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Hi beautiful welcome to or back to my
channel today I wanted to share a quick video on the topic of when to have a herbal bath or spiritual bath and if you don’t know what that is I have a
whole other video detailing it from start to finish which I will link in the
cards for you so go and check that out But i got a lot of questions on that video and
one of the most common ones was when to have a herbal bath so that’s what I’m going to
touch on today and as always if you like this video please give it a thumbs up in
terms of when to have a herbal bath there is really no set time of day that
you need to do it anytime is fine I personally choose to do mine in the
evenings just because it’s dark outside and then I can turn off the bathroom
light, light a candle and really set the ambience and it’s more intimate and
romantic and special you know but you can do it any time of day I would
definitely definitely advise to do it at a time when your house is going to be
quiet and peaceful the more important thing is to not exceed a maximum of 4
times a month or once a week just because these baths are really strong and
potent they’re full of salt and herbs and you don’t want to be irritating your
skin or anything like that so no more than four times a month and I would say
the best time to do it is on a new or full moon to prepare yourself for your
moon ritual and I have a whole other video talking all about that which I
will link in the cards for you so go and check that out another great time to
have a herbal bath is when you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious
these baths are very cleansing and very relaxing so if you feel one day that you
need some extra energetic cleansing or some extra physical cleansing maybe if you’ve
been ill and you want to kind of detox anything left over out of you another
great time to have a herbal bath is after sexual intercourse to again detox
and purify your body make sure you’re clearing away any residue energy I
definitely recommend having a herbal bath any time you’re going to do any
kind of work with spirit or ritual or anything spiritual because again it
cleanses your energy and it kind of just resets you and puts you in the zone and
just whenever you feel like you want an extra
dose of self love and self care you know when you come out of these baths you feel
so refreshed and like you’re wrapped in this bubble of self love it’s a truly
truly amazing feeling that’s why I don’t stop talking about them if you just want
to feel good you know these are a great way to take care of yourself and make
yourself feel wonderful the most important thing to remember is not to
exceed four times a month and the most powerful times to do it would be on a
new moon and a full moon I hope that helps and until the next one I wish you
health wealth and high vibrations

15 thoughts on “WHEN TO HAVE A HERBAL BATH (Spiritual Bath) | Jade Valentine

  1. How often do you take herbal baths? 🤔 If you haven’t seen it, check out my video on HOW to take herbal baths here: https://youtu.be/ZeXyKVoB8sc

  2. Gurl! these days i just feel like i need someone to snatch my entire soul, shake it out like a dusty blanket and put it back in and ill be all set to go cthu. Great video tho. I wish i could have that bathroom with that beautiful view!

  3. Great video. I  love it .Just joined the family. Stop by to show support.  Support back would be awesome tfs

  4. I couldn't consider one at any other time than just before bed, I always feel so relaxed, I often just wrap myself up in towels and crawl into bed, they are so cleansing – love them.

  5. Hi dear your herbal bath video is too good,,
    I left your home and invited me to come home, if you want to join me on Facebook I will see your playlist.

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