When Should Someone Go to the ER for an Asthma Attack? – Natalie Shum, MD – Emergency Medicine

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– Asthma attacks are very common, especially in the summer. We have a lot of flowers blooming, a lot of pollen in the
air, so there’s a lot of asthma exacerbations
with summer colds as well. I think most asthmatics know how to treat their asthma, the early signs, at home. If you’ve never been
diagnosed with asthma, or your child has never been diagnosed, and your child’s showing
signs of audible wheezing, excessive coughing at night, a cold that’s not getting better, any
kind of shortness of breath. Any increased work of
breathing with children, oftentimes you’ll see
their stomachs pumping, their nose flaring, and you know they’re, you can just see physically, they’re working harder to breathe. So, in the event of any of those symptoms, that child or that patient should be brought to the ER so we can treat. In terms of an asthmatic patient, if you’ve tried your nebulizer at home, maybe you’ve tried steroids
with your primary care doctor, you can’t get in to see
your primary care doctor, you should be coming
to the emergency room, so that we can evaluate and treat.

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