when you have seasonal allergies

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My allergies don’t
even get that bad Like, at most it’s
like a couple sneezes I get the sniffles a little bit
It’s nothing crazy Ew You wanna do work outside?
Yeah, pfft, that’s fine Okay I’ll meet you outside
Hey, do my eyes look red? Oh, I’m not crying
it’s just allergies [about to sneeze]
Nope [about to sneeze again]
Nope [sneezes]
Finally Happy Seasonal
Allergy Season! I’m currently in my
kitchen making oatmeal But, I just wanted to
say thanks for watching this video
I would’ve recorded one that was longer
and better… but my allergies came kinda
out of left field and I was dying
If you like this video, feel free to like and comment
Subscribe! I post a lot of videos about
college, my life, whatever I want
Shoutout to all of my fellow allergy-sufferers
‘Cause we’re in this together so, Bye!

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