Why Am I Always Tired? | 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep & Feeling Tired All Day

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hey I’m dr. Greg and if you or someone
you know is always groggy and tired has a hard time waking up in the morning
you’ll want to stay tuned to this video we’re gonna look to discuss the three
main causes of what makes people have difficulty with sleep you know according
to the US Sleep Foundation they found that there are three main causes to why
people have difficulty with sleep and wind up being fatigued and tired all
throughout the day they wind up stemming from physical problems chemical problems
and mood problems so I want to dissect them both what they meant by these
because they don’t aren’t directly connected as term in terms of how I look
at things so the physical problems that they talk about are due to injuries or
symptoms this is something like someone having a neck pain lower back pain
headaches at night and when they try to sleep and they don’t can’t get to sleep
if you or someone you know has problems with that pass this along to them so
that they can find out an easy way to find the solution to that the second one
is that they found been described as a chemical stress now in their
descriptions they say the chemical stresses where things like asthma or
allergies that were affecting people causing them not to get sleep and not to
be able to stay asleep now I don’t typically cause those chemical stresses
but we’ll go with what they’ve described there are some fundamental things that
you can wind up doing to wind up changing the environment so that those
chemical stresses can be less so they turn into some of our other videos to
wind up seeing and learning those so that you can get better sleep the last
one has to do with mood and it had to do with people who have depression anxiety
or anxiousness and mood had a massive impact on how you were able to sleep
these three factors are the keys that they said understanding and identifying
the cause of correcting them could help you get back to a better night’s sleep
we’re gonna have some killer tools and keys and one of the keys winds up being
to look inside to figure it out because most physical problems most of the
chemical problems they describe and even the mood problems that they’ve described
don’t typically come from a lack of advil tylenol believe medications
prescription or over-the-counter what they usually wind up stemming from is a
shift or a change in how the spine works and
when those shifts occur disconnects how the brain connects with the body and
when the brain can’t connect with the body it winds up losing health losing
connection and your body expresses itself and has the symptoms if you’ve
ever wondered how or who should check your spine it really be key to have a
corrective chiropractor check it to understand where are these problems
occurring are they structurally and neurologically that are showing up as
physical symptoms chemical symptoms or even impacting your mood
if you don’t know of one you’ve just met one I’m dr. Greg Kurstin with a-line
Wellness Center and I’ll be happy to help you find the right person
to help identify which of the three top common problems are affecting you and
develop a natural way to light up getting you back to sleep and that to
health once again I’m dr. Greg Kurstin with online wellness center I want to
thank you for letting me be a part of your health

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