Why are Amrita Aromatherapy’s nebulizing essential oil diffusers better?

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Why are Amrita Aromatherapy’s nebulizing diffusers
better than other nebulizers? In the previous video we explained why nebulizers are the
best type of essential oil diffuser. Amrita’s nebulizers are special in that they
break the essential oils into very fine oil droplets. The larger models can fill a room
within seconds and can then be turned down. It’s like the wind gently taking the aroma
from the flowers. And because the oil particles are so fine, they remain in suspension in
the air for a long period of time rather than condensing and being absorbed by your carpet
or other surroundings; so you end up using less essential oils than you would with another
type of nebulizer. Amrita’s diffusers are easy to use. Simply
add some of your favorite pure essential oil or synergy blend, and begin your journey into
nature. You can add as much as you need for multiple uses. In our next video, we will
go into more detail about how to take good care of your nebulizing diffuser.
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