Why A Living Guru is Essential

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Without a boat, how is it possible to cross a river if one cannot swim? If one doesn’t dig, how can one retrieve
the diamond from the depths of the earth? So who will share the technique of digging? He who has dug before. He will show best the path
who has travelled that path before. And the one who wishes to go on that path, he should have GPS….
(And what is GPS? It is the Guru.) The Guru… My Guru Lord Rama’s Guru Lord Krishna’s Guru Jesus Christ’s Guru Muhammad’s Guru Everyone had a Guru. Bulleh Shah also had a Guru. Bulleh Shah was a Fakir, he made Shahji (Shah Inayat Qadiri) his Guru. He had a lot of reverence toward his Guru. Once, there was to be a
celebration at Bulleh Shah’s home, so he invited his Guru to be present. The Guru sent some of his
disciples there instead, to test him, to see how hospitable and
respectful Bulleh Shah was towards them. A lot of Shahji’s disciples went… Bulleh Shah paid scant attention to them. He accorded them no importance. He showed no respect,
extended no hospitality towards them. All the disciples, the whole group of disciples was upset. They came and reported to Shahji, “Your Grace, he ignored us completely,
I speak the truth!” one of the disciples reported. “Bulleh Shah did not abide by your wishes, He did not live up to your expectations.” Shahji said,
“What use is such a disciple to me?” There is a twist in the tale now. The disciple decides that he will
make amends and win his Guru over. He would win his Guru back
with his devotion. Shahji told him,
“Do not show me your face again!” Bulleh Shah replied, “One day I shall make YOU
lift my veil (and glimpse my face)!” Bulleh Shah discovered that Shahji loved
to watch the dance of the Kinnars. (Kinnars=singers and dancers,
transgenders by birth) So Bulleh Shah then went and
lived among the Kinnars. He started imitating their ways, singing like them, clapping like them… Thus he led a life of a Fakir, living solely on alms. One day there was an invitation from
Shahji’s home for a dance performance. Bulleh Shah also went there. He wore a veil that covered his face, and he started dancing. He danced and danced… He danced so beautifully, and Shahji was so enchanted and enticed that he rose from his seat,
went up to the dancer, and asked, “Who are you?” Bulleh Shah bowed down. “Lift your veil!” instructed Shahji Guru. “No, Your Grace, you lift it, please,”
replied Bulleh Shah. “If I were to lift my veil, I would be breaking my pledge.” Shahji then cast aside the veil
from his face and exclaimed, “Bulleh, it’s you !? You? Why…? For what…? And Bulleh Shah said, “O Guru, how I longed for a vision of You, a mere glimpse of You!” Guru Nanak Dev, after a lifetime of tapasya, sums up
the essence of his experience in one line, just one thing:>If, by getting one’s head cut off,
one is able to find a Guru, it would be the greatest deal ever. Says Mirabai>
(On the gallows is the floral bed of the Beloved) Who is the Piya (Beloved)?
It is the same Mursud, Brahma, Guru, and Allah. It is different if you have to
march to the gallows, or be crucified, in order to please the Guru. The Guru… The Guru is a boat;
he is also the boat’s paddle. The Guru is Eid;
he is the Eid’s moon as well. The Guru is Holi,
and the Guru is Diwali, He is the colour in Holi,
he is the light in Diwali. Where is the Guru not present? Only after we shed our ego can we hope
to assume the qualities of a living Guru. There is lack of love between humans. Who doesn’t wish to get Brahmagyan? But one also needs the kind of dedication
that Swami Vivekanda had, he had swallowed his Guru’s spew! The creative power, the protective power, and the destructive power… These three powers or energies are always, constantly, and continuously
present in the cosmos… in the universe… and these three powers come together
as Lord Dattatreya who incarnated as Sairam of Shirdi. A Guru. The supreme-most (Guru) of the universe… The Guru himself had to seek his Guru. His mother said, “My child, now you are
old enough to search for a Guru, I cannot give you a Guru. Why not? Because Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,
the three energies of the cosmos creative, destructive, and protective, are combined and vested in you,
so who will be your Guru? And Lord Dattatreya, or you could say,
Sairam in his previous birth, chose to have not one, but twenty-four Gurus. You must have noticed that I do everything for a young girl child (and also for a young boy child), because Kumari Kanya was his Guru. A cobra was his Guru. A prostitute (courtesan) was his Guru. How was the surrender of Lord Dattatreya? How was the surrender of Sairam? His Guru was present in every stroke… In one stroke, His Guru appeared as Fire In another stroke, His Guru came as Water. He lit lamps with water! It is still beyond comprehension. How many methods must a Guru employ
in order to make humans understand this? As humanity progresses, man’s arrogance increases. I remember when I was a child, My elder sister’s father-in-law
took me to a village. In a lane in a small poverty-stricken village… the lane was three metres wide at the maximum… To the right there was a door, to the left also, there was a door,
and both the doors were similar. One was green and the other was saffron. By the way, those doors still exist. I’m talking about the past,
I had gone there in my childhood. The Maulavi, the worshipper
of the Dargah (mosque), and the temple priest, both used to sit at their doors. They were great friends. One said, “Allah… Bismillah…” The other said,
“Jai Shri Ram… Jai Shri Ram…” Both used to discuss death. The Hindu priest said, “I will die first. Rashid, hey Rashid, I will die first, and then you can take care of my family. I am giving you this responsibility. I am bored of this body, I now want to leave it. At any moment I can leave.” And the Maulavi said to him, “Oh, go to hell… I will die first, and I will assign you
the responsibility of my family. Who will help marry off my daughters? You only have a son,
so you have no problem. But I have to give dowry… so I give you that responsibility… and I will die first.” By the way, the priest died first. The Maulana cried… he wailed in grief… He shouted (in indignation), “You died first! Oh, you are victorious, you won…! You did what you said you would do. And here I am, still in this hell… I shall surely take the responsibility
of your family, I promise, I swear by Mecca-Medina, I swear by Allah, and my Mursud, my Guru, I’ll take care of your family, but whom will I talk to now? Whom will I fight with? The relatives, friends and
family members of the priest took his corpse to the cremation ground. While the Maulavi was shouting, crying, and wailing, suddenly the dead body spoke.>”O Mullah, I am going to the place
where everyone goes. I have not died, nor will I die.” After uttering these words,
the dead body became silent. The people who were carrying
the priest’s body on their shoulders were so frightened that they put the
corpse on the ground and ran away, shouting, “He is alive, he is alive!” But he was dead. It is said that the Maulavi went and
talked to the dead body. and agreed that he would take care of his child, a son, and that he would take care of him
until he became a learned priest, he promised. And then the Maulavi went back and informed people that the priest was dead, and after that the body was burned. What was India like
so many years ago? This happened long ago,
more than 50 or 100 years ago, but this story is true, because the temple and the mosque
are still there, facing each other. Humanity is developing,
India is also developing. Because of its high population, India is developing,
but it is still called an underdeveloped country. We have developed a lot. One question still remains, my friend, do we have a balanced development? Are we ‘developing’ in the real sense
of our own terminology? i.e. the highest levels of acceptance and tolerance? Vivekanand has said that tolerance and universal acceptance
are the two qualities of our religion. Is the Ayodhya matter
a proof of our tolerance? An evidence of our universal acceptance? We are somehow rejecting another religion! Why is it that we cannot decide, taking the example of that village, and why can’t we live like the
priest and the Maulavi? Why? Because we are educated now, You may think that the man who
has not gone to college is not educated. Sairam never went to college… There was no college at that time… Why do we bow down to Him? Because He tried to develop India in the most secular manner. He loved both (faiths). That is why He is still a Guru, He may
not be alive, but He is a Guru. A living Guru is necessary, A living Guru is essential, because completeness cannot
happen without a Guru, and a Guru should be a living, speaking Guru… Sairam can offer you intuition, not words. And man is not able to understand
the purpose of intuition, the purpose of events,
the purpose of incidents. This is why a living, speaking Guru is necessary, In India, what does family mean? There are seven divisions of the family. First… the first member of the family is the Guru. In Lord Rama’s family, Vasishtha Rishi
was the first family member, the Guru. All decisions were first recommended
and approved by the Guru, and only after that, the family
initiated the plan of action. So the Guru is the first member of the family, generation after generation. In India… rather not only in India… but in every religion, and on every spiritual path, men have had a Guru for realisation and perception. Alexander had a Guru, a mentor – Aristotle. Every King had a Guru. Sandeepani Muni was the Guru of Lord Krishna. Vasishtha Muni was the Guru of Lord Ram. How can a person enter the
zone of a spiritual hemisphere without the guidance of a Guru? And if the Guru does not speak, who will help him understand
the right meaning of his own intuition? You often have dreams… and you think that these dreams
are very beautiful… but do you really know their meaning? In your dream, you are doing
everything that you do while awake, but you are sleeping… your body is sleeping… maybe your body is taking rest,
and you are moving here and there… So which one is true?
Which state is true? Or are both illusions…? Is one an illusion and the other the truth? Who will teach this to humans? The Guru. Gandhi wasn’t a (typical) monk
of an Akhara in India… but he was a Mahatma, and he came to be
known as the Father of the Nation. (for this post, there is
no election, by the way…) so the Father of India is a monk… India certainly needs a Guru, like Sairam who is secular. There are small things here to consider as well. If a teenager, an adolescent asks, “Who is a Guru?” In his case, his Guru would be his teacher who is educating him, for he is studying and learning in order to earn money later in life. It is also said, “Maat Pita Balkahin Bulavahi,
Udar Bharay so Vidhi Sikhavai.” In Kaliyug, the parents will teach their children how to appease hunger,
and how to make arrangements to appease hunger. This is exactly what we are doing. But to enter into the spiritual zone,
a child needs someone to guide him, because he has got into the habit of hearing and he cannot hear if no one speaks. The Guru listens to us, he hears us. Sairam says that the Guru will guide you. If the Guru wishes, you have to do nothing,
you will just jump into the spiritual ocean. Your Guru can take you to the spiritual space. The busiest person, a very busy person, thinks he has no time, and he doesn’t know
the real meaning of time. What is time?
It is the number of our breaths. Every living creature has been allotted by
Nature and God, a fixed number of breaths. A tortoise takes a breath once
every four minutes, whereas a human breathes
more than 50 times (in four minutes). That is why he is losing time (running out of time). He will die before he reaches a hundred years. There are Yogis that do not die.
How is that? Because they can stop their breathing. If you are able to stop your breathing, you cannot die. You will always be in the spatial state. We are capable of doing recursive Yoga kriyas but who is going to teach us? The Guru. Our mind is not restricted by boundaries, it doesn’t seek our consent, in fact we are the mind, and the mind is us. I asked someone, “Who are you?” and he replied, “I am you.” “That’s strange,” I replied. “You say I am you? So then why do you look different from me?” “Therein lies your lack of knowledge,” he answered. “Therein lies your misconception. There is no difference between you and me.
See, you are asking yourself who you are. Yes, If you wish for the difference
between you and me to be eliminated, go seek a Guru.” The question now arises – Does one seek a Guru?
No, it is the Guru that seeks you. One has to establish one’s worthiness. Unless one is worthy, unless our slate is clean, how will anyone
write words of wisdom on it? The Guru is the Divine, who takes human form and says, “Come, rise, it is time to follow me.” Like Sri Aurobindo had made a place in Hitler’s heart and influenced him to have a dialogue
with Subhash Chandra Bose, and the dialogue did take place. The Guru During the present times, we see
very few people having a Guru. because of the dedication it requires. They also probably know that
without a Guru one cannot progress, but they continue to practise. Ten years ago, I met a young man in Gujerat… He would come to me… we used to sit
in the fields, on the grass… He used to add ten or twenty rupees’ talktime
to my phone off and on… He had some knowledge of homeopathy. I taught him what I had learned… I later saw that he was
misusing the spiritual power. He had started believing he was a Sadhu,
and had now become a Guru. I saw then that his daughter had to suffer
as a result of the sins that he had committed. Anyway… a Guru is essential.>Saroj means lotus. The Hanuman Chalisa begins with an ode to the Guru, Every mantra begins with ‘Om’. ‘Om Guru…’ Lord Rama says, “Pratham Bhakti Santan Kar Sanga” The first step of devotion is
to keep the company of saints. “Doosri Bhakti Mam Katha Prasanga” The second step is to enjoy listening to legends
and discourses pertaining to the Lord. “Tritiya Bhakti Guru Pad Pankaj Seva” Selfless service at the Guru’s lotus feet. “Chauthi Bhakti Amaan” Do not take pride in anything. In the Ramayana, Lord Rama explains
the nine types of devotion to Shabri,
Navadha Bhakti, the nine steps of Devotion Was there any pride or arrogance in Sairam? When He could save someone’s life… when He could save a child from drowning
(the child was suspended in midair over a deep well
as though an invisible hand was holding her), He could easily have harmed someone, that same invisible hand could have
even thrown someone in a well… People troubled and harassed him so much, But did that Guru ever harm anyone? Never! Shirdi is inundated with
devotees even today… I have seen it. Countless number of people throng there. What is it that draws people there? What is it about Osho that even after his transition, people continue to wear saffron robes? They wear his Mala here, They do everything he asked them to do –
they dance… they sing… He was living and speaking until recently,
and now he is no more… and now his disciples speak… This is some kind of an excuse, searching for a Guru,
and yet not searching for a Guru in a human. There is fear of losing one’s money
during the quest for a Guru. It is also true that in Kaliyug, “Guru-shishya andha-bajer ka lekha” How will the relationship be
between the Guru and and the Disciple? Like a blind man and a deaf man. “Guru-shishya andha-bajer ka lekha,
Ek na sunai, ek na dekha>” One will not hear, the other will not see. The Guru will ignore the problems
faced by his disciple, he will not see them. And the disciple will not listen to the Guru’s discourse. One will not see, the other will not listen. And what will the Guru think? What the Guru will do is to keep
his attention on the disciple’s wallet. He will try and grab his money,
he won’t ask for it, he’ll grab it. He won’t take it, he’ll grab it. The Guru and Disciple relationship will be like
that between a blind man and a deaf one,
where one won’t hear and the other won’t see. This is said in the Shastras, that many such Gurus will be seen in the Kaliyug age,
and we see that it is happening already. During the Kumbh, is there anything other than the display of wealth? There is a Guru tradition that is followed, To pay tribute to one’s Guru, people from all over the world
gather here, and they ought to, and there is display of wealth as well,
because this is the Kali Kaal (Kaliyug). Display of wealth is justified, for it is a means, a tool that increases the power of achievement. Humans can achieve more
through the instrument of money. You’ll reach your destination faster if you
travel by car rather than sprint all the way. You don’t want to buy a ticket…
you don’t want to fly… It’s different if there’s an airplane
or a helicopter taking you to your Guru. It’s the Kaliyug age. The Vedas will disappear, this should be noted. This is also written (in the Shastras). The Guru holds our hand and gently
makes us climb the stairs to the temple. Stairs refers to the seven chakras. The Guru who helps you surmount
these seven stairs is your Guru. The Guru who changes the way you think is your Guru. Shivaji’s mother said to him,
“Go seek your Guru, it is time.” He set off. He visited several Sadhus. After wandering about in search of a Guru, Shivaji was exhausted. “Where do I find my Guru?
Who is my Guru?” He finally reached Swami Samarth Ramdas. And then, he requested him, “Please accept me as your disciple.” Swami Ramdas declined. “I don’t take any disciple. I don’t need any disciples.” Shivaji replied, “My mother has commanded me
to go find my Guru. I am now tired. I am beginning to feel that you are my Guru. I shall not leave until you
accept me as your disciple. I am unable to find another Guru.” In the Guru’s mind there now arose a doubt.
“Could this young man be my disciple indeed?”
he wondered. The Guru put him to test saying, “Shiva, Shiva, my child, if you wish to make me your Guru, get me some milk from a tigress.
Are you strong enough to do that?” “Most certainly,” replied Shivaji. “But I shall need a gold vessel for
carrying the tigress’ milk. Gurudev, I don’t have a receptacle made of gold.” The Guru asked him to pick up
one of the vessels lying there. “But these are made of clay,” observed Shivaji. “Just touch one,” instructed the Guru. As soon as he touched it, the clay turned to gold! Shivaji then remembered what his mother had said, “Go find such a Guru who is
capable of transforming nature.” “And Swami Samarth Ramdas has transformed clay into gold! Therefore this is my Guru,” he thought. He picked up the gold receptacle. Holding it in his left hand, he drew out
his dagger with his right hand and said, “I have the milk of a tigress running in my veins! O Guru, you may draw it out with this dagger, anoint me with it, and initiate me as your disciple. Be my Guru! For it is my Mother’s bidding,
and our Mother is our first Guru. One Guru has asked to seek another.” It was then that the Guru embraced his disciple,
for they had found each other. Those people who only want physical pleasure, they have a physical Guru. but in order to enter into the spiritual world,
one cannot take a single step without a Guru. One cannot even begin that journey,
therefore the Guru is essential. “Guru Bin Kaun…” My Guru always sings this. “Man Tarsat Guru Darshan Ko Aaj.”
(the heart yearns for the sight of the Guru) Hari (the Lord Himself) is the Guru.
In the Guru is Hari (the Lord Himself). Draupadi’s Guru was Lord Krishna. The worldly titles are different,
but there is just one Guru. The emotion… If, after making someone your Guru,
there is no feeling, no emotion towards the Guru,
then how can you say you have a Guru? Formerly, the King used to be the Guru. The Dalai Lama is both, the spiritual
as well as the political Head. Later, the system changed. Today, the King loots his own wealth. So the King naturally
cannot be considered a Guru. A Guru need not be a bearded Sadhu, not a church pastor clad in western clothes, it is not necessary… for a Guru to be a Maulavi or Maulana… but it is necessary that as soon as one is seated next to the Guru, one’s mind blooms like a lotus, one feels like smiling when in his company, while gazing upon the Guru,
one feels one is in Heaven, one feels a state of such contentment,
as though one has received everything one desires. If one doesn’t see the Guru,
nothing else is worth seeing, this is the only person
who will be able to show the path. One forgets hunger and thirst, in the Guru’s company all vices such as lust, anger, pride, attachments… they all get dissolved and melt away,
like sugar gets dissolved in water… When one never get tired of listening to the Guru, when one feels the Guru should speak
and one should listen all the while… when one feels like pressing the Guru’s feet and finding bliss in doing so… When one feels no hunger in the Guru’s presence, nor discomfort of any kind… when one desires nothing else … that is your real Guru, in whose presence you always yearn to spend all your time, that is your Guru. In whom you place your trust, and you know he will help you
cross the river, that is your Guru. It is imperative to have a Guru… In some cases, the Guru is not seen… Nobody saw Sairam’s Guru, But people saw Sairam… If this Mahashakti (supersoul) is
wholeheartedly invoked at a spiritual level, I believe He will appear in human form
and agree to become our Guru, because He had made this promise. “Vada tera vada, vade pe tere mara gaya,
banda main seedha sadha,” as the song goes… But we are talking of something else… It is possible that a mortal man
is unable to keep his word, but Sairam’s word will be kept,
He will honour His promise. Chanakya was also a Guru; he was the royal advisor to Chandragupta. Guru Vashishtha taught Lord Rama. Without a Guru, one cannot attain knowledge. We have ten openings in our body, and the tenth one is here; it is closed. Even God won’t be able to open this for you.
Only the Guru can. Who will put the physical hand here? The Guru. And without opening the tenth hole, it is not possible for anybody to get
the ultimate real knowledge, the Truth. Everyone had a Guru. People say that the Buddha had no Guru,
but that is not true. He was baptised by a Vedanti Brahmin
who taught him Yoga and Vedanta. That is why he defeated his elder brother during a test of weapon use before the King of Kapilavastu, Raja Suddhodana, father of Siddhartha, who later
came to be known as the Buddha. Devadutta What a devil’s soul! You will find there is a devil’s soul behind every spiritual holy soul. Jesus Christ was surrounded by many devil souls,
in some disciples. When the representative of the King came to arrest him, he could not recognise Jesus Christ by sight. One of his disciples bowed down to his Guru (Jesus Christ) just to indicate that he was the most important one there, and that is how Christ was arrested. The Devil appeared in the body of his own disciple. Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu,
Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha. Guru Saakshat Para Brahma,
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha. Agnyaana Timiraandhasya,
Gnyaana Anjana Shalaakayaa. Chakshuhu Unmeelitam Yenam,
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha. Akhanda Mandalaakaaram,
Vyaaptam Yenam charaacharam. Tatpadam Darshitam Yena,
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

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