19 thoughts on “Who Should Not Use Medical Marijuana | Marijuana

  1. well he's obviously smarter than you and you're ''attacking'' him to feel better about yourself, so nobody really cares.

  2. Every time I hear medical marijuana I think that americans are geniuses of making something illegal sound like legal

  3. That is bull about schitzo's not being able to use it, that's what a strain with high cbd is for. I am one and I do it about 2 to 3 times a month. I havent flipped out and killed anybody yet. It calms me down.

  4. people who are naturally violent or have no self control should consume herb….becuz it amplify the natural state that you are already in…ergo…if your violent you smoke herb you become more violent….smart people smoke it they become smarter…stupid people smoke it they become stupider etc etc etc

  5. It is true. For whatever reason, I cannot tolerate THC. It helps for my chronic pain much better than opioids but the side effects are greater than benefits. I get dizzy, cannot move my eyes, depressed, sleepy and totally depersonalized. I don't get any high from it. I was once on suboxone and after that I cannot get high on any drugs

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