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So you have a kid. You love your little bundle of joy: but then
you remember. Oh my god, the world is a scary place. How can I protect my child?? [ScIQ Intro] Naturally, you avoid all danger like the Plague. You introduce new foods slowly. You buy only the freshest organic produce
so your little munchkin never, ever has to ingest any nasty chemicals. And you always, always insist that your kid
avoids peanuts. You know that kids can go into anaphylactic
shock and DIE from peanuts, so your kid doesn’t come within ten feet of those evil little
suckers. But this is a big mistake. By “protecting” your kids from peanuts,
you might actually be giving them a peanut allergy, Let me explain. Peanut allergy has been skyrocketing, quicker
than pokemon-induced traffic accidents. The number of kids allergic to peanuts tripled
in the years between 1997 and 2008. Peanut allergies are also super duper intense
– many kids have to carry around an EpiPen and can stop breathing upon contact with peanuts. Which explains why we now have a ‘no peanut
butter’ table at most kindergarten now, and a whole bunch of paranoid parents desperately
trying to keep their kids away from peanuts just in case. But research shows avoiding peanuts in childhood
could be the REASON you’re allergic to peanuts in the first place. HUH? How does THAT work? Basically it works like this – if you totally
avoid something during childhood – when your kids body is building up it’s immunity – then
the body doesn’t have an opportunity to build immunity against that thing. So for example, just say you get your first
exposure to peanuts when you’re a baby. Your body can’t have a crazy immune reaction
because its still learning how to react to stuff, but it does remember what a peanut
protein looks like. So next time peanuts come into that kids life,
the kids body is like – chill out guys, no panic, it’s just peanuts – ‘day cool. But imagine your kid never gets exposed to
peanuts until on their 12 birthday when peanut flour gets acidentally slipped in their birthday
cake. That kids body is going to be like – what
the fu** is this peanut stuff, I’ve never seen it before! Quick have a reaction. OMG panic!!! To make peanut allergies less lethal, it’
important to promote a child’s immunity at a young age by exposing them to that things
– it’s the same reason why kids get their vaccinations when they’re super little. A study by the NIAID called LEAP-On found
a bunch of kids whose parents or siblings had a peanut allergy, and then exposed those
kids to peanuts from the time they were babies until the age of five. The study found that 81% of those ‘at risk’
children had reduced their chances of becoming allergic. The study then asked those five year old kids
to avoid peanuts for a year, and then try peanuts again – for almost all those kids,
they were still totally cool with peanuts a year later – basically by eating peanuts
for the first 5 years of life, they’d avoided contracting a serious peanut allergy forever. So basically, by giving babies peanut butter,
you may be saving them from a deadly peanut allergy later in life. Obviously, some peanut allergies are going
to be totally deadly no matter what. That’s why you should always talk to your
doctor or pediatrician before you start them on any specific diet. So what do you guys think, were you one of
those kids on the no peanut butter table in kindergarten? Let us know your thoughts on peanuts in the
comments below. HI everyone! I’m Jayde Lovell, resident science nerd at
the Young Turks Network. You’re watching SciQ, and we know you don’t
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