When to Apply Essential Oils: Breathe Better with a Congestion-Clearing Rub.

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(peaceful music) – Hi, welcome to Aromahead
Institute’s YouTube channel. I’m Andrea Butje and the
blend that I wanna make for you is a recipe that I call Breathe, and it has jojoba as its base, or vanilla jojoba, whichever you prefer, and then I have four essential oils that go in it. And all four of these oils are great if there’s any sinus congestion, if you’re just stuffy, if you have a cold, this is a great blend. And we’re gonna use this
blend as a chest rub, and an upper back rub and, you know, you can rub it, like, on
the back of your neck, it’s so relieving. So, this is a two-ounce bottle, 60 mL, and we’re gonna fill it pretty much all the way with jojoba. And I’m gonna leave a little
room for the essential oil. I love having a whole gallon of jojoba with a pump like this ’cause
it’s so easy for blending. Alright, so we’re gonna
have 10 drops of elemi. And if you’re not familiar with elemi, it’s definitely a great oil to check out. It’s a resin oil, just like
frankincense and myrrh, except it has this black-peppery, lemony aroma to it, and it’s beautiful, and very much will open up your sinuses and help calm congestion, calm allergies. So, we’re gonna put 10 drops in. Okay. There’s, one more, 10, okay. And I really, I love this oil and it’s kind of a little less well-known, so I’m really excited
to tell you about it. And then, frankincense, and frankincense is going
to open up your breath, but also, if there’s
any headache associated with this cold or with the allergies, frankincense is really gonna
be a good friend to you. And we’ll put 10 drops in. Okay. And then, we’re gonna add myrrh, and I love myrrh. It’s so soothing and so nourishing, and also is known to really
open up your breathing and calm down a cough, calm down a headache. It’s really great. So, we’re gonna put
five drops of myrrh in. It’s a little thicker, so it comes out a little more slowly, which can be kinda nice when you’re trying to count drops. And then, I’m gonna put in cedarwood. And I always think of cedarwood
as incredibly nourishing and a wonderful respiratory oil, very soothing respiratory oil, and great for helping
to reduce congestion. So, we’ll put in five drops of cedarwood. Cedarwood is really a beautiful balance to the other oils, so
this smells fantastic and if you’re sick, I think
you’ll really appreciate having this around. I might suggest making some and just leaving it around for the winter so that you have it on hand in case you do get sick, and then, as I mentioned earlier, I would just rub it on my chest, I would rub it on my upper back, on my throat and neck. You could rub it anywhere that feels, that feels nourishing to you. On your shoulders, and it should really help. Alright, see you soon. Take care, buh-bye.

20 thoughts on “When to Apply Essential Oils: Breathe Better with a Congestion-Clearing Rub.

  1. I just ran out of Myrrh. ::cries::. Could Opoponax sub for myrrh? Or any other suggestion would be great!

  2. Great video and recipe. I will give it a try. Thank you Andrea. You are a wonderful teacher. I have shared it in two essential oils groups.

  3. I have only a few essential oils, they are…Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Wintergreen, Clove, and PeppermintWhat would you use for horrible sinus headache and upper back and chest soreness? Thank you for this wonderful post 🙂

  4. Dear Andrea, I love your channel and all the effort and passion you put in it, your videos are calming, soothing and absolutely inspiring.

    I will definitely try out your recipe and I cannot wait to get Elemi essential oil since I love the resins.

    Also I am thinking to add just a tiny amount of Cajeput oil due to its breathing-benefits.

    Have a nice day and greetings from lovely Kyoto in Japan, city of sandalwood, hinoki & agarwood.

  5. I absolutely love this recipe, I blended it exactly as you are explaining it in the video and it turns out to be fantastic, so soothing and rejuvenating! Everybody should try it out.

    I also made another one with your recipe but I added Cajeput oil and Scotch Pine to it and I liked it too.

  6. thanks so much for sharing this recipe … just started learning about essential oils and allergy season here so I was looking for a DIY rub to use @ nite for congestion … look forward to future video lessons

  7. Would it be okay to apply multiple times a day? Just made this recipe and using oils for the first time to try to help with congestion that I've been dealing with for a very long time. I hope this helps!

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