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When is maybe it’s time the doctor might decide, all right we need to get you into the hospital, you need to actually stay in the hospital, so Dr. Barrocas maybe you can tell us about, when it’s hospitalization actually necessary for someone suffering from pneumonia? —Well we have various criteria, it depends on a couple of things. One is age so anyone over 65 is considered for hospitalization, however they have to have other criteria including but not limited to confusion an increased respiratory rate, so you’re breathing faster, way faster, or your blood pressures are lower than normal. So those are criteria that we use to admit someone into the hospital.— Okay and once they are there, as far as the treatments go I know you you’ve both mentioned that you know you don’t treat viral infections with an antibiotic, but if you’re in the hospital what kind of treatment might you be receiving ? is it you know intravenous fluids or what might be happening if you’re actually going to be in the hospital for a couple of days because you have pneumonia ?— Yes. Well it definitely depends on the kind of pneumonia because there are different types, but mostly people get IV antibiotics and their nebulization treatments to kind of help with the breathing situation. Antipyretics like Tylenol or ibuprofen as needed to help with the any fevers that might develop. Cough medication to help with the coughing. So it’s just a lot of symptomatic treatments and definitely the antibiotics targeted towards the infection of the pneumonia.— Additionally will provide with oxygen, it depends on how severe their symptoms are. Sometimes we’ll do it via nasal cannula, other times we’ll use something called a venting mask which just delivers quite a bit more oxygen and will go all the way in terms of the non-invasive ventilation to help expand the lungs, or even intubation if it’s severe enough. In addition to that, we would use bronchodilators. Basically it’s nebulizer treatments that open up the airway and of course we’ll always treat the chronic health conditions. Including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, will sometimes have a success of wheezing because there’s already inflammation and those in that bronchial tree and therefore we’ll we’ll add a steroid IV which will help quite a bit.

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