When Vaping Goes Wrong

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Number 5 Simah Herman
18-year-old Simah Herman was one of the victims of a violent lung disease outbreak which we’ll
explore in depth, further down our list. Doctors determined that vaping had been the
root cause of her illness, as it had been the case for several hundred people since
the spring of 2019. Herman had been vaping regularly for two years
and had used a variety of devices and flavors. She’d reportedly take a hit every 15 minutes
and spent the money she made babysitting on vaping products. Her health gradually deteriorated and she
lost over 50 pounds. She had problems with her appetite and was
feeling nauseous but it never occurred to her that vaping was responsible for her symptoms. Then, in August, her health broke down completely. Her lungs failed and she was rushed to the
hospital. She spent 48 hours in a medically-induced
coma and was put on a ventilator to aid her breathing. Fortunately, Herman awoke on August the 29th. Within seconds of coming to, and with the
breathing tube still down her throat, the teenager posted a picture of her online holding
up a handwritten sign. It said “I want to start a no vaping campaign”. The teenager’s initiative was met with resistance
by the online vape community. Some even claimed that she was a “fake patient”
hired by Big Tobacco. Nevertheless, others, even celebrities, supported
Herman’s efforts of raising awareness about the dangers of vaping. What Is It? Vaping refers to the act of using an electronic
cigarette as a way of simulating conventional smoking. It doesn’t involve burning tobacco but still
maintains some of the behavioral aspects of smoking, such as inhalation and the hand-to-mouth
action. Instead of smoke, e-cigarette users inhale
aerosol, which is commonly called vapor. E-cigarette designs will typically include
a mouthpiece, a battery and a liquid storage area as well as a heating element and a microprocessor. Unlike the traditional combustion of tobacco,
the battery-powered vaporizer has a heating element that atomizes the liquid solution. The mixture most often contains nicotine in
liquid form as well as glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and other ingredients. Because e-cigarettes aren’t regulated in
many countries, the contents of the e-liquid may change often. It may include harmful substances that are
unknown or undisclosed to the user. Most people who start vaping are motivated
by a desire to give up smoking, believing it to be a safer alternative to cigarettes. Others do it for recreational purposes or
as a way to circumvent smoke-free laws. There have been numerous studies on the dangers
and benefits of vaping, but an overall conclusion hasn’t been reached. Even though they’re marketed and generally
regarded as safer than traditional cigarettes, vaping devices as a whole still have dangerous
aspects to them. There’ve been several incidents of malfunctioning
and exploding e-cigarettes as well as health complications that have been linked to vaping. Number 4 Leor Dematov
In April 2016, Leor Dematov suffered a cut to his cornea and severe damage to his hands
in a vaping-related incident at a mall in Brooklyn, New York City. The 14-year-old was at Kings Plaza mall, when
one of the workers from a vaping kiosk offered him a device to try out. According to the laws in place at the time,
selling an e-cigarette to Dematov would’ve been illegal since he was a minor. The vendor showed the teenager various models
and then gave him a device to hold in his hands. As Dematov was holding the vape pen, which
was connected to the store’s battery, it exploded. The teenager was taken to the emergency room. He’d suffered potentially permanent damage
to his hands and was blinded in his left eye. According to the teen’s doctors it was still
possible, in time, for him to recover his sight. Since he’d been illegally targeted by a
vendor, Dematov’s father expressed plans to sue. One of the staff members from Plaza Vapes
said they were aware of the incident but the store’s management refused to comment. Where Is It Located? The earliest e-cigarette patent can be traced
to American Herbert A. Gilbert. In 1963, he designed a “smokeless non-tobacco
cigarette”. It didn’t involve the use of nicotine and
produced flavored steam. Although similar in design to today’s devices,
it didn’t receive much attention since smoking was still widely popular at the time. It was Chinese pharmacist and inventor Hon
Lik, who designed the first commercially successful e-cigarette, in 2003. Since the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes,
in the mid-2000s, vaping across the globe has risen exponentially. There are hundreds of brands and the global
sales figure in 2014 alone was around $7 billion. Approximately 95% of all e-cigarettes are
made in China. As of the making of this video, China also
has the highest number of e-cigarette users. When compared to the rest of the world, vaping
is more common in the US and Europe. As of 2018, more than 10 million people worldwide
vape daily. Vaping among adolescents has steadily increased
since e-cigarettes were first introduced. Regulating and legislating e-cigarettes around
the world has been challenging and that’s mainly because they overlap with existing
medical drug policies and tobacco laws. As such, some countries have no regulation
whatsoever, while others have chosen to ban e-cigarettes completely. Brazil, Singapore, India and Uruguay fall
into the latter category. In Japan, these devices are illegal so the
market uses heat-not-burn tobacco products as an alternative to smoking. In the EU, there’s been tighter regulation
in recent years which limits advertising and also reduces the amount of nicotine and flavors
used in liquids. As of the making of this video, in most EU
states, the purchaser of an e-cigarette needs to be 18 or older. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration
federal agency has extended its power to include e-cigarettes, the liquid they use and all
other associated products. In countries where vaping is legal, it’s
typically prohibited on public transportation but allowed in other public places. Number 3 Joseph Cavins
In 2016, California-native Joseph Cavins was the victim of a horrifying accident that left
him disfigured for life. The 63-year-old was vaping at home while working
on his computer. At one point, Cavins sat the vape pen down
and went to retrieve a pen from a bookshelf. That’s when the device violently exploded,
sending pieces of shrapnel 9 feet high into the ceiling and starting a fire. All that Cavins remembered of the incident
was feeling like he’d been struck in the side of the head. Pieces of the exploding device struck him
in the face, damaging his eye and facial bones. His wife extinguished the fire then took Cavins
to the hospital. His eye had been obliterated and eventually
had to be taken out and replaced with a prosthetic. For the rest of his life, Cavins would have
to wear an eyepatch. The rest of the injuries on his face were
treated and would only leave behind minor scars. One expert commented on the incident and argued
that the battery was most likely to blame. The device was manufactured cheaply and in
a dirty environment so intrusive particles most likely got into the battery itself, making
it more susceptible to overheating and exploding. Chargers were another cited issue since most
of them don’t have safety mechanisms to prevent overheating. Today’s video was requested by Emma Santana,
if you have any other topics you’d like to learn about subscribe and let us know in
the comments section below. How Will It Kill You? There are numerous aspects to consider when
it comes to the potentially harmful effects of e-cigarettes. It’s already well-established that tobacco
smoking wreaks havoc on overall health. While there is some indication that vaping
helps smokers quit, it’s still not proven to be more or less effective than conventional
cessation methods such as nicotine patches. Dual use is a frequent occurrence, where people
start vaping but still continue to smoke traditional cigarettes. This may enhance the negative effects from
both practices. Although generally viewed as safer than smoking,
the risks associated with vaping are also plentiful. One of the most striking is related to severe
device malfunctions which can cause fires or explosions. Design flaws, increased battery temperature
or unsuitable chargers can lead to explosions. Should the device be in the user’s mouth
at the time, the impact can be devastating and result in broken teeth, torn tissue or
even death. There’s also a danger, particularly for
small children, of ingesting or touching the e-liquid. It can result in nicotine poisoning, which
can be fatal. Even in the absence of such incidents, second-hand
inhalation may still affect the health of children. There are still many unknowns about vaping
and the long-term effect it has on health. Harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or
carbonyl compounds can be inadvertently produced when the heating elements reacts with the
liquid. Vapor, in some cases, has been found to contain
heavy metals, toxicants and carcinogens. The ubiquitous issue is that the full contents
of e-liquid are rarely disclosed and therefore its cytotoxic potential is unknown. Therefore, vapor can contain toxic chemicals
not found in tobacco smoke. However, severe adverse events, including
death are reportedly low and typically less serious than with tobacco smoke. Still, some of the health issue may include
headaches, blurry vision, vomiting, nausea, coughing or abdominal pain. Severe adverse reaction may come in the form
of chest pain, disorientation, seizure or hypotension. The overall problems associated with nicotine
addiction are still a significant concern. The presence of nicotine still holds gateway
potential towards other drugs and, ironically, smoking tobacco as well. Number 2 William Brown
24-year-old William Brown lost his life in January, 2019, when a vaping device exploded
in his face. The Texas native decided to try vaping and
bought an e-cigarette from a store called Smoke & Vape DZ, in North Fort Worth. According to his grandmother, Brown was told
that the specific vape pen would help with his asthma. After purchasing the device, he tried it out
in his car. As he turned it on, the vape pen instantly
overheated and exploded. Shrapnel was sent into Brown’s neck and
severed his left carotid artery. Brown crawled onto the sidewalk, trying to
get help, prior to collapsing. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital,
where he was pronounced dead two days later. According to the medical examiner, the cause
of death had been “penetrating trauma from exploding vaporizer pen”. Investigators suspected that the explosion
had been caused by a faulty battery. One staff member from the vape store claimed
that Brown hadn’t bought the device there. How to Survive? There’s a worldwide vaping community and
the practice has the type of mass appeal that could challenge the market position of combustible
tobacco. However, global regulation efforts on vaping
are still ongoing. There are still certain approaches towards
increasing individual safety. Higher temperatures basically allow for more
chemical reactions to take place so try using a temperature control mod. Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl may provide
flavor, but they’re also know to damage lungs so avoid them to minimize risks. Smoking unflavored e-liquid is actually an
even better approach since it’s not yet clear which chemical compounds pose the greatest
risks. Some recommend using higher nicotine doses
and vaping less as well as limiting the amount of actual inhalation. Blowing large clouds of vapor is known in
the community as “cloud chasing”. The negative health implications of e-cigarettes
are still being studied, so it’s best to inhale less until more is known. Don’t “dry burn” coils, meaning don’t
activate them without the presence of e-liquid. When doing this, temperatures can rise to
nearly 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. This can affect the structural integrity of
the metal and release more of it into the vapor. Study a device properly prior to purchasing
it and make sure you buy from a trusted manufacturer that’s already well-established in the market. Even if it may end up costing more, it’s
a device that you’ll likely use daily and one that impacts health, so it’s arguably
worth it. The same precautions should be taken when
buying e-liquid. Making your own E-cigarettes or liquid should
be done after extensive research to limit potential toxicity or device malfunction. Number 1 2019 Lung Disease Outbreak
In 2019, a severe lung disease outbreak affected vapers all over the US. It started out in April and the first states
to be affected were Illinois and Wisconsin. Prior to the outbreak in the US, similar incidents
of vaping-related lung disorders had been reported in Japan and the UK. Doctors in the US claimed that some of the
victims’ lungs looked like they’d been through chemical warfare. The injuries reportedly resembled those of
mustard gas victims from World War I. Most of them were males with ages between
18 and 34. As of December 17, 2019, the death toll was
placed at 54, with victims hailing from 27 states. Over 2,500 cases of hospitalization had been
reported across the country. The CDC responded to the crisis and cited
chemical exposure as the probable cause. The majority of samples tested out by the
FDA in their investigation were identified as containing tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive
component in cannabis. Most of the lung fluid samples also tested
positive for vitamin E acetate. Research has found that, when inhaled, the
synthetic compound can disrupt normal lung function. The vape oils had been diluted by thickening
agents to bulk up the potency of vape cartridges. While vitamin E acetate is the most likely
culprit found so far, officials haven’t ruled out other chemicals and toxicants as
possible causes. The e-cigarette industry blamed the lung injuries
on illicit vaping liquids. The CDC recommended that people avoid buying
vaping products on the street and to refrain from using THC oil. As of the making of this video, efforts are
still being made to contain the crisis. Thanks for watching! Would you rather have a vape pen explode in
your mouth or get kicked in the face by The Rock? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. …meanwhile cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals most of which are carcinogenic. Big tobacco does not have to disclose the process or chemicals used in the production of cigarettes. Tobacco has been linked to millions of deaths over the last decade alone.

    Vaping is a complex hobby but it is not rocket science. If you are not over 18 or you do not know what your doing stay away. Every case of an exploding battery was from an unregulated mech mod not a "vape pen". A mech mod is unregulated which means there is no chip inside the vape to regulate voltage. This means that the resistance of the coil cannot exceed the amperage of the battery. The fact is you are more likely to die from a exploding laptop or cell phone battery. Look it up and do your own research.
    Unlike big tobacco, vape juice manufacturers actually do care and try to make there product as safe as possible. They are constantly testing and improving there products. Unlike big tobacco, e juice companies DO disclose the chemicals and processes used in manufacturing. If you are buying shitty gas station juice or prefilled pods from China, well, what the hell do you expect???
    ALL of the vaping injuries in 2019 were from vitamin E acetate which was used as cutter in illegal black market THC cartridges. Just another reason cannabis should be legal. I've had my medical card for 2 years now in PA and all of the cannabis products are PURE and SAFE. Science proves that cannabis can stop cancer cells from metastasis and there are many other health benefits. Blame the government for making these products that people want and need illegal, thereby creating the black market that they say is the problem.
    Dry herb vaporizers use entirely different technology. There are no oils to atomize and the herbs are heated just hot enough to release vapor. The vapor is also a different composition than that of an oil based vape. Some dry herb vapes are butane powered and do not even use a battery or electricity. The fact is vaping is much, much safer than smoking. It is about harm reduction. Dry herb vapes are better for your health than Coke or Pepsi. By making flavors and hardware illegal, the governments are complicit in any other vaping accidents that happen. It is clear to me just how far the reach of big tobacco money can go…

  2. My tips for surviving,

    1. If you don't smoke don't start vaping.

    2. If you must vape then buy from reputable shops and use regulated legit liquids

    3. Get a proper charger, I use a Nitecore x4 for my batteries

    4. Buy a decent device, spend good money on it, learn it inside out especially how to clean and maintain it.

    5. Keep your device clean, it will give a better vape and prevent nasties tainting your vapour that could make you sick, also looking after your batteries, replacing or rewrapping them if they show signs of damage.

  3. Vaping has, and was, never invented/created to be used and or abused as many are doing. The vap was designed to help those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. From nicotine patchs to the vap they are all about a tempory "fix" to relieve or block out the craving of wanting to smoke. Over excess will have serious consequences on your health. Commom sense should dictate your actions. However, with vaping? Vaping can and will become your new habit if over used. Yes, you may have changed one habit for another, but as goes for smoking an excess of a number of cigarettes when compared to the equal hits of a vap? Eventually the vap becomes the new norm, but will never give you the mental pleasure of actually smoking. I smoke and have tried many products to quit, and failed. I did vap, but also still smoke. When it became apparent to myself that I was combining both the vap and cigarette usage to the point that I would have been actively/technically smoking more nicotine than my usual habit? I stopped vapping altogether. I still continue to smoke cigarettes, however, am gradually cutting down on the amount smoked on a daily basis. Will I ever have the "WILL POWER" to totally quit. I can honestly say, no. I will continue to try cutting down even more, but some action is better than no action. Just saying. ✌

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    It's very obvious that they did little to no research on the topic, and almost all of their talking points have been disproven.

    Its a not good to inhale anything that isn't the air, of course, but vaping is safer than smoking for a variety of reasons. If you're really worried about the dangerous of smoking/vaping, just don't do it. I don't recommend anyone smoked ANYTHING.

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  13. People thought I was being a prude, when E-cigarettes came , I have mentioned that using hot liquids and the smoke from a battery unit would cause health issues ! Mainly a change in the cell structures in the trachea ! This not rocket science , but anatomy and physiology in humans ! The chemistry or biochemistry speaks volumes with these devices ! E-cigarettes were never tested properly and the industry's word was taken at face value ! People need to stop following what others do and do their own research ! What shines is not always pretty !

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  16. Remember Cigarettes was once considered to be not that bad or not bad at all, now we all know better. So we shouldn’t be surprised if in 2040 we’re talking about how unhealthy & bad vaping can be.

  17. School nurse here. This has become a huge problem! As well as wax pens. One kid coded 4 times and had to get an Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, 2 have fainted and one had to be sent out via ambulance. And that was this year! Somthing needs to be done.

  18. O come on stop spreading lying crap.
    People getting sick from ellegal streetvapes with vitamine E acitate.
    Stop misleading people.
    1300 people die every day from smoking in America. Every day!
    That is the big problem.
    Not vaping.
    If a smoker switch the probably have a long happy life.
    Here are real experts and the truth.


  19. Sad part is that vapers stop vaping and going back to the deadly cigarettes. And smokers keep smoking when the see this video.
    Good job!

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    How about a "no retardation" campaign?

    Oh no wait she's already failed by smoking home made vape liquid.

  30. Yes, vaping can contain bad elements, but here is what they don't know. Vaping harm is due to too high of heat! Causes good elements to change to toxins. Vaping devices are not designed to control vaping temp correctly. Water just makes it worse! Why? Because water cools the vapor down enough to condense out the remaining properly vaped elements and leave the toxins to be inhaled.

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  33. Some of the explosions that have been reported are also primarily due to modifications a user makes to their pen. Typical modifications I've seen used are aimed to increase the amount of 'smoke' they can extract and exhale, for the sake of tricks. Funny how, when their shit literally blows up in their face, everyone is shocked. That doesn't excuse malfunctions or actual problems with vaping.

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  38. Maybe you should check the CDC report as for vaping. Which by the way vaping is a verb. The little lady in your first segment was in fact using illegal black market THC vapor product which was cut with vitamin E acetate and as stated in the CDC report is what has caused all of the know Lung illness known as EVALI. Perhaps you need to do a little more research before just blurting out random topics. Actual nicotine e-liquid is not responsible for any deaths and as for other injuries those are cause by improper use of the devices. But again you obviously have not done proper research. I have plenty of real science and facts if you would like I could email them to you but I doubt you really care and I am sure this comment will get flagged and removed. So whatever keep spreading lies and Propaganda on this topic and have a good day

  39. Don't bother to point out either how the UK supports this, has actual vapor shops inside of hospitals, the entire month of October is known as stoptober where vapor equipment is given out freely to help people get off traditional combustible cigarettes, Thier health care system even helps pay for the products to help you and the Royal College of Physicians has deemed the product to be a 95% SAFER alternative to combustible cigarettes
    But just keep over looking truth and actual facts

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  42. Hullo and Hi… yes I agree there are exceptions… As my dad started to smoke from 1936 untill…Till he collapsed at ny feet one day with severve bronchitis… That was when he finally agreed to stop smoking 1996 or so… He was just darn lucky… Both him and his father smoked like chimneys… Unfortunately my grand father did'nt make it he died at 52…Of Cancer of lungs. What, my dad smoked 40/50yrs… lived till 98…. So there are exceptions.. But s smokers body is put under undue stress, As U get older… Women should never smoke…The bodies cannot handle it, its a filthy habit… And very costly… But as the saying goes all paths lead to Rome… Through smoking U will end up with some debilitating disease… In her case it was wait and see, as a result she crash out my life… Another 10yrs would have been fine at least… This is what saddens me… But O.K. Cancer is not a disease…its a condition…. The body gets itself into… There a precautions one can take, but she would not just listen to me…

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