What’s Going Around: Allergies

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Welcome to What’s Going Around a weekly panel discussion where moms share candid stories about health issues their
families have encountered. Well sometimes it seems like allergy season is year
round here in Florida but as we head towards the fall, triggers like mold and
ragweed go into full-blown misery mode You guys have kids with allergies, right?
You’ve experienced this, it is sad. — We just did our annual allergy appointment where
they both had the panels done on their back to see what they’re allergic to and —
That’s hard — It’s a whole bribe day. So then you get the report of all the
things they’re allergic to and it’s crazy just how many things we’re exposed
to here and how sick it can make them. So I didn’t know what it was I just figured
it was a common cold. — Yeah — So my daughter had a runny nose for weeks I thought
it’s just gonna go away and then it came back and I was like what is this? — We have a huge oak tree in our backyard and you know the dog brings everything in and so
we had been instructed if you can remove the carpet from the bedroom you
know put like these special sheets on the bedding underneath the casing I
guess — Cover the pillows, yeah — And you know, how much do you love your dog? I’m like no, I’m not getting rid of my dog ever! Know what I mean? — Treating symptoms and loving up on the little allergy
sufferers in your home is probably the best medicine from moms. But Centra Care doctors also recommend looking out for more severe symptoms like tingly or numb mouth, swelling, wheezing nauseousness or a rash. That’s
when you definitely need to seek a medical professional.

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