Why Do People Like Cats?

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– Owning pets is weird, isn’t it? I mean, I’m for it, but it’s weird. – It’s kinda weird.
– I think it’s weird. (dramatic symphony music) – I’m not a cat guy. That’s why I decided to
make this video, to see if I could learn to like cats,
because I don’t like not liking things. I wanna be more positive,
and often when you don’t like something, it’s because
you don’t understand it. And I sure as hell don’t understand cats. So, I decided to talk to a
bunch of cat lovers out there, including my sister. Who’s my sister? Hey, you’re my sister. – Yes, I am. – She’s definitely pro cat,
and so is my friend, Matt. – My first word was kitty. – My first word was, I hate kitties. (laughing) – That’s three words. – I hyphenated ’em. – Oh (laughs) – I also talked to my wife
about cats, ’cause well… You are the most important
person in the world. – Glad our daughter’s not
here to hear you say that. – Well, you are raising her. – You’re also raising her. – Not as well. (laughs) Speaking of raising things,
there are people out there that raise cats. – Oh, cats. I don’t
think that I would want to have a cat now, even if I could. – I also talked to another
very wise expert, known as, random people on the street. Would you like to talk to me? No. Definitely not. Why cats? – I don’t know. They’re good. – Good, he says good.
– ’cause he’s a p****. (laughing) – You will eventually see
me talk to some people. First, let’s pick apart
what it is I don’t like about cats. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m an idiot. The first reason though,
is a very valid one. Who was your first cat? – My first cat, was Tigger.
We had to get rid of him. – [Craig] Why? – [Melissa] Because, you came
along and you were allergic. – My sister actually wanted
to get rid of me instead of the cat, but my
parents wouldn’t allow it. Such loving parents.
Let’s check in on them. – Listen, my esteemed wife, companion. – What’s the good word ol’
matrimonial associate of mine? – Let’s get a cat! – I mean no disrespect, but
that’s a dumb (bleep) idea, and I respect you less now. – Whaddya mean, toots? – What if we had more
allergy infested mistakes? – Are you referring to children? – I’m pregnant. – Pausing. I was doin’ a pregnant
pause, get it? (laughs) I’m not pregnant. (exhales) – Can we get a cat? – Nope! – Okay. – Anyway, my sister and I
initially didn’t get along, but we’ve since made amends. I love you. – Love you, too. – This isn’t just like a
(sneezes twice) allergy, it’s more of a (inhales
deeply twice) allergy. It affects my asthma. I
can’t breathe, and breathing is really important to me. I like it a lot. I do it everyday. True, there are allergy
pills, but I don’t want to have to take them everyday. And true true, there
are hypoallergenic cats, but most of the cats I
come across are not that. So that would only be
relevant if I decided to own a cat, and if I’m gonna
own a cat, I’m gonna have to get over the
other reasons why I don’t like ’em first. – Cat’s stink. – (laughs) Why don’t you like cats? – They poop inside. – Shirting and peeing in your house. Pee and shirt in your house. – But it’s in a box. – They pee and shirt,
in a box, in your house. – Unless you have kitty problems,
then they may go all over. – Well, that happens with dogs too. – That’s true. – And most pets. And humans. Not actually. – Well, yeah. – Yeah. All right. Three, many, if not most,
they don’t like you. They barely acknowledge you’re there. – No, no. That’s not true at all. – I’m talking very broadly
here, and that’s gonna get me into trouble, but that’s… Yeah, I’m probably not
being fair, however… My experience with the
cats that I don’t own, which is all of it. When a cat is around, I
think I want it to act more like a dog than it does,
and that frustrates me. – Why do you like dogs? – Loving, affectionate,
obedient, friendly. – You don’t think cats are that way? – No. They’re snots. (laughs) – [Melissa] I like the fact
that they’re independent, and kinda snotty. (laughs) – I like dogs. Like 90% of
them are willing to, you know, have a good play. Cats, 90% of them, they are not willing. – Okay cat lovers. You can stop commenting all
of your counterarguments. Now we’re going to do
the counterarguments. Here are the reasons people like cats. – They’re cute. – They’re cute, and you
know they got big eyes. – [Craig] Oh, okay, yes. They’re definitely cute. Aww.
Ohh. Oh, they’re cute, mmm. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Another reason that Matt brought up. – [Matt] You can pick ’em up,
you can pet ’em with a fuzzy. Ahh, they feel nice. They’re cuddly. – [Craig] However, that runs counter to my they don’t care about you argument. No, but in the past I
have tried to pet them, and they like, go away.
They don’t wanna be pet. – Well, sometimes they
don’t wanna be petted. – What? They have moods?
(blowing a raspberry sound) That’s stupid. Sorry. I’m kinda in a mood right now. – [Matt] They’re often a little
stand-offish to people they don’t know, especially toward dogs. – Oh, so they’re careful around strangers? That’s smart. That’s
really smart, actually. – [Matt] The cats are pretty
affectionate to the owners, and they’ll come running
up to you, and they’ll– – Ch-not all cats. Yeah, some cats are different,
like my sister’s two cats. – [Melissa] Herman is more
about, “Yeah, you can touch me “when I say you can touch me.” Nermal is the exact opposite. – [Craig] You could pet Nermal forever? – [Melissa] Yeah. Pretty much. – Yeah, so cat’s are
complicated and different, so you can’t say all cats
like to be petted, Matt. Ha! – Well, not all dogs either. – Ha Ha, okay. All right,
yeah that’s a good point. I guess there’s nuance in everything. (exhales) Nuance. – Since there’s so much
variability, diversity within the dog breeds, it’s hard
to compare, I think, a dog to a cat, because what
kinda dog you talkin’ about? – Well, if we’re talking
about my dog, Mitzy, she was a dog, dog. You know what I mean? Super doggy. – [Chyna] Mitzy was a dog,
but she was kind of a cat, and she wasn’t like all up
in your face all the time, like pet me, pet me, pet me constantly. – Okay, so maybe there’s
something likable about a pet not needing attention and
affection all the time. Like my sister said. – I like the fact that
they’re independent, and kinda snotty. (laughs) – Why do you like that they’re snotty? – (laughs) It just adds to
their personality, and sometimes they can be real fun that way. – You wouldn’t know what to
expect with a cat, I suppose. – Exactly. – ‘Cause they can do their own thing. – Mm Hmm. – Hmm. Maybe I’m like a cat. Maybe that’s why I don’t like
’em. I see myself in cats. Okay, so. I’m gonna have
to do some soul-searching, but let’s finish this video first. What else is likable about cats? – Well, you can get a laser pointer. – Okay, I do like that. Yes! Do yourself a favor, get
a cat and a laser pointer. That’s good times. We’ll call this reason, they’re hilarious. – [Chyna] They’re funny. I
want other people to own them and record them doing
ridiculous things, and then post that on the internet for
me to peruse at my will. – So, in a way, you’re a cat
owner. You own every cat. – [Chyna] I guess so. – And let’s not forget about cat sounds. They’re a good time. Mew. Meow. Meow! (hissing cat sound) Mew. Meow. What’s a cat say? – Meowwwwww! – Speaking of cat sounds… – They’re quiet. Oh,
that’s a plus for cats. Yes, generally speaking,
the sounds a cat make are more likely to be quiet,
adorable, and hilarious. Dogs can be adorable, woof,
but also loud, (barking loudly) depending on the dog. Ah, Nuance. Now, I would like to think
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Like a cat in the wind. I don’t know. That’s
NORDVPN.COM/WHEEZYWAITER, with the code, WHEEZYWAITER. And the final reason we discussed… – Relatively easy to take
care of. Low maintenance. Especially living in a
city, you can keep them in an apartment, and
they’ll be perfectly happy, for the most part. – [Melissa] They’re usually
pretty easy to take care of. I know some people think
that cleaning out a litter box is hard. – Do they? It’s not as
hard as having to walk your dog all the time
and pick up their poop, even though a lot of people don’t. Hey! Pick up your dog’s
poop if you’re gonna walk around in a public space. Here’s a song to help you remember. If you’re walking a dog
in the public square, pick up it’s poop from it’s derriere. Derriere that’s French for butt, derriere of a poopy mutt. But, if cleaning a litter
box is too hard for you… You also can train cats,
apparently, to use the toilet. – Yes, you can. I have not
seen this successfully done. – Our friend, Francine,
attempted it, and it was beginning to work. And then they went on a
trip, and then they came back and it stopped working. Point is, if you’re gonna
have a cat, yeah, you’re probably gonna live with
poop and pee in your house. But the trade off is lower
maintenance, right? Totally. – I think that dogs take a
lot of work, but so do cats. Especially when they get old. Both of my cats have
something wrong with them. I have to give a pill to
Nurmal for her hyperthyroid. Herman has diabetes now. – [Craig] Oh no, and that’s
just a bunch of extra work, you know?
– It is. – Owning a pet. It sounds
like cats are probably easier, but it depends on the situation. Nuance. And having a pet, no
matter what it is, is gonna be a commitment regardless,
which is probably why… – I’m not super pro having
a dog right now either. – Having no pets right now is pretty nice. – Yeah, I loved our dog
so much. I loved her. – Mm Hmm, me too. We’re
both very glad we had Mitzy. The dog we always wanted, actually… – I didn’t even want a dog
– Responsibility – to begin with that much. – No, you really didn’t,
and then we got her, and you like were head over
heels in love with her. – And now I tattooed her on me. – Yeah. – Yeah, so with cats, maybe
the same thing would happen. I’m sure I could fall in love with a cat. – Absolutely. – Oh yeah, I said that didn’t I? – I think the biggest thing
is that you are allergic. – There you go. Turns out loving someone or
something, is complicated. You can’t just list two
to five reasons, and make sense of everything. It’s a feeling. It… Nuance. So I guess the takeaway is,
I’m not really a cat guy, but I’m also not really
an any pet guy, right now. But I could be. – Anything else? – Uh, meow. – Meow. – Thank you for watching. I do a daily vlog every
single weekday for patrons over on Patreon. I do these
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sign up for the email list, and be updated about everything I’m doing. (high pitch piano key) Meow.

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  1. Meow meow,

    Bringing the Wheezy Mailing List back for monthly updates! https://mailchi.mp/5553324befe4/wheezy

    How are you? I'm doing pretty good. Almost done with season 6 of Community. Can't wait for them to make a movie. Heh heh. Ahem.

    Anyhoo, I'm reaching the end of my month-long Intermittent Fasting experiment and it's going fantastic! I feel great and I'm losing weight. I'm going to keep going.

    Also also, Chyna and I are beginning our Zero Waste month in 2 days. Yikes.

    Craig Meow Meow Benzine

  2. I love cats and your channel ALWAYS brings a smile but the bit with your parents in this video? PRICELESS. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT laugh.

  3. Dogs are in your face all the time. Wanting attention, conversation, pets, toys, walks, food, belly rubs. They have nothing better to do than wait around for you.

    Cats drink martinis and read.

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  5. Always enjoy your videos, however I felt compelled to respond to this particular video comparing cats and dogs, especially because you're approaching it from extreme bias, admitting from the beginning that you don't like cats. So here are some valid observations which were overlooked.
    1. Cats bathe and groom themselves without human intervention. Dogs must be bathed on a regular basis, their fur/hair cut/trimmed and their nails trimmed.
    2. While cats do use a litter box indoors, which must be sifted once daily, dogs must be walked multiple times a day by a human, regardless of the weather. And the warm fresh poop must be picked up and disposed immediately. So while people are walking their dogs in rain, snow, fog, heat and humidity, cat owners are enjoying a temperature controlled environment inside 24/7/365.
    3. Cats can be left unsupervised for longer periods of time than dogs. And when left alone, cats don't chew through walls and doors, destroy shoes, and destroy sofa cushions as dogs are prone to do when their owner is absent. Cats find a place to sleep and completely content until the owner returns.
    4. Cats purr, dogs whine
    5. Cats usually avoid confrontations with humans and only attack when directly threatened. I've never heard of anyone requiring stitches or life support from an encounter with a cat, whereas a dog is capable of killing a human.
    6. If cats are fed a species appropriate raw diet, their poop and pee are nearly odorless, and they don't produce dander, which causes allergic reactions in humans. The more commercially processed their diet, the more dander they produce. My husband and I both skin tested as allergic to cats, but we have five cats and don't require allergy medications. That's because they eat a species appropriate diet and don't produce dander.
    7. Watch the Drybar Comedy video by Zoltan Kaszas- Cat Jokes ❤

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  11. Other than your allergies, you just haven’t met the right cat. Also, I used to be allergic to cats. I could pet them but, not put my hands to my face before washing. I’m no longer allergic and have had cats now for maybe 20+ years.

    I come from a family that always had dogs. For me , cats were independent strays who did not need owners. But, after I wanted to get my dog a companion, which happened to be a cat, and after they stopped allowing dogs where I live, I have only had cats since.

    Cutting to the chase, I have 2 cats right now. The female is a typical, extremely cautious cat but, like with some cats, is less afraid of me when I’m laying down and not towering over her. She loves to sleep by my side.

    The male, however, is an ENTIRELY different story. He loves the camera. I walk him on a lead and harness twice per day, he loves people and dogs and drags me over to see his dog friends of all sizes, most of which are cat friendly dogs.

    I’d say that a cat would be great, if you don’t like walking a dog in winter but, he drags me through the snow, while his Siberian Husky friend is tucked away indoors. He loves to run up trees and hunt Katydids and crickets, as well. He’s got so much canine in him, it’s weird but, most people love to meet him and are amazed at how well-adjusted he is.

    I’ve had both of them, from separate litters since they were a few weeks old, but the male is just different than what we think of, when we think of cat personality. He is, however, spoiled, arrogant and knows that, when I walk him, my place is to assist and not guide.😆

    Personally, although I hate to admit it even to myself, I think I love animals because they are a contrast to dealing with people. They provide a balance for the constant stress and navigating of BS one is forced into, in order to earn a living. The more time I e spent with people, the more secretly misanthropic I’ve become.

  12. ever notice how people can say they straight up dont like cats and its just accepted but if someone says they simply prefer cats to dogs you're suddenly an evil person

  13. I love animals and cats are animals. I grew up with dogs, but I had a boyfriend who had cats and when we broke up, I took some of the cats (it was the best decision for the cats!) I just want to say that every cat is different! 1. Allergies: I am allergic to whatever pets I don’t live with, but not the ones I live with. I grew up with dogs, and as an adult I got cats; I had to take Claritin for a short time but now I don’t take anything. 2. Yes, they do potty in a litter box. We are fortunate enough to have a Litter Robot (a really cool self scooping litter-box) so for us, this is no longer a concern. 3. My three cats are all s different but all care about us. One meets us at the door when we come home, loves to lap sit, and makes intense eye contact while purring loudly. He slept on my pillow last night. The second loves to cuddle, especially overnight, and is also a lap sitter. He is the most likely of the three to go off and sleep alone in a closet during the day. The third wants to constantly be held when I’m sitting, follows us from room to room, and will go through phases about where she sleeps at night. One is actually pawing at me right now for attention so I will end this comment!

  14. Cats a very clean, they won't make a mess unless they are sick. There is no odor if you clean the boxes every day. You only get odor if your too damn lazy to clean the boxes. You don't have to take a cat outside in twenty below weather, you don't have to walk a cat, cat's don't bark. cat's are not up your ass every minute. Cat's are my favorite animal and I have nine of them.

  15. My cat, Bailey, used to meet me at the door everyday when I got home from work. My cat, Lily, loved to sit in my lap or on my shoulder. At bedtime she would walk up my back, snuggle behind my neck and knead it, then we would both fall asleep to her vibrating purring. They both lived a long time and I was so sad when they passed. Now I have a dog that is not cat-compatible. I love my dog, but I miss living with a cat.

  16. I trust cats, so when someone says that cats are mean and antisocial… I know my furry friends must be avoiding that person for a good reason and I will too! 😂

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    I also like dogs.

    Good luck.

  18. A homeless ginger cat came to my flat shortly before my mother broke her leg. The cat would come every day, have some breakfast and then sleep on the broken leg. The scar from the surgery healed fast and none of the mobility problems the doctor predicted happened. Afterwards, the kitty walked away. Cats pur when they are sick to get better and apparently it works on humans too. While dogs are loud, annoying, smelly and attack people and cats.

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  21. People forget about birds and fish. Some birds are companion birds like the cockatiel while others like to be with other birds like the finches. Some fish like to be alone like the beta while some want company like the neons. There is a pet for every personality. Beware of the person who doesn't nurture something. My Ex likes fish and plants. The 2 go with his lifestyle while I have companion birds to enrich my cats life.

  22. Can nuance become a kind of series long nemesis of yours? Like an ongoing story arc where you find yourself pitted once again against the forces of nuance and context, but along the way you find laughs, excitement and discover the true value of friendship?

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    You are funny and I can tell you get that from both parents … they are awesome man! 🙂

  31. "Why Do People Like Cats?" That's easy. We heard the word Pu–y and got confused because everybody likes Pu–y. Yay for Pu–y!

  32. I have had 10 cats all at once. I am down to only one now. So I can definitely tell you there is NUANCE when it comes to cats. They all have different personalities, and their personalities will change when one cat dies/gets sick – For example, if a more dominant cat dies, the dynamics change in the group and a cat that was maybe more submissive will become more playful or aggressive. Some cats who never seemed to need attention before might become really needy after another cat dies – the changing group dynamics affects cats in different ways. Also, they react differently to certain cats, as with certain people. They don't behave only one way to all people or cats.
    I once had a cat who hiked with us in the mountains, through creeks even, with our four huskies. That might be the kind of cat for you – a cat who thinks he's a dog.
    Btw, if you are a person who says they only like cats or only like dogs, I feel you don't really understand life… The people with the best understanding of the world, imo, are people who like both… 😉

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  35. Cats are fairly independent and can go a day or two without needing someone to check on them while you're on vacation. Cats don't need to go on walks every day. Cats don't usually poop all over your yard (and don't need to go outside to poop and pee). Cats don't slobber all over you or leave that "wet dog hair" smell in your house or car. Cats clean/groom themselves and don't usually need to be groomed or washed.

  36. My cat actually doesn't do her business inside, lol. She goes outside to do it. Been doing so for the three plus years I've had her. Granted she was an adult when she came to live with me, and fairly set in her ways (I did offer her a litter box at first but she chose to mainly do her business outside). Short story she used to live in the apartment above me, but because she didn't like their other cat, nor liked to be around small children she started seeking refuge at my place (kinda love that she chose me). I should point out that my upstairs neighbour knew she was visiting me and they gave me their blessing to have her keep visiting and eventually she just kinda became my cat – but they've been very positive about it, even dropped off care packages for her. So yeah, not all of them do their business inside 😛

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  38. Cats are the best! There are no better pets than cats. And cat allegies are a myth. If a child is breastfed for the first year of their life, they will have a strong and healthy immune system for the rest of their life. Allergies are caused by inflammation which is caused by poor diet, especially the dairy and wheat products (including formula milk for babies). Milk is for baby cows, not for humans. If you eat what humans are designed to eat (no processed food at all!) and develop patience and respect for cats – the ONLY way they should be treated, anyway – then you could appreciate just how beneficial and amazing cats truly are!

  39. As far as I’m concerned, cats are the spawn of the devil. They are assholes, they used to steal my dog’s food, and one of my neighborhood cats scratched my dog in the eye after she took care of the kittens she (the mom cat) abandoned.

  40. I have asma and I was allergic to cats for my hole life, so I used to hate cats, than I got married and my wife needed a cat, so I said the cat will live in the kitchen and never come to the bedroom, but after a year or so I started feeling less allergic in the kitchen, and eventually let the cat go to the bedroom and my allergies just went away, turns out that eventually your body produces enough antibodies and you just becomes resistant by exposure, now I fucking love my 3 cats and can't live without them, even though I only agreed to 1, my wife is sneaky and contrabands cats to our house from time to time, and I usually lose the argument so we have 3 cats 4 lab rats and a freaking million fishes, even though I really don't like to have many pets, but I like being married more than I dislike having many pets, so there's that.

  41. Cats are affectionate and clean. I like dogs too, but they cannot be left alone for long and they need to be housetrained whereas cats learn that from their mother. Teaching them not to scratch or bite you is a peace of cake. Treat them a bit like a dog, and they become dog-like. They smell good – dogs do not. You must walk your dog, cats like to roam on their own and they are quite careful out there. They burry their poop, whereas if you dog roams your garden and you have got robot mowers, imagine the mess if you do not systematical and daily remove all poop. But most important: cats are so charming and vocal, they speak to you in many ways. Cats are seldomly “moody” if you if you give them enough attention and make it clear to them that you don’t tolerate teath or claws on your skin. I own four kitties and I love them to pieces.

  42. While watching with this video I had a kitty/cat trying to cuddle with me. It has been insistent all day because he knows I'm mad at him. I don't like cats, boyfriend loves them 🙁

  43. Having a pet is great, until you don't. Then you realize how awesome it is to not have one. My house is quiet, my floor is dirt free, and there's no cat/dog hair on the couch. Soooo nice.


  45. I love cats. My cat showed showed me I can love unconditionally. My cat can be an arse hole you see 😂. I also love dogs but they’re more work and can smell a bit.

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