down a bit because
there the eczema and allergies are all occur because the body is having
inflammations in different areas so for the skin eczema is inflammation of the
skin and for allergies and inflammation of your gut your sinus or even your
nervous system but that’s what you’re dealing with is multiple systems all 12
things exactly together you can think of it like if you only work for yourself
it’s a lot simpler than if you’re working in a company with 5000 people
where there’s multiple parts at multiple levels of organization you know multiple
departments you got deal with you got deal with your a co-worker that’s right
next to you but you also got to deal with your bosses you got to deal with
the bosses in other department cause may be deal with co-workers in other
countries it gets very complex and the body is that complex all right guys
thanks for watching my name is Jeffrey Lin if you found this video helpful
please hit the subscribe button and also share it with anyone you know that’s
suffering and how you have hard time figuring out how to deal with their
illness and if you’re suffering through some of these same things or if you have
any questions leave leave a comment below and I will answer every single one
of them you

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