16 thoughts on “When to Apply Essential Oils: Give Your Kids Nightime Allergy Relief

  1. will this work for adults also ??? . i have everything here to make this . no wonder why when i have used lavender n cedarwood in the past together i feel better but when i wear straight patchouli uncut dark n aged i feel at my best . do you maybe know the reason for the patchouli having this effect on me ? two thumbs up n great video as always.

  2. Andrea, this blend sounds lovely! Question: how can you tell if aloe vera gel goes bad? I have some but have not been storing in the refrigerator. Now I'm worried it may no longer be good.

  3. Love these videos, but I have a question. hasn't ceder wood oil been linked to nightmares in children was I told wrong?

  4. plastic is a big no no for oils. specially quality oils. plastic is toxic and breaks down into our blend when putting into a plastic container. but yes beautiful mix…. 😁

  5. I just went to a herbal store and they were telling me to be very careful about these oil‘s because it could burn a child’s skin especially on his chest. Is that true?

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