When your flareup is worse on your BIRTHDAY! How would you feel? | Ep.240

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do you ever feel down or depressed on
special days like holidays and your birthday hey guys what’s up my name is
Jeffrey Lin. on this channel I talk about my personal journey with multiple
chronic illnesses that I’ve had all my life since birth and that’s kind of what
I’m talking about today it was my birthday earlier this week I was
basically just destroyed the whole week because it was about a hundred degrees
about 98 degrees here in Los Angeles which translate to about 37 degrees for
you guys in Celsius even though I had taken my depicts in injection a couple
days before my birthday just being in anticipation of the heat and how
horrible I do in the heat and all the extra reactions I have you know I still
got this short I didn’t get destroyed as much but I didn’t really get to enjoy it
my birthday got messages from people asking you know what I did for my
birthday or hope that I enjoy it or do something special I never do and when I
was a kid that would kind of get me down but it’s been a long long time since
that even mattered to me and so for those of you who do you get emotionally
riled up or just feel sad or down on special days or a day that you think
should out meaning this video is for you so I’m gonna roll the intro hit the
subscribe button and we’ll be right back so it was my birthday four days ago and
I basically just woke up today and I’m still having a difficult time every part
of my body hurts there’s inflammation in my joints in my back you know I’m having
hot sweats my skin super dry and my ears are teary
have a horrible migraine my kneecaps feel like they’re gonna pop there’s
other parts of my spine that is flaring up
and this is the the best day of the week I talked about how reactions can get
worse when it’s hot so if you guys want to look back at it you can find that
video but you know this week was over 9 degrees here in LA and several days
including on my birthday it was close to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit which is
about 37 38 degrees Celsius on top of that it was super dry so normally you
want humidity around 40 to 50 percent which is like a healthy level it was
under 10 and because of that and all these strong winds that blowing up dust
you know that we had even more wildfires here in the Los Angeles area and so you
know we were even afraid to open the windows but dust and pollution and
chemicals still got in so the dryness also really bothered me even though I’m
doing so well on depicts in you can’t expect a medication to save you from
jumping out of the airplane without a parachute
they’re just limitations of medications because even for normal people my
friends and family you know they were reacting in this super dry and super hot
weather there’s very few people getting by and feeling ok about this for me to
even manage to get through it that was now a couple was basically my birthday
gift people asked what I did for my birthday and I’m like I didn’t get as
destroyed as I did this time last year and I didn’t get destroyed as much as I
thought I would because I gave myself to depicts in an objection and that kind of
brings me into that my point your your birthday in special days they’re kind of
made up in the in the sense that well if you go to another country or let’s say
you’re an astronaut going to space or Mars or whatever
like what part of the Earth’s cycle around the Sun is your actual birthday
you know it’s kind of flexible and dependent you if you’re on like a lunar
calendar like for us for Chinese people lunar calendar is a complete different
calendar so my birthday would absolutely not be on October 22nd of the Western
calendar the on a different date on the lunar calendar so don’t get too tied up
with a specific day my personal feeling like what I feel on
my birthday is well I survived another year I’m still
here I’m still in the fight and I’m not like super excited I’m not looking
forward to presents or anything because that’s not my life goal that’s somebody
else’s reality that’s not mine my focus is fighting this disease fighting on
different fronts fight and when I’m feeling horrible
my focus is just hanging on and for a lot of my birth dates I you know was
either in the hospital or had pneumonia or puking up or would just really
flaring up because it’s so dry at this time of the year and just feeling like
I’m wearing a hot suit when you have really bad eczema from head to toe I
literally have X severe eczema even inside my eardrums and my nose and
everywhere but literally every single spot of my skin has eczema and also
internally so like right now there’s a lot of inflammation going on inside like
even with my lungs and chest pain and irregular heartbeat so every day for me
is basically the same I’m just fighting the same battle and trying to hold on so
I’m not living according to other people’s calendar I don’t eat cake
I’m not looking forward to cake my mom always makes me jello just
because that’s something I can tolerate with all the medication I take but I
came a B a round cake I came to smell cake without having a severe
anaphylactic reaction so I’m basically in the mindset of I’m gonna create my
own reality I’m gonna create my own special days I’m gonna create my own
celebration techniques or traditions like a cake and present our tradition
for other people but it hasn’t always been that way is not that way for every
culture and that’s what I mean when I say all these things that you’re really
grabbing on to if you’re sad on your birthday it’s only because somebody
brainwashed you saying birthdays are special or a holiday is
special or you’re supposed to get presents and when you don’t get it you
feel bad but all this stuff is made up and therefore you can make up your own
set of things to get excited about like I get excited about not suffering as
badly and I get excited about actually doing work if I’m feeling well even if
it’s my birthday if I get to work on something I enjoy or read something I
enjoy that’s a good day for me and that’s kind of what special days art
is you know being appreciative of good days so when you have made up structures
and made up days it also limits your belief which I guess it works for normal
people average people but we’re not average as I said in the previous video
having a rare disease a chronic illness actually prepares us to be Extra
Ordinary because it has a lot of the same experiences that people who have to
get through to be successful having these limited beliefs on certain days or
certain things you have to do it really creates a mint
motional prison that restricts you from doing things and those of us with
chronic illness we already have way too many restrictions so please don’t add
any more made-up restrictions to your life try to remove as many restrictions
from your life as possible so you can do more of the things that you want or at
least have a better chance of surviving a lot of like what we want is just to be
able to survive and not suffer as much alright point number two even if
birthdays and holidays are real it’s better to live as if they’re not real
you it’s better to imagine that they’re not special so yes there is calendars
that people go go with and things do happen on a certain schedule so you know
your birth record does say you were born on a certain day so in a sense those
things are real but it’s better to not put yourself again in that limiting
belief prison because if you believe these things are real then you’re
viewing them in a way that restricts you and hurts you emotionally and you want
to be good to yourself so you don’t want to do anything that’s gonna make you
suffer any more that then reality already does make you suffer you don’t
want to add any emotional or psychological or made-up emotions that’s
gonna hurt you because one of the things that really makes any kind of illness
worse is stress and so for you to get down and feel bad it’s gonna make your
condition worse so you can make your special day like I do make your special
day any day that you’re well enough to do something any day you’re able to
achieve something amazing for you don’t go with like the amazing comparison that
other people are using like grades or jobs or
something what is something that really matters for you and that really comes
down to you you understand yourself do a lot of soul-searching and figuring out
what actually matters to you and you’d be able to do that count that as your
special day so that gives you more control over basic your life so you’re
not feeling like life is so out of your control because those of us with chronic
illness so much of our lives already feel out of control and it’s constantly
in chaos and we can’t predict when we’re gonna have a flare-up and that’s why
it’s really hard to expect that you’re gonna feel on your birthday or that I’m
gonna feel well on my birthday you can’t expect things to happen
precisely and to always happen in that way and if you do you’re setting it
yourself up for failure disappointment and again that emotional pain that’s
gonna make your condition worse just remember every day is a gift it’s not
guaranteed and if you have something important or difficult to do you I mean
don’t take your special day off just because it’s your birthday or it’s your
holiday because you think you deserve it we don’t deserve any part of this life
it’s like life is so fragile it can be taken away at any moment or it’s hard to
have good days so it’s not guaranteed just because healthy people feel like
you know good days and healthy days are guaranteed doesn’t mean it actually is
and for most people sometimes throughout their life they’re gonna be very sick
and so what you see as like people thinking they deserve to feel well
that’s only one tiny speck of their life you don’t see that the times when
they’re sick and you don’t see what is coming for them in the
future point number three is just focus on your thoughts and actions that make
your life better control your life as much as you can and when you decide what
matters for you you’re more in control of your life and remove ideas and
believes that limb your life and remember there’s always one more thing
you can do it’s never hopeless unless you give up so sometimes you have to try
many many things over many years and fail countless times that’s part of the
reason why I’m posting all these YouTube videos is to show you how many
treatments I’ve tried and how 99% of the backfire and make things worse and even
my doctors are often hold me back and are scared for me to try something but
I’m like if I don’t try something there’s no chance if I try something
yeah it could backfire most of time but maybe there’s that 1% chance that I’m
gonna have a good result and that’s kind of what happened with do pixon so if I
didn’t have that belief and keep going for it then I wouldn’t be where I am
today a lot of people just give up because they have you know 5 failed
treatments or 10 fail treatments or like for me like 27 years of failed
treatments and getting worse and any part in there I could have given up but
in my mind there’s I’m just like there’s always one more thing that’s coming in
the future I just need to hang on for a little bit longer so each failure
teaches you what not to do it gets you closer to the answer so as long as you
think that there’s always one more thing you can do you have a chance and that is
really up to you so whether your life completely falls apart or whether you
have hope and whether you have a chance it’s actually up to you as chaotic
and as unpredictable as illnesses are in health and life in general whether you
have a chance or not is up you so just decide that whenever things seem
impossible just think there’s always one more thing you can do you test haven’t
thought of it or you’re still waiting for it but there is that one thing out
there and that is what all of human society is built on you know we came
from fighting the wilderness and we’re not the strongest species alive you know
fighting the elements so but humans have been able to survive in a desert in the
Arctic on the ocean again forests and anywhere in between
so if our ancestors could do that we can do so much more than we think so that’s
my birthday message to you we’ll see how I do next year hopefully this time next
year I’ll actually be able to celebrate alright guys thanks for watching my name
is Jeffrey Lin. if you’d like this video share it with
somebody you think that would need this message and comment below let me know
you stopped by let me know what your birthday is let’s check out your
horoscope and see what kind of followers I have what kind of subscribers I have
on this channel you

5 thoughts on “When your flareup is worse on your BIRTHDAY! How would you feel? | Ep.240

  1. Ever been tested for leaky gut and Candida? Consider seeing a good naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, and Chiropractor. They most likely can help your condition, instead of western medicine such as regular MDs, as they only will throw pharmaceuticals at you. Try natural holistic medicine.

  2. I am looking forward to a new medicine that will extend the dupixent il4 and il13 pathways. I forgot the names, it was 2yr ago, but I know that pharma is working on those. the only drawback I can see is that, amazingly, nobody knows exactly how the immune system works. it is involved in all chronic diseases, whether physical or mental, but nobody knows the exact mechanism of action.
    For example, how is it possible that Dupixent can impact eyes negatively? it affects il-4 and il-13 by subduing cytokines, yet in doing so can impact eyes. it is something about regulation that is peculiar. when I was involved with dermatology few years ago, I read somewhere that skin itself has its own immune system, distinct from the major immune system in the body. thus if we want to fix the problem, we must target both of these immune systems and not only one.
    if there is no major breakthrough in the next 5 years, I think that it will never be.

  3. 💜 🎁 🎂 Happy Birthday. This summer during my birthday and summer break I was in agony and losing a lot of weight because of my chrons. I hope that you can get your inflammation under control to a manageable level and fell better soon.

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