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What’s the saying with Orbit gum? Something British? I don’t know. This is one of my favorite bags. There’s a lot of stuff in it, mostly junk. And today I’m going to spill it. One of my favorite bags because my grandmother
bought me it. It has these big handles so when I’m walking
around I can fit my whole arm under it. I got it probably four years ago. It was my first real big designer bag. It’s kind of my prized possession. I’ve always had an obsession with Céline
bags. I don’t know what it was about them but
I always thought they look like they have a little face on them. Ok so enough talking about the bag, I’m
going to show you all the junk that I keep inside of it. Hopefully nothing’s too embarrassing in
there. So the first thing in my bag is my wallet. I have had this wallet since I was fourteen. My dad got it for me for my birthday. My mom always yells at me because I keep so
many coins in my wallet and she’s like “Your wallet weighs fifty pounds you have to throw
some coins away.” These are the wet brushes that you can just
get at CVS that has a bunch of hair in it which is really gross. Little trick that I always use is I put my
hair ties around my brush because whenever you can’t find a hair tie it’s really
annoying to dig through your entire bag. These are my car keys and it has this emoji
sticker on the back of it because this is the emoji that my best friend is in my phone. My little keychain that my friend got me. It’s a Supreme keychain with a little seahorse. Funny story, when I was younger I found a
little seahorse washed up on the beach and I thought that I could save it and I threw
it in the pool and I was like “Oh it can swim” but it was dead. I still have it in my room,
this little cute seahorse, and that sounds really disgusting but it’s cute if you see
it. This thing I have is a little bottle of Advil. I’m always just sick so I carry this around
whenever my throat starts to hurt. Next thing I have is my Johnson’s Face Care
Makeup Be-Gone Refreshing Wipes. You never know when you’re going to need
to take your makeup off and I take my makeup off all the time. If I’m just chilling out anywhere I always
take my makeup off because I don’t like sitting in makeup. To go along with the makeup wipes I have these
pads that I literally carry around with me twenty-four seven. I use them every night. Lifesaver. Next thing I have is some really sexy awesome
Mucinex. As you can hear, my voice is not normally
like this. I am very sick at the moment and it sucks
because I’m kinda consistantly sick. It’s very rare that I’m not sick. This book. This is called Writer’s Block. A friend gave it to me. I love to read. I think it helps my brain work. Inhaler, because I am always sick like I’ve
said thirty times. I think I’m sick all the time because I
travel so much and I don’t really take care of my health. I’m not the kind of person that’s going and taking vitamin C every day. I kind of eat cheeseburgers. My favorite thing in my bag I think. This is my perfume. This is Le Labo perfume. Ah, it smells so good. This is my makeup bag that is extremely full. Bronzer brush. Some MAC bronzer. You’re gonna be amazed with how much makeup
I fit in this little thing. Then I have some tampons because you never
know, being a girl. Never know. My sunglasses. Matrix vibes. I feel cool in these even though they don’t
cover my eyes at all. And the very last thing that I have in my
bag is of course my trusty headphones. Kind of always what I have on the go with
me because when I get my nails done or when I’m in the studio and trying to get inspiration
I just always plug my headphones in and I also just use them if I don’t want to talk
to somebody. You just, you know, pretend like I’m listening
to music even if there’s nothing on. Tip from a friend. These are never going to be untangled. This is everything that I carry around in
my bag with me. Woah that’s a lot lighter without everything
in it. I hope you learned a little bit about me and
I showed you how much of an unorganized weirdo I am. Ok guys thank you so much for watching. To subscribe to Refinery29 click right here
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100 thoughts on “What’s In Madison Beer’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

  1. omg y’all i think she meant PUT THE COINS AWAY smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
    she prob just accidentally said throw them away meaning out of the wallet

  2. When i was like 7 and i found out what tampons where i cried to my mom saying i don't want tampons😂😌

  3. Hmmmm. Stop spending cash on designer bags – stand to understand why you keep getting sick all the time. Poor immunity

  4. Ok so she "pops in" her earbuds when shes getting her nails done? I feel like that's kinda rude, I always talk to the lady doing my nails.

  5. That is a salbutamol asthma inhaler. She has asthma, she's "always sick", but she wears chemical perfume?!?!?!? Breathing that crap in all day long? No wonder you're sick, sunshine!!!

  6. BUT…..

    how did she not break her makeup when she was pouring things out of her bag?????????????????????????????

  7. mkay i see aot of ppl complaining how she's rich and can afford to throw away coins but she litt has a bag full of cvs products, LOL

  8. All the videos from this channel have hair bobbles on their brushes it's like celebrites are copying each other.

  9. 1. keeps the corpse of a dead seahorse in her room?
    2. throws away… coins? (just donate them to me)
    3. uses Johnson's (I know this was before the incident lol)

  10. so many jealous people here.. she is sick that’s why her voice is like that (she also saod a few times that she is often sick). Woth throwing away coins it’s probably meant to put them somewhere else or change in a bank for bills.

  11. I’m asthmatic so I need to have a puffer or I could actually go to hospital if I don’t use the puffer every night even in winter

  12. wow why is everyone being so mean to her over coins djfjfhdhbd and a busted chanel wallet? i expected ppl to be like “omg she’s so humble😍😍” but instead ur saying that she’s spoiled whilst shes literally carrying around a stained chanel wallet. mento ewness

  13. She is so beautiful and gorgeous like she is everyone’s goal but I don’t understand what exactly she is famous for can someone please explain this to me is she famous for singing is she famous because your parents were famous explain this to me please

  14. Can y’all stop hating on her? I see nothing wrong with her. And plus she stated she’s sick ya guys clearly just watch 1 minutemof the video then just write a comment

  15. By telling throw the coins away she means to by something to get rid of them (sorry for bad English and please stop hating) love you Madison keep going❣️

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