When should I go to the emergency room (ER)? – John Randolph Medical Center

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People often ask when
should they go to the ER. And I think that one of the
main things that we see, is when people have any sort
of life-threatening emergency, or anything that they perceive
to be a life-threatening emergency. In addition, we
want to make sure that anybody who has
chest pain, anybody that’s having difficulty
breathing, maybe having some sort of
allergic reaction, or has some sort of
symptoms of weakness, or slurring of
speech, or something that may suggest that
they’re having a stroke, it’s very important
for those people to be immediately checked out. And that’s when we really want
to use the emergency room. Obviously, people also in
motor vehicle accidents will go to the emergency
room, but most of that is related to the
emergency crews that are on site to determine who
needs to go to the emergency room, and who doesn’t need
to go to the emergency room.

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