When Your Child Has a Severe Allergic Reaction

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We went on vacation to Brigantine New Jersey.
We were walking with her on a boardwalk and there was a gentleman who was roasting peanuts.
And they were blowing the smell of the peanuts out on the boardwalk. That was when she had
her first full-fledged anaphylactic episode. A couple of months ago he went into anaphylaxis
after drinking his older sister’s regular milk. His stomach started to hurt and then
he started to throw up. And we could hear her throat starting to close. I’m haunted
by that sound. She told me you know you need to give her the EpiPen and uh it was the hardest
thing I ever had to do. We kept second guessing ourselves but once his lip and his tongue
started swelling, we knew that was it. Yeah, that we had to give it. We had no choice.
He jabbed her with the EpiPen and uh she cried and he cried and I’ve never seen him cry it
was just awful. I cried like a baby it was uh she looked at me like No Daddy, you know
because I had to poke her with this needle. When the squad got there the guy was looking
at him and said Oh yeah he looks fine now! No, still we gotta go to the hospital,
you don’t understand. It’s just a lot of lack of knowledge is the biggest fight.

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