When Your Favorite Restaurant Makes You Sick

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(dinging) (upbeat music) (cheerful music) – Oh, yum, my favorite lunch! A big Italian sandwich with ham, salami, mortadella, from my favorite deli. – Didn’t that deli give you
food poisoning last week? – Don’t slander Nasty Val’s! I mean, yeah, last time I ate there, I spent the whole weekend
hugging and kissing my toilet, but I’ll take my chances! Where else am I gonna get a delicious and healthy lunch for just 14.99? – That’s not even that cheap. – It is for this area! – Okay, fine. Whatever. – Oh yeah. (ringing) (retching) (sobbing) (cheerful music) – What are you eating for lunch today? – Just a ham and cheese, from Nasty Val’s. I think maybe mortadella doesn’t
sit well with my stomach. – No! Tao, it’s the Nasty Val’s! – You can’t know that! – Yes, Tao! Every time you eat there,
you get sick, just admit it! – I can’t! It’d be so inconvenient
if my favorite lunch spot was poison to me. You’re not poison. (ringing) (retching) (groaning) Okay, so I think I’m lactose intolerant. So no cheese, only meat. (cheerful music) (retching) (groaning) No meat, no veggies, no cheese, just two slices of
bread, from Nasty Val’s. (cheerful music) (retching) (groaning) Just having a bag of
chips from Nasty Val’s, which I’m sure has gone
through rigorous quality– (retching) (sobbing) Don’t worry. This isn’t from Nasty Val’s. – Really? (cheerful music) – Oh wait, it is from Nasty Val’s. (retching) (sobbing) (cheerful music) – Here. If you eat another (beep) sandwich, I’m going to have you fired. Now I made extra, just eat that. – (sighs) Okay. Thank you, Katie. I can’t say no to free food. (retching) – Tao, I am so sorry that my
lunch gave you food poisoning, (Tao shivering) I really thought that all
the ingredients were fresh. – Maybe it’s because I had a Nasty Val’s (sniffs) Nasty Breakfast
Sandwich that morning. – Yeah, that’s the reason. – We can’t know that! – You look like you’re dying. – I know. I’ve been vomiting myself
to sleep every single night. (shivering) So I’m just gonna take it easy for lunch and have a ginger ale. (gasping) (slurping) (groaning) (ringing) – Tao, no! (retching) – Hey, it’s Tao.
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100 thoughts on “When Your Favorite Restaurant Makes You Sick

  1. me when i eat cereal even though i'm lactose intolerant.

    People when they already know what spicy food does to their butt.

  2. oh I get it, he gets food poisoning from a place called "nasty bowels" and he's and idiot. top notch work college humor.

  3. Reminds me of how I would always get sick if I have a certain order from my favorite take away place, everything else is fine but that particular Burger just doesn't sit well with me for some reason.

  4. There's no punchline here, practically all of the jokes are in the title alone. Come on guys, what is with the sketches recently?

  5. I think this is secretly Tao trying to lose weight by purging himself with Nasty Vals. I also got an Ad for Tao Las Vegas after this video… weird did they partner with College humor because of Tao??

  6. I'm always waiting for a turn or development in the sketch but it doesn't come. You don't get anything that's not in the title. Could have been a tweet.

  7. Never happens
    One time I get poisoned
    Never coming back again
    In addition, changing that 5 star rating to however bad I was poisoned

  8. Tbh I don't think food poising is a thing anymore. People are probably just hung over.
    No one in my family has ever gotten food poisoning so I question people who "get it regularly"

  9. If i keep eating from my nasty favourite restaurant my stomach would just be immune to the pain i feel when i go to the toilet….. it eventually would happen .. right?

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